Lawrence County SD CITIES: Central City, Cheyenne Crossing, Deadwood, Lead, Nemo, Saint Onge, Spearfish, Whitewood
LODGING: Deadwood, Lead, Nemo Guest Ranch, Spearfish

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American Indians, Native Americans

PBS VIDEO: We Shall Remain | The Films | Native Now

Lakota - Dakota - Sioux Nation, crystalinks

Great Sioux War of 1876-77 (or Black Hills War or Lakota War), wikipedia

The Dakotas "the Black Hills were Lakota territory in 1874 when George Armstrong Custer returned..." "the Black Hills were sacred to a succession of Plains tribes who fought to control them"

Before Custer, BlackHillsMiningMuseum

The Arikara, mhanation

I. Native American Culture and the Black Hills until 1750, Rick W. Mills, BlackHillsVisitor
    "During the late 1700s to early 1800s, the Lakota came to control the lands in the Black Hills..."
II. Native American Culture and the Black Hills 1750-1865, Rick W. Mills, BlackHillsVisitor
III. Native American Culture and the Black Hills 1865-1873, Rick W. Mills, BlackHillsVisitor (See 1868 Treaty below)
IV. Native American Culture and the Black Hills 1874-1875, Rick W. Mills, BlackHillsVisitor
    "In the summer of 1874, Lt. Colonel George Custer led a large expedition including about 1,000 troops with scientists and reporters into the Black Hills, officially to explore and set up a military post to control the non-signed Indians. But the real purpose, as indicated by the presence of geologists, was to identify areas for gold mining. This expedition discovered gold, and advertised this to the media and public."
V. Native American Culture and the Black Hills 1876-1880, Rick W. Mills, BlackHillsVisitor (See 1876-77 Treaty below)
VI. Native American Culture and the Black Hills 1880-1890, with MAP, Rick W. Mills, BlackHillsVisitor
VII. Native American Culture and the Black Hills 1890-present, Rick W. Mills, BlackHillsVisitor

Black Hills Treaty, 1876,

2009 update - law suit; hope in President Obama for return of Black Hills land under federal ownership

Native American History (A. T. Andreas' "Historical Atlas of Dakota", 1884)
The Dakotas
Indian Agencies
Indian Bands
Indian Tribes in South Dakota - Description and History, 1884
Tradition of various local Indian Tribes
Names of Indian Moons

Native American Searches Native American Interactive Genealogy, History, Travel

Native American Searches Guide to American Indian Research in South Dakota,

BEAR BUTTE: Bear Butte State Park, Plains Indians including Lakota and Cheyenne
Sacred Bear Butte Threatened

Business Directories



Chinese Influence in Early Deadwood, Black Hills Visitor Magazine

DEADWOOD: 2003 Chinatown Excavations


DEADWOOD: BloggerDeadwood,
    Deadwood, cityofdeadwood

LEAD: Homestake Tours Black Hills Mining Museum

Dakota Territory

Census Records

Dakota Territory and Statehood,

Dakota Territory, Google


PDF: May 21, 1883: A Black Hills Calamity: More than Half of Deadwood Swept Away (New York Times)
PDF: May 21, 1883: Mining Gulches Flooded; Deadwood and other towns swept - Loss over half a million dollars.

Geology: History of the Earth

Black Hills Geology


Gold in Lawrence Co SD

Lawrence County History

Lawrence Co SD, Andreas

Lawrence County Historical Society

Lawrence Co SD, Wikipedia
Lawrence Co SD history, official site
Lawrence Co SDGenWeb Archives, text
The History of Lawrence County, Andreas (text file)



1874 Custer Expedition to the Black Hills

Mining, Mine Histories, Claims, Photos

Gold Mining in the Black Hills
Gathering gold Before Custer, BlackHillsMiningMuseum

Gold Prospecting and Sluicing today, Black Hills National Forest

History of Mining Regulations in SD, DENR

Inactive and Abandoned Mine Lands inventory, 2001, DENR
Ecology and Natural Resources Minerals Yearbook 1932-33, page 143

Black Hills Gold Mines


See Native Americans and Biographies
Memories of a Deadwood watermelon adventure by Jean and Elwood Fairweather
Last of the Great Scouts, by Helen Cody Wetmore (mentions Deadwood stage in Chapter 26-27)
The Death of "Wild Bill" Hickok, Hays City Sentinel, August 16, 1876 (low on page) Names Bill Sutherland as the murderer. (Bypaths of Kansas History)
Wyatt Earp and the "Buntline Special" Myth, Wm B. Shillingberg, Kansas Historical Quarterlies. Mentions Deadwood.

Railroads in the Northern Black Hills

A Century of Railroading in the Northern Black Hills,

South Dakota Searches

SD History & Research, IGEN
Place Names in SD, Andreas, 1884
South Dakota State Historical Society news archives
USGW-Archives SD


DEADWOOD: City of Deadwood Time Line
DEADWOOD: Mt. Moriah Cemetery 1877-1946


1868 Laramie Treaty, BlackHillsVisitor
1877 amendment to the 1868 Treaty, Rick W. Mills, BlackHillsVisitor
    "the issue (of only 10% adult male Sioux signing the treaty in 1876 rather than the 75% required by the 1868 Treaty) continued to be disputed for more than another hundred years, through the Supreme Court decision of 1980 to award interest on payment to the Sioux for the U.S. taking the Black Hills in violation of the 1868 Treaty.

White Explorers and Settlers Andreas, 1884

Biographies - Lawrence Co SD, Andreas, 1884
Fur Companies and Trading Posts
Lewis and Clark and other Early Explorers

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