Lawrence County SD CITIES: Central City, Cheyenne Crossing, Deadwood, Lead, Nemo, Saint Onge, Spearfish, Whitewood
LODGING: Deadwood, Lead, Nemo Guest Ranch, Spearfish

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HANLEY Families of Lawrence Co SD
originally posted on the Handley-L email group (archived)
Also see: Handley Genealogy Index
1870 Dakota Territorial Census shows:

William Handley, p 169,
with a Cheyenne Post Office,
no county listed.

No Hanley's listed.
"Dakota 1880 Territorial Census Index" by Ronald Vern Jackson Genealog 929.378
(shows no Handley's, but lots of Hanley's)

MINNEHAHA County (Sioux Falls PO):
T. Frank Hanley, page 446

Anna Hanley, page 451
Celia Hanley, page 451
Jane D. Hanley, page 451
Kate Hanley, page 451
Matilda Hanley, page 451
Thomas Hanley, page 451
William Hanley, page 451

Bridget Hanley, page 452

Mary Hanley, page 455

BOTE. County (Standing ... PO):
George W. Hanley, page 23

BILL. County (No twp listed):
Jerome B. Hanley, page 47

John Hanley, page 53

John Hanley, page 66

LAWRENCE County(Deadwood PO):
Michael Hanley, page 210

Thomas Hanley, page 250

Hattie Hanley, page 271
J.F. Hanley, page 271
Kallie Hanley, page 271
T.F. Hanley, page 271

J.D. Hanley, page 277
James Hanley, page 277
Jennie Hanley, page 277

Mike Hanley, page 278

LAWRENCE County (Fort Meade):
Richard P. Hanley, page 315

LAWRENCE County (Central):
Thomas Hanley, page 236

John Hanley, page 245

LAWRENCE County (Lead City):
William F. Hanley, page 193

BURL. County (Fort Abr.):
Powell Hanley, page 197

Further notes:
When gold was discovered in the Black Hills (i.e.,
Lawrence County - Deadwood, Lead City, etc.) in 1874,
the land belonged, by treaty, to the Lakota Sioux.
The Army stopped enforcing the treaty, and miners
raced in.

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