Mailing address: PO Box 305, De Smet, SD 57231-0330 NEW BOX NUMBER

Meetings: 5:15 PM

Meetings alternate between The Laura Ingalls Wilder Soc at 103 Olivet Ave SE in De Smet and Lake Preston Library. Local newspapers print a notice. We don't meet in Aug or Dec.

Dues: $6.00

We are a new group just trying to find families. Many of our members are from the families that homesteaded in the county. Many of the gals were instrumental in writing the county/town histories. Most of the libraries in the county have copies of the histories.

Projects of the Society and Individual Members

  1. Walking and locating all the county cemeteries.
  2. We maintain a book of pedigree charts of our members.
  3. Members who did the county histories providing indexes for the books.
  4. We have members who will do research.
  5. Maintain the Genweb county page.
  6. In 2005 our group applied for a grant to purchase a computer and workstation to house the information we have gathered on the 49 known Kingsbury cemeteries. Funding for the "Preserving the History of Kingsbury County" was provided by MARY CHILTON CHAPTER of the National Society Daughters of the America Revolution through the Mary Chilton DAR Foundation, Sioux Falls, SD

Questions and Requests can be directed to our snail mail or to:

  1. Nancy
  2. Pat

Please put Kingsbury County in the subject line.

Brookings County Area Genealogical Society

The Bags group also serves the Kingsbury county area. The Arlington city cemetery is in Brookings County.

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