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Lauren Walsh Perritt -- June 8, 2006. Looking for information on my great aunt (Winnifred Donnelly) who married Lawrence Malone and they settled in Murdo. They had two children, Harold and Margaret. Researching from California, so any information is helpful. Thank you! Lauren Walsh Perritt
-- email:

Julie from Richmond -- September 11, 2005. I need someone from Capa S.D. to send / e-mail me a picture of the sign saying "WELCOME TO CAPA CITY "...I would be soooo grateful and say Thanks in advance!!!! Julie from Richmond, Va. -- email:

John Mc Quigg
Deanna Cerrone -- August 8, 2005. my name is Deanna Cerrone and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to help me find some information on a long-lost relative that I have discovered we had. I would gladly do it myself but living in California prohibits me from local inquiries. His name was John Mc Quigg, he was born on September 17th, 1854 and died, and is buried, in Jones County, SD on January 30th, 1907. As of yet I have had no luck in finding any information on this man, nor can I even establish where he was born. Simply a name dropped in passing from my grandmother, who has passed away. Any info you could perhaps pass along would be greatly appreciated! This has been a fun adventure trying to put the branches of our family tree together and he is one of the last pieces of the puzzle. thank you very much, peace, deanna -- email:

Michael Bonnes -- May 16, 2005. Looking for Elmore "Elmer" D. Brooks for my mother's side. The Brooks journal says Elmore lived Okaton at one time. If he died there, he could br buried in Murdo. If somebody there helps me, perhaps I could return the favor. -- Michael Bonnes Huron, SD -- email:

J.H. Roberts
Steve Baumgardner -- May 15, 2005. I have an old metal tag, oblong about one inch long with the name j.h. roberts capa s.d. 1908. does anyone know of him or what this tag might be. thanks steve baumgardner lake city florida -- email:

Elmore Brooks
Michael Bonnes -- April 30, 2005. Looking for Elmore "Elmer" D. Brooks in Jones County. Appeared in 1920 Jones Cty Census. Died 1924. PS Are there more than 3 cemeteries in Jones County? (quid pro quo) Michael Bonnes Huron, SD -- email:

Capa S.D. Cemeteries
Patrick Haley -- April 3, 2005. I am looking for Capa S.D. Cemetery Projects. My Great Grand Parents are suppose to be buried there. Last Name Kelly: -- Patrick H. Kelly B: 1859 D:1928 -- Mary Ellen Kelly B: 1866 D: 1936 -- email:

Gerald Parker -- August 28, 2004. I am looking for information regarding a Dr. Wm. Still who practiced in the White River area in the 1920's. He was involved in a shooting incident involving a couple of farmers. He may have had a daughter living with him. Please contact Dr. Gerald Gysler Parker -- email:

Ann Roberts -- April 13, 2004. Interested in knowing who the "sheep king of S. D." was. Jo & Susie Barr lived near Murdo during 1920's. My mother-in-law Mary visited them often as they had children similar age. Ann -- email:

Patrick Burns
-- April 13, 2004. I last visited Murdo in 1972 while still a teenager with a mother. Her brother Jack Donahue was the superintendent of schools at the time. I was wondering if if any of the Donahues still live in Murdo. Thanks - Patrick Burns -- email:

BRANDELL/FRANKS -- Murdo Marriage Records
J. Brandell -- January 25, 2004. My uncle Ernst Brandell married a Julia Franks in Murdo SD on 20 Oct 1983. I would like to obtain a copy of the marriage liscense. Where do I go to get one? Thanks from a Brandell in Utah. -- email:

Draper, McCartle
Kendra Marshall -- January 25, 2004. I am searching for any information on where the name Draper came from. I have a friend that is a great-grandchild of a woman with a maiden name of Draper and a married name of McCartle ( spelling?) She was told that they came from Draper, SD and then moved west during the gold rush in the black hills. She would like any information you might have related to her family. Thanks, Kendra Marshall -- email:

NOTE: The town of Draper (South Dakota) was named after a Milwaukee Railroad train conductor. -- Stu Marty c.c.

