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Catherine Eddy Cleaver
Catherine's sons
James Eddy Cleaver
Family, 1918 in Mills County, IA
Lizzie Diana Guilford
Family in early 1950s, Columbia, MO

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ABOVE: Catherine Eddy Cleaver. Her parents were John and Abigail Smith Eddy, married April 4, 1838. She was born September 11, 1842 in Ontario, Canada. She married John Cleaver, M. D., in about 1860 in Ontario. They had the following children:

Alfretta Jane, b. 1861 -- James Eddy, b. 1863 -- Mary Ida, b. 1867 -- Lena Angeline, b. 1870 -- George Lount, b. 1871 -- Charles Wilfred, b. 1874 -- Harry Hughes, b. 1878  


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ABOVE: Pictures are Catherine Eddy Cleaver's sons, clockwise from top: James Eddy Cleaver, Charles Wilfred Cleaver, Harry Hughes Cleaver, and George Lount Cleaver.


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ABOVE: James Eddy Cleaver. He was born September 9, 1863, Gadrich, Ontario, Canada married Lizzie Diana Guilford in Malvern, Iowa died 1947

children: Mary Catherine, b. February 13, 1894 in Iowa -- Helen Louise, b. April 10, 1896 in Iowa -- Chatta Ella, b. December 29, 1898 in South Dakota -- Jonathan Evart, b. September 5, 1900 in South Dakota


ABOVE: Taken 1918 in Mills County, Iowa: (left to right) Helen Louise Cleaver Gage, Charles Arnold Gage, Mary Catherine Cleaver, Jonthan Evart Cleaver, Chatta Ella Cleaver, Leonard Fenn, Jessie Guilford Ring ,Alonzo Ring

Helen Louise Cleaver and Charles Arnold Gage were married December 17, 1917 in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Her sister Mary Catherine was not yet married when this picture was taken. Her brother Jonthan was not yet married when this picture was taken. Her sister Chatta was dating Leonard Fenn at the time, and they were married in August of 1918. Leonard died in December of that year from complications from a respiratory infection. Jessie Guilford Ring was the sister of Helen's mother, and Alonzo Ring was Jessie's husband.
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ABOVE: Lizzie Diana Guilford was born July 12, 1872 in Indiana. She married James Eddy Cleaver, November 11, 1891, in Malvern, Iowa


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ABOVE: Taken early 1950s, Columbia, Missouri Front row: Glenn Franklyn Gage, Linda Kaye Gibson second row: Don Gibson, Charlie Gibson, Michael Gage third row: Charley Gage, O. L. Gibson, Cloris Marilyn Gage Gibson, Helen Louise Cleaver Gage, Charles Cleaver Gage

Helen and Charley had Charles Cleaver Gage and Cloris Marilyn Gage Charles married Christine Shults and had Michael and Glenn Cloris married O. L. Gibson and had Charlie, Don, and Linda.
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NOTE: This biography was shared by Jeni Huffstedtler (the daughter of Glenn Franklin Gage (pictured above) If you would like to contact her about the Gage family her email address is -- or  click here.


BELOW: obituaries for James Eddy Cleaver and Lizzie Guilford Cleaver, Helen's parents. I am pretty sure they are both taken from The Malvern Leader. --Jni--


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