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'Queries' 1997 (Feb. 12, 1997)

Seeking information on the marriage of John ? HARMON and Inez Louise GAMMON prior to 1944 in Deadwood, South Dakota. Thanks, Patty. (Feb.15, 1997)

I am trying to trace my husbands grandparents. He was born July 7, 1936, in Deadwood to Leota Gaily LININGER and Oscar LININGER. Leota was supposedly born in a covered wagon on June 9, 1909, to Ed GAILY and Ida KEENE GAILY. Ed was supposedly the owner of the original rights to what became the Buckingham Stage and Ida owned a restaurant. Bud worked for the Homestake Gold Mine. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Patti Lininger (Feb. 17, 1997)

Looking for information on the following people and their lives while living in Deadwood. Carrie M. MCPHERSON, died October 15, 1899, Donald A. MCPHERSON, died August 4, 1920, Clarence D. MCPHERSON, died October 1877, Arthur P. MCPHERSON, died October 1877 and Malcom J. MCPHERSON, died October 1935. All of these people died in Deadwood and are buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery.  Thanks, Thelma. (Feb. 18, 1997)

Lillian VANYEA born Dec. 19, 1905, Spearfish - Cyniade, SD. Married Frederick ZOCHER, possibly in SD. Father Zebulon VANYEA died Spetember 12, 1921 in Rochford, SD. All information appreciated, Marcia. (Feb. 19, 1997)

Looking for information regarding Christine POULSEN, who lived in the Lawrence Co. area around 1923. This was her maiden name at the time. Thanks! (Feb. 22, 1997)

Looking for information on a William EMRY who lived in Lead. He is buried in the Terry Cemetery and was State Superintendent of Mines briefly. He married Littie WARD. Also looking for another William EMRY, uncle of this William EMRY and brother of Frank EMRY. Thanks, Mike Emry (Feb. 23, 1997)

My name is Steve Cuddy, Orange Co., California. My father, John J. CUDDY was born at his grandfathers (John Andrew ECKLAND) on 10/31/1917, in Lead. I've just started the family history and have been looking for any ECKLANDS descended from John. I know that John ECKLAND had 14 children and worked as a police officer in Deadwood during the 1890's. The ECKLANDS came from Chicago to Lead in the 1880's. Thanks, Steve (Mar. 4, 1997)

Seeking any help on Noah GRIFFITH , a miner in Deadwood in the mid 1800's. Thanks, Cary Rush or

Ed GAILY and Ida KEENE GAILY/GAILEY, had 5 daughters; Gertrude Schuster, Gladis McGlocklin, Margie Hutchinson, Leota Liniger, and Irene Irvin (married names). Leota married Oscar LININGER and they had Betty May - 1932, Donald Leroy-7/7/36, Edgar Louis - 1941, Carrol - 1/9/44. Looking for any information on the above people, especially birth and death records for the Gailys. .. Thanks, Patti Lininger


 Shawn Whitney  ( (March 22, 1997)


My mother was born in Deadwood in 1938. She was the only child of Philip Henry KNODEL, born 1905 in either SD or ND and Edith Janet TOWER, born 19 Jan. 1914 in Deadwood. Philip's parents were John (possibly Johann) KNODEL, born 6 April 1878 in Fredunstal, Russia, and Elizabeth KRATER, born 28 April 1884, in Gransthal, Russia. Philip reportedly had an uncle named Gottlieb who later changed his name to George and was a Lt. Colonel in the US Army.  Edith's parents were Frank Gilbert TOWER, born 25 Nov. 1880 in Rochford, SD, died 29 May 1960 in Vancouver, WA. and Ada Luella SMALL, born 26 Dec. 1892 in Kansas, died 17 Mar. 1972, Vancouver, WA. Edith also has a sister, ADA Frances TOWER, born 1918 in Deadwood. We have quite a bit of information to share on the SMALL family. We would like to tie our KNODEL roots to the German/Russian info that we have but we need more proof. Frank Gilbert TOWER was adopted by his namesake family (Gilbert TOWER and Elizabeth SAMBEL, born 30 Sept. 1838, died 17 Oct. 1909), but was born to a family friend who was not married. We have only sketchy info about her and no name. Would like some help if possible.  .. Thanks, Shawn Whitney (March 27, 19997)

Looking for any information on the descendants of Jacob and Mary LEPPLA. Lived in Spearfish from before 1880 until? Mary was still living in 1900. Will gladly share information that I have. ( _ between t&m) March 27, 1997)

