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Beadle County,
South Dakota

Family Files - Contents
(Huron Public Library)

Updated 15 Jan 2010




The East River Genealogical Society--Evening Group started the Family Files at the Huron Public Library in 2008.  In the files you will find births, deaths, marriages and divorces from the 1900s.  The index is included here as a courtesy to researchers.

For copies of the articles, contact the Huron Public Library (off-site).

Newspapers and approximate dates:

  • Beadle County Herald, May 1903-Dec 1906.
  • Cavour Clarion, Apr 1911-Aug 1915.
  • Cavour News, Apr 1910.
  • Cavour Press, May 1882-Jun 1882; May 1912.
  • Daily Huronite, Sep 1902; Dec 1909-Dec 1910; Aug 1912.
  • Dakota Daily Leader, Jan 1883-Jun 1883; Jan 1888.
  • Dakota Huronite, Dec 1909.
  • Hitchcock News, Apr 1904-May 1906; Mar 1911-Aug 1913.


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