Lawrence County SD CITIES: Central City, Cheyenne Crossing, Deadwood, Lead, Nemo, Saint Onge, Spearfish, Whitewood
LODGING: Deadwood, Lead, Nemo Guest Ranch, Spearfish

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CHINESE (also see Chinatown History
Excerpts from the book Ethnic Oasis: The Chinese in the Black Hills, Liping Zhu and Rose Estep Fosha,

Seth BULLOCK, early sheriff. 1849-1919 (

Calamity Jane (Martha Jane CANNARY) 1852-1903. (

KELLAR, Andrew Jackson, of Hot Springs - son Chambers KELLAR, a lawyer in Deadwood as of 1901

LOVE, Nat, "Deadwood Dick" 1854-1921
from the book: Life and Adventures of Nat Love, better Known in the Cattle Country as "Deadwood Dick", by Himself
James Butler "Wild Bill" HICKOK 1837-1876,

John LAWRENCE, (1839-1889) an early (1858) resident of Sioux Falls SD, came to the Black Hills in April 1877 as County Treasurer appointed by Governor Pennington. He died in Deadwood in 1889 and was buried at Mt. Moriah. more...

MARTIN, Eben W., published 1901

Preacher SMITH (Henry Weston SMITH) - recognized as the person responsible for bringing Christianity to the Black Hills and for helping to establish the Methodist Church in Deadwood, Dakota Territory.... (

Lawrence Co SD Biographies, Andreas, 1884
DEADWOOD: (use PC search for more names - such as Bullock - here: Lawrence Co SD Biographies, Andreas, 1884)
Adams, Ayres, Babcock, Baird, Baxter, Bennett, Bews & Allen, Browning & Wringrose, Buchanan, Butler, Carey, Chase, Clark, Cornnell, Corson, Davis, DeMouth, Evans, Fargo & Son, Fishel & Bro., Fox, Franklin, Frawley, Gaston, Gilette & Heckman, Graves, Hamilton, Harding, Herrman & Grebor, Hugill, Ismon, King, LaChapelle, McLaughlin, McPherson, Martin, Mather, Miller, Moody, O'Brien, Phillips, Pollock, Raymond, Rodenhaus, Rogers, Schubert, Smith, Spilman, Star, Strass, Stein, Tracy, VanCise, Wardner, Watson, Wertheimer
Bradley, Compton, Conners, Davis, Deffebach, Evans, Jorgens, Loutham, Overman, Powers, Ramsdell, Rogers, Ryan, Snider, Summers, Tonn, Toomey, Welch
LEAD CITY: (use PC search for more names - such as Graves - on the page)
Alexander, Allinson, Bennett & Danaleson, Buneman, Bryant, Chase, Cohen, Craig, Dickinson, Dings, Edwards, Edwards & Pinneo Brothers, Eveleth, Fisher, Hayes, Hornbeck, Jacobs, Jentges, Lofland, Lorey, Martin, Minzer, Morrissy & Powers, Olson & Everson, Olson & Johnson, Ost, Parson, Runions, Salmon, Searle, Silver, Smith, Swartout, Valentine, White & Shea, Wright
Barclay, Bass, Belliveau, Davis, Delauney, Eaves, Fowler, Frank, Fuller, Goetz, Grimm, Harvey, Hopkins, Houghton, LeBeau, Lewis, McDonald, Moran, Reilly, Rosenkranz, Weedon, Zahm
GAYVILLE - P.O. Central City
Allen, Carter, Miller, Thompson
GOLDEN GATE - P.O. Central City
Gibson, Gregg
TERRAVILLE - P.O. Central City
Allen, Fredlund, Gunsolley, Mitchell
Ash, Harmon, Helweg, Hoehn, Lynch, McAulay, McMillan, Pierson, Pratt, Remer, Rodebank, Shingle, Shurts, Sparks & Allen, Wilkins
Davey, Gardner, Kimball, Schlawig
Deadwood: temporary residents

Hon. HENRY T. CLARKE: ... In 1876, he projected and built the bridge across the North Platte, between Sidney and Deadwood, opening up the Sidney Short Route. The same season, he projected and put into execution the Centennial Pony Express, furnishing all the mountain districts with mail, having, through the Government, charge of the entire line. He was also extensively engaged in mercantile business in Deadwood..." (Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska)

Gen. George Armstrong CUSTER

John SHEAHAN mined in Deadwood a short time in April of 1877(Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska)

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