MCFARLAND, TONN, SNEDECKER - Alice Emily McFARLAND married M. G. TONN in November, 1878, in Deadwood. M. G. TONN owned the Wyoming Store in Deadwood. After their marriage they moved to Spearfish. They had one daughter, Carrie, who was born June, 1880 in Deadwood. Alice died in 1933, in Spearfish. Carrie married Clarence SNEDECKER and resided in Deadwood. She had one daughter named Alice. I would like to correspond with anyone who might know more about these families.  .... Tom McFarland April 10, 1997

Looking for information on the DOTSON families of Spearfish. SARAH (FLEMING) DOTSON, born abt. 1835 in VA and her children; SUSAN COLUMBIA (DOTSON) CASHELIN, b. July 1, 1853, VA.; VIRGINIA DOTSON, b. July 27, 1854; HIRAM M. DOTSON, b. Dec. 17, 1858, married MATILDA ?; BENJAMIN ELI DOTSON, b. April 25, 1862, married AUGNES ?; OLIVER DOTSON, b. July 25, 1864; EDWARD F. DOTSON, b. Nov. 24, 1868, married ANNA ? ; and LAWRENCE DOTSON, b. Sept. 12, 1873.

Any information would be appreciated. Judi Sayre Berry (April 18, 1997)

Looking for information on MARY JUSILLA, who came from Finland and married WILLIAM WICKSTEN, in the later part of the 1800's. They had 7-9 children, with the last born being LAYTON HERBERT WICKSTEN, b. Dec. 30, 1913. Lived in the Black Hills area and after WILLIAM died in 1911-1912, MARY may have remarried and had one child. She and the children moved to California around 1934.

Any help would be appreciated

Linda Wicksten (April 27, 1997)

Trying to locate information on JOHN J. CARRUTH. He died in the Dakota Territories in 1868. His wife remarried a Gee, and then married a Smith when Gee died. CARRUTH and his wife moved to the Dakota Territories as prospectors from Arkansas. It is believed that CARRUTH died around a mining town. After his death his son Adam moved back to Arkansas. Any help would be appreciated.

Bernie (May 2, 1997)

I am looking for information concerning the ancestors of my father, MARVIN LOREN MIX, who was born in Maitland, SD, in August of 1934. His father was ROBERT LELAND MIX and his mother was ELLA RAE HARPER MIX. ROBERT LELAND was born in 1899 in Salt Creek, Wyo. to ELON JOHN MIX and ELLEN COONE. He died in 1962 in Belle Fouche, SD. ELLA was born in 1899 in Lead, SD to JOHN RUSSELL HARPER and GRACE COONE. She died in 1965 in Belle Fouche. Both are buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Deadwood. There are still aunts and uncles. Ray(1919-1975), William (1921-1930), Helen (1923-)SD, Hazel (1925-)OR., Cloyd (1927-1952), Nellie (1929-)SD., Robert Jr.(1932-)TX., Arlene (1938-)SD., Harley (1936-)SD., and Lorna (1940-)SD.

Thanks for any assistance,

Robert Mix (May 9, 1997)

I am looking up the Lawrence family tree, trying to find my ancestors. My 2nd great-grandfather is Daniel O. LAWRENCE, born 6/24/1836. My great grandfather is Egbert Eugene LAWRENCE, born 2/4/1874. My grandfather is Albert Eugene LAWRENCE, born 9/17/1894.

Any and all information would be appreciated. Rick Lawrence

Am trying to locate any information on my maternal grandmother, Daisy HALLEY. She was born in Deadwood, around 1865. She married William BRACKEN and live in Cheyenne, Wyo. There was a Jack Halley who drove a wagon or stage coach. He was a brother to Daisy. Daisy and William had 6 children; Mary, Margaret, Maxine, Erma, Marivn, and Lillian (my mother). Both Daisy and William died within 6 months of each other when my mother was about 8. This is virtually my entire information trail, any help would be appreciated. ... Thank You, William W. Mahood, Jr. (May 24, 1997 )

Am trying to find out any info I can on the family of Samuel Elmer McKINNEY, born about 1890 and Anna PARKER, born about 1891. They had a child, Charlotte Kathryn McKINNEY, on November 13, 1910. Elmer was listed as a millman and his family lived in Deadwood, but his father was originally from TN. Anna was born in Deadwood and her family was from there also. Am looking for info for my aunt (the child) who is now in a nursing home. Her father (Elmer) brought her to Texas when she was very young and never mentioned her mother. She would like to know all we can find out. They were supposedly married ( Anna's last name is listed as McKinney on her birth certificate) and Charlotte was their one and only child. ... Thanks, Dale Terry (May 26, 1997)