Dennis Johnson -- November 25, 2003. There are several Jones county homesteads that are clustered togather in the area of T. 1. N., R. 29 E. to T. 1 S., R. 30 E. They were homesteaded in the 1906/1910 time frame, by relatives of mine with the last name of Kneebs and Hall. The first names are: Hall--Alfred H., Edgar C., Hattie, Sadie B., and Kneebs, Nettie E. and Mary L. I would be interested in a township map, online or otherwise, as I wish to plot these homesteads. And, are there any descendants of these people living in the area today. Dennis Johnson, Beresford, SD. -- email:

Duane Mesnard -- November 25, 2003. Seeking info on ELDRED MESNARD son of IVA MESNARD (maiden name MOTTER) and HENRY and FRANCES MOTTER (Iva's parents). Eldred was raised in Murdo around 1918 - 1930 by his grandmother Frances Motter. email:

Bill Bell -- November 25, 2003. I am looking for information about a Methodist minister who lived in Murdo between 1909 and 1916. His name was Rev. William T. Ferguson, and he also farmed. Any info, please? tnx. Bill Bell, easton, Connecticut -- email:

SAVILLE (Sarah, Allen, Rupert and Glen)
VeeAnne -- October 2, 2003. My grandfather received a postcard from his cousin Sarah Saville in 1913. It was postmarked in Draper. I would like to know how she was related to my grandfather, and the name of her husband (Allen or Rupert) and was Glen Saville her son? Are they buried in Draper? What was her maiden name, and where can I get an obituary? VeeAnne -- email:

George (no last name) -- September 18, 2003. Interested in any information available on Andrew J. Place or Marie E. (Place) Quinn who lived in Jones County. Please reply to

Mirana Comstock -- August 4, 2003. Looking for info on source of name of town and Murdo Mckenzie himself. My grandfather was a celebrated author whose book of stories, "Murdo" was quite popular after its publication in 1923. Stories from it were also published earlier, which I am checking on. When did the town get its name...and when did Murdo Mckenzie get his name. It's not exactly the most common...or the most, being that of a gypsy character. Thanks for any info! Mirana Comstock Hull, MA -- email:

HAYWOOD, Dudley Lewis
Sylvia Hulce -- Aug. 4, 2003. Seeking Dudley Lewis Haywood's birth and death dates. He's buried in the Draper Cemetery Draper SD. Thank You. Sylvia Hulce -- email:

Karla Lange Lewis -- May 1, 2003. Need info on LANGE family, many of whom are buried in the Murdo Cemetery. I will be visiting Murdo in June 2003, and would like to know location of burials. Names include: Andrew/Andreas Lange, Bernhardt Lange, Anna Elise Eiffert Lange, Mina Lange McCurdy, Conrad "Curt" Henry Lange, Frank B. Lange, Margaret Martha Lange. Would also like to contact any others doing family research on the LANGE family. Thank you. -- email:

Nancy Yother -- April 25, 2003. I am searching for any information on the Orel F. Church family that lived in Murdo, Jones Co., SD, _ per l920 and l930 census, he was a farmer, his first wife was Mary (Mae)(May) Hazel (Ryan), his 2nd. wife was Neva, the children were : Lilibel - (Lillibell), Merl C.- (Meryl), Willard W., Lorraine O., and Burnette. Any information on this family would be very much appreciated. Orel was born Aug 5, l887 in Chamberlain, , Brule Co., SD, he died Nov. l7, l955, I do not know where, would like to know , would also like to especially like to locate information on his first wife who was a cousin of mine, Mary Hazel (Ryan) Church, Barnum, she was born Feb. l887 in Washburn , Bayfield Co., WI so that I may locate a obit. for him. Thanking you ever so much for your time and help. Nancy Yother -- email:

Lisa Kaylene Powell -- March 11, 2003. Owen Edwin or Edwin Owen BLANCHARD. Birthdate unknown, sister Milcena Darwin BLANCHARD GILMAN was born 2 December 1851. Was known to be residing in or near Murdo, SD in 1910 and was deceased before 1923. He married a woman named Lydia. I am looking for any information about him and his family. Please reply to Lisa Kaylene Powell. -- email:

Jackie Rudnick -- February 5, 2003. I am researching my Great uncle Robert Chambers who died in Murdo in 1919. He was one of the first pioneers in Jones county and was a sheep rancher. He sold his ranch to a Frank Gilmore and moved in with his nephew Frank Cummings. He passed away at the home of a John Morgan. Any info about Robert, Frank Cummings or John Morgan would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jackie Rudnick -- email:

