Charles Mix County Publications

Following is a list of many of the Charles Mix County history and genealogical books which are available for reference. Some of these books are available through interlibrary loan, or lookups for data may be obtained by writing to one of the volunteers. Volunteers willing to do lookups can be contacted by email. Please head your subject line appropriately.
Reference Author Email
Epic of the Great Exodus Adeline S. Gnirk John Laird
Hans van der Boom
Epic of the Realm of Ree Adeline S. Gnirk Hans van der Boom
Epic of Papineau's Domain Adeline S. Gnirk Bob Fish
Hans van der Boom
Charles Mix County in Retrospect Shirley E. Johnson Joy Fisher
On the Reservation Border - Hollanders in Douglas and Charles Mix Counties Henry Van der Pol, Sr. Joy Fisher
Hans van der Boom
Upper Missouri and Charles Mix County Reminiscence Stanley E. Votruba Joy Fisher
The Coming of the Dutch to the Dakotas, in: South Dakota History 5 (Winter, 1974), pp. 20-51 Gerald F. DeJong Hans van der Boom
Echos [sic] of the Past Along the Old Muddy Myrtle Reynolds Merritt unowned
Days Past C. Richard Carroll unowned
Farm & Ranch Directory, Charles Mix County, S. Dak. [1970] unknown unowned
Farm Directory, Charles Mix County, S. Dak. [1968] unknown unowned
History of Charles Mix County, South Dakota Mr. & Mrs. E. Frank Peterson unowned
History of Geddes, South Dakota unknown unowned
Progress and Pride Go Hand in Hand : Platte's 75th Anniversary, 1900-1975 Ruth Morgan unowned
Schrijf spoedig terug. Brieven van immigranten in Amerika 1847-1920 [Write back Soon. Letters of Immigrants in America 1847-1920] Brinks, herbert J. Hans van der Boom
A Study of Place-names in Charles Mix County, South Dakota Anne Kleinsasser unowned
This One Thing I Do Florence Camfield Bussey and Elmer Ward Bussey unowned
When the Bell Tolled, 1883-1983 ; Bloomington Lutheran Church and Cemetery, Bovee, S.D. Selmer Nelson unowned
Working Together Toward Eternity. 100 Years of Sending the Light 1884-1984 First Reformed Church, Platte, South Dakota Hans van der Boom

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