Lawrence County SD CITIES: Central City, Cheyenne Crossing, Deadwood, Lead, Nemo, Saint Onge, Spearfish, Whitewood
LODGING: Deadwood, Lead, Nemo Guest Ranch, Spearfish

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Black Hills area


The Geology of South Dakota,

Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, SD School of Mines and Technology

Geology of Central-Western South Dakota

Geologic Time Scale in Historical Perspective, UCMP

Geological Timeline tour, UC Museum of Paleontology

Rose Quartz,

Web Geological Time Machine, UCMP

Generalized Stratigraphic Column of Central and NW South Dakota, Robert A Schoon

Geology Map, western SD

Tour Map, western SD

Jurassic and Triassic (shale, sandstone, redbeds)
Paleozoic (limestone, shale, sandstone)
Metamorphic Rocks (schist, slate, quartzite)
Igneous Rocks (granite, rhyolite, phonolite)

Mesozoic Era, Central Western SD

Introduction to the Mesozoic Era, UCMP

Cenozoic Era, Central-Western SD

Introduction to the Cenozoic Era, UCMP

Ammonites, Fox Hills Formation, SD

Ammonites, Pierre Shale, SD

Oligocene Epoch: Hyaenodon found in Badlands National Park

Fossil Types, Central-Western SD

Hot Springs SD Mammoth Site - world's largest mammoth research facility; active paleontological dig site of Ice Age fossils

About Mammoths, UCMP Berkeley

More history: SD Genealogy, History, and Travel | American West

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