LeeneeJo -- January 13, 2003. Trying to find information on Louis Nelson who lived in Westover, probably before the 1930's. He apparently was a mail carrier and delivered mail on horseback. Thank you, -- email:

Cat -- September 3, 2002. Searching for a Henry THOMPSON and wife Elizabeth BROWN THOMPSON, Henry possibly married twice, children Earnest, Harry, Robert and Earl THOMPSON, Maggie BROWN MILLS and husband, Jane Brown DUNHAM and husband George. These people lived in the Vermillion, SD area for many years and disappeared shortly after 1900. Any help with these names would be appreciated. Maggie, Elizabeth and Jane were daughters of Wiliam and Nancy BLAIR BROWN. --

Jill Hankins -- July 21, 2002. I'm interested in the descendants of Nathan and Flora Pratt Judd. I know Flora is buried with her parents in Illinois (Fairbury), and my mother said that Nathan is buried in Murdo with other members of the family. We didn't keep in touch with many of the Judd side of the family, so information is sketchy. Nathan and Flora's children are Bertha (bur. in Illinois), Ed, Pete(Noel?), Bessie, Dewey, and Pearl. If you have any personal stories about Ivan, that would be great. We didn't get to see grandpa very much. Thanks. Jill Hankins (Jessie Mae's oldest) --

Sandy Hutchinson -- June 28, 2002. Frank LEHR owned about 160 acres east of Rapid City 6/30/1906. Grace Lehr also owned land there. Looking for any info on the following families in Rapid City, Murdo, Draper and Geddes, SD: Frank & Laura LEHR, Heinrich LEHR, Mary Jane WINKLER LEHR - Grace LEHR DRUM, Imogene LEHR EICHENBERGER, Ira EICHENBERGER, Justus & Alice POPE, Forest POPE. At a brick wall. Thank you, Sandy --

Dean & Linda Andrew -- June 23, 2002. I came across some information that lead me to believe that an ancestor of mine George W Dewey might have been buried in Draper in 1924. He died in Beresford, SD on June 25, 1924 I believe. I'd never heard of Draper until I found it on a map. Is there any record of other Dewey family members in the Draper area? Does the Draper Cemetery have any burial records? I believe he had a brother or cousin named Frederick who lived in Plankinton. Dean & Linda Andrew --

Sandy Hutchinson -- June 15, 2002. I have a SMITH family that moved to Draper, SD in 1902 from Schaller, IA, The names are: Frank (Franklin) Smith died 1927, Mary Adaline LEHR SMITH (died after 1927), Harry B. SMITH (died 1915), Ray C. SMITH and Llyod SMITH. --- I'm trying to find info on any the family members. The ones I have dates for I would like to get obits as they died in Draper, SD and the bodies were sent back to Schaller Cemetery in Schaller, IA to be buried. At a brick wall. Thank you for your time and efforts. Sandy in VA --

Arlene Wheeler -- June 15, 2002. I am a decendant of the family line of Draper... can you give me any information on the town of Draper, SD.. who founded it.. who it was named after, etc. I am searching for family links. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated... thanks very much in advance... Arlene Wheeler --

Debby Capa -- December 17. 2001. I am curious about this town ( Capa, in northwestern, Jones County ) and I think I want to live there. Do they have a Chamber of Commerce so I can get more information? How big is the town? What is their industry, etc. Thank you. Debby Capa --

DAVIS, COLEMAN -- November 10, 2001. I am looking for information on William P. Davis and his wife Florence Coleman who moved to Wessington Springs from Nebraska in 1904, then to Murdo about the 1930's. --

ADER Family -- VERA CEMETERY at Draper
Bob Preston -- October 6, 2001. I have two family members, ADER and Charles PRESTON who are buried in, what was called, the ADER Family or Vera Cemetery at Draper. The WPA records located at the Cultural Heritage Center at Pierre stated that in 1940 when the cemetery was read, the cemetery was abandoned and overgrown. The wind had driven the dirt to the point that most of the stones could not be found. It was also stated that it was almost impossible to get into the cemetery due to the overgrowth. I am wondering if it is possible today to locate this cemetery and be able to walk to it and through it? Bob Preston, St. Louis, MO --