I'm in the process of picking up the task of tracking down my family history. My grandfather, Mark BOICE, resided in Spearfish for a number of years until his death in 1977. His mother Mary was originally a TOWLE and supposedly her family came from Wisconsin. His father Benjamin was originally from Michigan and was born in 1849. Unfortunately, I don't know much more at this point. I was in Deadwood a couple of years ago and found some records of some other Boice's that I didn't know existed in the county. My dad was born in Alladin, Wyo., and grew up in a number of small mining towns in the Black Hills. Unfortunately, he died in 1986, so my family sources at this point are somewhat limited. Dad (Thomas Mark BOICE) graduated from Lead High School in 1938. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Boice (June 15, 1997)

Seeking further information on the family of John Maynard MUNDELL, born in Greene County, Penn., in 1840. He moved to Grafton, Neb. in 1884, then to the Black Hills, SD, in 1908. He died Jan. 28, 1917, at the home of his son, Sherwood W. MUNDELL, in Deadwood. His wife, Margaret McVICKER, died about one year before him, and his daughter, Grace Vernon (MUNDELL) HOSIER, died sometime between her marriage date of Dec. 24, 1904, and the death of her mother. I have her obituary, but no date. Other children were Albert E. MUNDELL, Harry S. MUNDELL, and two daughters, Mrs. TAGGERT, and Mrs. M. F. MAHER. The first name of one of the last two daughters is probably Cora. Mrs. TAGGERT also preceeded her father in death. John MUNDELL was the brother of my great-grandmother, Eliza Jane (MUNDELL) GROVE. I have much old family info to share, including letters and pictures.  ... Thanks, Carolyn Bolden

My grandmother, Bessie Alice McCLAIN, was born in Whitewood, 10-4-1888. Parents were Albert and Alice RICHARDS McCLAIN. Trying to confirn this and any info as to occupation, or other history.  ... Thanks (June 26, 1997

My gr. grandfather, Henry MOREEN, was a station agent for the Elkhorn, Fremont, and Missouri Valley RR at Central City circa 1892-3. Any leads to information relating to this subject would be greatly appreciated. Family legend says that Henry's family was marooned by a great blizzard in Dakota. It is said that the US Army had to bring in food and supplies. I would appreciate leads to information about such a great blizzard in this time period.  ... Sincerely, Henry Moreen (June 28, 1997)

My Gr. grandfather was James Gordon MARKS. He married a Catherine LOTT in Lawrence Co., on Sept. 29, 1885. He died on Dec. 24, 1928 in St. Onge. My grandfather was Eugene ELIE, he married Golda MARKS on Dec. 25, 1907, in St. Onge. My father was born in St. Onge on Oct. 23, 1921, his name is Gordon ELIE. I was born Susan Carol ELIE in Petaluma, CA. I am now married to a Samuel DOUTHIT. I am interested in locating info. on my family lines in Lawrence Co.  .... Sue (June 29, 1997)

Seeking descendants of Samuel & Adelaide HILTON and their children; Edwin, Clyde, Edna, & Lora who lived in Deadwood City in 1910.  ... Beth Wilson (June 29, 1997)

Looking for information on: William David MILNE, b. July 8, 1848, Princeton, Ontario, Canada, d. 1926, Old Soliders Home, Hot Springs, SD. Lived most of his life in Spearfish, SD. He married Alice Cordellia WHITAKER, b. 1858, NY, d. 1921 in Vallejo, CA. Their children: Harry Porter MILNE, b. 1883 in Osborne, KS, died?; Mae MILNE, b. May 10, 1889, Osbourne, KS, d. 1966, Vallejo, Solano County, CA.  This family moved in 1900, first to Deadwood, then to Spearfish. .... Claudia 10, 1997)

Presumably my great grandmother, Lydia Ann FERGUSON DILLEHAY (De la Haye) is buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery in or near Deadwood. This is the only information I have concerning a South Dakota or Deadwoood, SD., family connection. Are there references concerning this surname? ... Thank you, Mike Powers (July 14, 1997)

I am looking for information on my gg. grandmother, Estella Pearl MOOK(E), who was born in either Deadwood or Central City, SD on November 17, 1895. She was the daughter of Joseph and Susan MOOK. Any information on the MOOK family would be greatly appreciated.  ... Jonnie Stewart (July 17, 1997)

Looking for information on the HARRINGTON family who lived in Deadwood, 1888. In particular, it is my husband's mother, Loretta Theresa HARRINGTON who was born there October, 31 1888 that prompts this request.

