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None of these Gorham's
seemed to have had
Social Security Numbers)

Agnes Mary Gorham,
of Lawrence Co, SD

Jay Ellis Gorham,
of Lawrence Co, SD

Peter T. Gorham,
1938-2010, died in
Beula, Crook Co, WY

Anthony Gorham's
of Luzerne Co, PA

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by Judy Bennett, 2011

Anthony Gorham moved from Pennsylvania where he was a cole miner. He later worked in the Homestake mine. He was one of five children (in 1880, Ann Gorham was 10; Daniel was 9; Anthony was 8; Patrick was 5; Thomas was 1 Month) His parents were Peter and Ann Gorham from the "Irish Free State" (according to the 1880 Census from Ashley, Luzerne, Pennsylvania). I do not know when they arrived in America.

NOTE: from "History of Luzerne County Pennsylvania",
H. C. Bradsby Editor, published 1893,
Chapter XVI: Churches of the County:

"Wyoming Methodist Episcopal Church, Kingston township;
formed 1842. Bought the "Christian church" 1842; parsonage built 1850; value of property, $10,000.
Pastors-. Revs. B. Hawley, C. W. Gidding, B. W. Gorham, Levi D. Tyron, G. M. Peck, A. H. Schoonmaker, H. Brownscombe, A. Brooks, W. T. Judd, J. La Bar, Henry Wheeler, A. J. Van Clift, S. W. Weiss, R. W. Van Schoick, J. C. Leacock, F. L. Heller, J. C. Shelland, etc.; G. C. Lyman, 1891.

Anthony Francis Gorham married Hattie Mae Hilton of Lead South Dakota. Born 9/17/1882, she was born to John T. Hilton of Pennsylvania and Susan J. Wright of New York. According to some research she lived in South Dakota with her brother and his family for a long time. Not sure what happened there. I believe her brother's name was Joseph Hilton. Anthony worked in the Homestake Mine and resided in Englewood. They had three sons:

1) Walter Francis Gorham born 8/6/1903 not sure when he died. He married a Helen Roller (Sp?) They had a son everyone referred to as "Jack". Jack had to have been born mid to late 1920's. Walter and Helen divorced when Jack was young and Grandma Hattie raised him. Jack married and had two children. He lived in California and past there as well.

Walter was remarried on 12/6/1928 to my Grandmother Helen McLaughlin (Supposedly of Bismarck, ND.) Helen would sing and play her squeeze box in the bars of Deadwood. Her and my Grandfather lived in Englewood in two train cars! I heard stories of trying to drive up Ice Box Canyon in the winter time and how they would get their pot belly stoves glowing red hot in the winter time and it was still so cold. They had four children

Agnes Born in Lead approximately 1932 - Past 4/15/2009 - Denver, Colorado - Told me a story of how her father use to go fishing every morning. She said she was quite young, but she remembered her dad coming home battered and bruised from one fishing trip and Grandma Gorham having to stitch him up - apparently a buffalo didn't think he needed to be there and let him know it. I love this story, because my Aunt was around two born in the 1930's - she said that the buffalo were just allowed to wonder free and do as they please.

John Anthony - Born in Deadwood 6/27/34 Past 8/6/2003 - Casper, Wyoming - retired Firefighter

Walter Lee not sure when she was born - but according to Grandma she was born in Englewood - Past in Broomfield, Colorado believe it was 2005-6?

Joseph Lorenza(sp?) of Englewood born in 1940 - past believe it was 2004 - Denver, Colorado

Walter Gorham was a police man in Denver Colorado. He was also a Navy SeaBee at the age of 38 during World War II.
2) John Gorham born in 1904 - Died the summer of 1949. Married Adeline Francis Ward. Divorced Adeline in summer of 1949. He is buried in Sturgis SD next to the Nunnery. They had 6 children:
Colleen b 1931 Nun at the nunnery in Sturgis - Past ?
Katherine (Katie) b 1932 Spaulding is her married name; not sure where she is living.

Peter b 1933 - past
Mike August b 1934 - He is married living in Loveland, Colorado - He was in the paper when he was four and living in Englewood. The headline "Local Boy Runs (Away?) From Indians" Mike said that there was a celebration or parade in Deadwood and Riding through Englewood were Indians on their horses both wearing war paint. I am guessing that it would be around 1938 or 1939. He was thinking it was July or August. He told me it was either the Deadwood Pioneer Times or the Lead Daily Call. I would like to get a copy of this article. He tells it so funny.

Patrick b 1939 - Past
Emmett b 1940 - Past
John Gorham was also a Tri-State Rocky Mountain Heavy Weight Boxing Champion. He fought under the name of Danny O'Ryan (So his mum wouldn't find out he was fighting...) My Dad said that there was a picture of him in Joe 'Awful" Coffee's Ringside Lounge in Denver, Colorado. I have tried to track down this photo but to no avail. He was also a police man in Deadwood he quit shortly before he was killed by the chief of police according to the story that has been handed down. He apparently threw a man threw the window of the bar that Hickock was shot in. All because he didn't like what he was saying. John then walked across the street to the gas station (where Mustang Sally's is currently) and was then addressed by the police to stop. John got down in a fighting stance and the chief just shot him where he stood, killing him. I would love to get my hands on some of the newspaper articles that covered this story.
3) Joseph Gorham b 1907 - Past in California? (not sure when) He never married or had any children that anyone knew of. He was also the Rocky Mountain Tri-State Welter Weight Boxing Champion. Apparently he wasn't as afraid of his mom finding out. He was also a SeaBee in the World War II. He was all the kids favorite uncle. I was also told that John Gorham or the Gorham's ran the Post Office in Englewood and that they had a bar their too. Not sure about the bar.

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