Lionpig -- September 17, 2001. Looking for information on Edgar & Frank Mcgraw. --

Darlene C. Joyce -- July 25, 2001. Searching for info on family of Lewis Alvin Smith and his wife, Anna S. Reiquam. Daughter Crystal Smith born in Draper, SD June 1909. Contact: Darlene C. Joyce at --

Tim Kasmiskie -- July 14, 2001. am searching for any info on my grandfather and his twin brother who homesteaded in Murdo, around 1907. My grandfather, James Edwin was a farmer and his brother, George was a banker. My father was born in Murdo, September 8, 1910. His mother was Irma Fairbrother-Townsend. --

CarLady -- May, 19, 2001. 1920 Census Jones Co, Union Twp -- William J Thompson born 1868 in KS, wife Henrietta born in IN, sons Bruce Moore b 1899 and Milar Mahafy b 1910 in KS. Lived in Vermillion in 1913.

Garry G. Rose -- April 24, 2001. Manley R  and Anna Ruth (Feylander)  MARTIN were married Fort Pierre in 1907 and settled in Jones County. A sister Pearl MARTIN settled on adjacent 160 acres all 1907. Does anyone know of this family? They moved to Texas, Kansas,And Nebraska. Jacob Martin of Connectcut was his father and laura Pickell?? of ENGLISH PARENTAGE his mother born in Wisconsin? --

RBURGETTE -- April 4, 2001. I'm looking for any information on Frank Burgette,  my Grandfather.  He was married to Mary Ethel Maiden (went by Ethel) and had a son Earl Claire Burgette. He apparently died, I'm told at Capa,  prior to the 1918 Draft registration and Ethel married Harry H. Hagblade. She was a school teacher in Jones Co. --

Martie Callihan -- March 5, 2001. I am searching for information on Levi ISEMINGER, the CALLIHANS (particularly Everett, Edward and Camaron), the LEMIEUX family, Lillace DAWLEY, Violet CHESLEY and Amy Lemieux FISH. They all bought or homesteaded land in Jones County between the 1880's and 1910's. I have found the patents and I am trying to find out any other information that may be available. I also want to know where they came from. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. --

David A. Czerney -- November, 25, 2000. I'm looking info on my grandfather, John Art Czerney. He lived in Murdo SD. and was married to Amelia Myer. He is buried in Murdo with two of his infant sons. Anton and Lamberth. As far as I know in died in 1934. Thank you for any help you can give me in looking up my roots. David A. Czerney

Sharon Styles - June 4, 200. I am desperate for some information in Draper cemetery. Lowell and Judy Styles are buried there. Judith was born 1941 and died 1946. Lowell was born 10-12-52, and died 3-31-56. Who would have these records, and what funeral home was used. There are also 2 other styles in the same area, but nobody seems to know who these are. Any help would be much appreciated.

Lorraine Hoyle - June 4, 2000. Our great grandmother (SUSA WHEELER) was born c1849 as a full blooded American Indian. we have no record as to her tribe. I noticed her surname in your tribal archives. Is there any record of her birth? She married and lived for many years in New Jersey. Thanks - Lorraine Hoyle -

Bobbi King - March 6, 2000. KING, George W. King, his brother (I think) Henry King; they came from Harrison Co., Iowa. Am especially wondering about Henry King, as I have little on him. I believe he left Jones Co. George W. King family stayed, Westover Twp. -- Any family information here would be helpful. Thank you...Bobbi King --

Stu Marty - November, 5, 1999. It just dawned on me I really should have a query of my own in here. I am searching for any unique stories regarding my grandparens A. Homer Tobiassen, and Mildred (Hawkins) Tobiassen, my mother Aileen (Tobiassen), as well as Clarence "Tom" Whitney and his wife Libby. The Tobiassens ran the general store in Draper, among other ventures. Both were active in local Masonic bodies, and Homer Tobiassen was the RFD mail carrier until he retired in 1950. Thanks for any help, Stu --