Thank you, Jean Chapmam 26, 1997)

Need information on Vespian Pocket SHOUN, was a freighter and local business man in Deadwood during the same era as Calamity Jane.

I am seeking information on my family from the 1910 era, in Lead, Lawrence County, SD. If you have any information that would help me find my lost link, I sure would appreciate it! From: 1900 Census Volume 9, Sheet 28 - Lawrence County, Lead, SD, Residing at So. Blue Street, Lead, SD

Jones, Thomas T. (Head of Household) Born Sept. 4, 1852 In Wales

Jones, Mary W. - Wife - Born Nov. 1863, In Wales

Jones, Mary - Daughter - Born - Oct. 1882 - In SD

Jones, Edwin - Son - Born March 1884 - In SD

Jones, Thomas S. - Son - Born July 1885 - In SD

Jones, Katherine - Daughter - Sept. 1887 - In SD

Jones, Margaret - Daughter - Aug. 1889 - In SD

Thomas S. Jones, I believe to be my Grandfather, my father was born December 29, 1910 in Lead, SD. His name was Ernest Lewis Griffin, he took his mother's name, Rose Griffin. ...Thank You, T. J. Wilson

I am searching for descendants of and information about the Wilman A. Eberhart family that I believe lived in Lead area in mid 1900's. Probably born about 1902. I believe Wilman had a sister, Myrtle M. Eberhart born about 1900, that also lived in Lead area. I do not know her married name. Both may still have descendants in Lead area. ...

George Eberhart

KERCHERVAL, SIMPSON, CURRY, THOMAS are the surnames of my search. This is an African American family, residents of the Spearfish and Deadwood area. Early area records of family members date back to the mid 1880's. Any information about the above families or descendants will be greatfully appreciated.  ...Thanks, Pat

HUNT, William P. b. 1816 NY - d. Deadwood Lawrence Co., SD - wife Phebe A. HILDRETH b. NY, any information would be appreciated.

I would like to get an obituary of James WAUGH. It seems that my g-grandmother Mary SINNAMON married Dr. MEYER and when the doctor died she married (1885) my g-grandfather Frank WHIPPLE who disappeared and she married (perhaps) Livingston WAUGH who is buried in Deadwood. She then turned up in MI and was using the WHIPPLE surname. ... Bob Whipple

Roland Cain, born Feb 1883 died Sep 1969 Lived in Terraville, SD; (Great Grand-Father) Oakley Owen Cain, born June 25, 1914 SD died February 1980 L.A., CA; (Grand-Father) Samuel James Cain, born February 15, 1916 Homestate Mining Hospital, Terraville, SD (Great Uncle). Any info on the Cain family in Lawrence County would help.

Thanks, Marty Cain

Looking for info on Charles BROWN, b 7 MAY1851 Broome County NY, was living in Carbonate/Maitland/Deadwood area in 1930 and had been there for some time. NY census of 1880 lists his wife (H) Ellen born in Ireland, Mary d age 8, Edward M s age 6, Ellen d age 3 and Robert s age 1. Correspondence from Charles Brown in 1930 has a return address of Deadwood SD, and makes no mention of any of his family members. I have a letter written by Charles Brown to his niece, Bertha Brown of NY (my great aunt) in 1930. He talks about living in Carbonate and Maitland, and how the post offices were moved from those towns as "the mines played out", and tells her to write to him in care of T. J. GUIDER Box 35 Deadwood, South Dakota, since that is the nearest post office. He also mentions owning a piece of unpatented mining ground 3 miles east of Carbonate, about 1/2 way to Maitland, which he holds by performing manual labor on each year. The 1880 Binghamton NY census has him as married to Ellen ? b in Ireland, with children Mary, Edward, Ellen and Robert. He disappears after that. The letter to my g. aunt doesn't mention his family at all.
Please send any info on Charles
BROWN to ...Many thanks! Marilyn (Brown) Cascio

Seeking information about my ancestor Jabez CHASE, partner in the Black Hills Gold Mining Co. 1876 Deadwood, SD.  ...Thank You, Dick Adams

I'm trying to find any members of a family by the name of  TILSON. My father was born in 1898 or there about. Any info on the TILSON family, or if there are any relatives still there I would really appreciate any help.  Thank you,  ...Art Tilson

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