Cliff Berger Jr. - October 17, 1999. I am actually fishing for a source. The Mormon records report that my Great great grandfather was born in South Dakota in 1828. His name was Joseph B. Furrow and he married Elizabeth Finton in South Dakota in 1858. They had several children- James Madison Furrow, Sara Jane Furrow (my great grandmother), Marion Furrow, and twin girls.(I don't have their names with me as I am on my break here at school). Family tradition has it that we have a Native American ancestor and most likely it was Joseph's mother. I can find nothing about his parents and why they would have been in South Dakota at such an early time. Would like to know if anyone is familiar with the Furrow Family and if they have any information on this. I have a gut feeling that they were from this area. -- Thanks, Cliff Berger Jr. -- 6251 Jarrah Rd., Plymouth, Indiana 46563

Mary & Duane Eggleston - October 10, 1999. Just received info that an ancestor Mary Ann Richardson Pratt died in Draper, Jones Co., SD 1/26/1931. Am interested in locating the place of burial and if possible how to get a death certificate. Am interested in who she was living with as her husband preceded her in death in Fall River Co. Mary & Duane Eggleston --

DULIN, JENNINGS, Homestead near Capa
Pat Malinowski - September 29, 1999. Am looking for information about people that homesteaded near Capa, South Dakota from 1906-1911. The name I am looking for information in that time period are DULIN and JENNINGS. I have a copy of a Homestead Township Map, Township 3N -- Rnage 26e. Does anyone have any information about this?

Betty Moore - July 15, 1999. I'm looking for this guy: Charles Thomas MARTIN, b. 1872 in Indiana, parents: Ervin F. MARTIN and Malinda Jane SCOTT. In his mother's obituary, Oct 1926, he was reported to be living in Draper, SD. In the BLM Land Grants index, a Charles T. MARTIN took up land in Jones Co. in 1914.

His brother Allen Henry MARTIN (or Henry Allen MARTIN), b. 1869, was reported to be living in Rapid City, Pennington Co., SD in 1926. -- Any information would be most welcome! Thank you. Betty Moore in central Calif.

Ann Langan - May 23, 1999. I am looking for the parents/siblings of Francis Jones b. 7 Oct. 1876. d. 4 June 1933 in Pierre, SD. Burried in Murdo SD. He was married to Lila May Mott from Mason City, Iowa. Thank you, Ann Langan --

Kathi Crane - April, 18, 1999. I am trying to find some info on my grandparents. They were married in Murdo in 1935. From my understanding, my grandmother, Goldie Pearl Cellan, was a school teacher in that area. When my Granddad, Raymond Martin Davis met and married her, they had to keep it secret until the end of the term. Sometime between May 1935 and Sept. 1936 they moved to Deadwood, where my father (now deceased) was born. Any info on either of these lines, greatly appreciated! Kathi Crane  -  mailto:

Stanley D. Konstanz - Mar. 12, 1998. I believe Jacob Konstanz (my grandfather) was in Jones Co. in the year, 1916. My aunt Sarah was born in Murdo on 2/18/1916. Would like any information on them. Thank you

Keith Jones - Mar 7 07:22:25 1997 - I'm trying to trace my greatgrandfather and g.g.mother who were married in South Dakota (Dakota Territory) in about the late 1860's. Their names were Samuel Foulkes Jones and Tillie Thomas. Their son, Charles Bentley Jones was born on June 4, 1875, either in the Black Hills or at Vermillion. I would be grateful for any information on Samuel and Tillie's place and date of marriage, and Charles' place of birth. Tillie died in about 1879 in South Dakota (unknown county).Samuel may have been in the 7th Cavalry in 1876 at the Relief of Colonel Custer.

Sue Birch - Jun 12 22:52:02 1997 - Lyman Co. Query My father Harold Everett JOHNSON was born in Murdo, Lyman Co, SD Aug. 5th 1907 - His parents were Christopher Peter JOHNSON and Fannie Wellendorf. Per a news paper article the family moved from Murdo to Rapid City in 1921. So I assume they lived in Murdo from at least 1907 to 1921. My grandfather Christopher Peter Johnson had a Ford dealership, I don't know where, maybe Murdo. I am searching for any further information on this family. My father had two brothers, Fred Wm JOHNSON born 1899, Sheffield, Iowa. and George C. JOHNSON, born March 1, 1911, Murdo, SD.


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