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Stu ( Wed Apr 7 07:03:01 1999
NOTE: Some recent queries were lost during my latest changes to this page. I sincerely apologize for this. If your query was recently sent and does not appear among the current queries, will you please resubmit it.

Katherine Merrill ( Wed Apr 7 07:51:46 1999
I am looking for information on the YATES family of Lead. Specifically, the home addresses of the YATES family in the early 1920's, the date Arthur YATES moved away from Lead, details on his positions with the Homestake Mining Company. Also looking for any information on Bernice SHEA, who married Arthur YATES and was mother of Barbara, Joy, and Arthur YATES Jr. Thanks.

I Am looking for a Myrtle Edna SMITH. She was born 10 Dec 1887 in Deadwood,Lawrence,South Dakota. Her Father's last name was SMITH. Her Mother's last name was CAMP. This is all I have on Her.

Lynette Richter ( Tue Apr 13 15:32:23 1999
I am looking for a Dr.SMITH. I believe he is the Father of Myrtle Edna SMITH. He was riding a horse ,the horse bucked and killed him. Myrtle Edna SMITH was born 10 Dec 1887. Myrtle was a child old enough to remember Her Father when He died. She told my Grandpa this story and He told me. My Grandpa told me that His Mother said Her Father was a Doctor. I found this out last night.4-12-99.

Sally Traver ( Sun Apr 18 07:44:40 1999
TRAVER,charles. Looking for information on this person who was in Lawrence County in 1890. Probably in the Crook Village area. Wondering if he had any family with him and who. Know that he had an Uncle that went to South Dakota. Other possible names would be Calvin and Frederick. Any info would be great!

Nelda Driskill Castles ( Thu Apr 22 05:47:58 1999
I found a partial Index to Centennial History for Lawrence Co., S.D. on the internet. DRISKILL, Bud 103, DRISKILL, J.J. and son 104, DRISKILL, W.W. 103. These Driskills are my ancestors and I would love knowing what the "history" has to say about them.

Marlene Urben ( Fri May 7 11:26:42 1999
STONER, RAY or PALMER,MARY lived in Lead S. D. for a brief period of time. Possibly from 1910 to 1915. If anyone has any information about Mary or Ray Stoner please contact me at 5/6/99

scott batchelder ( Wed May 12 20:42:52 1999
George Sylvester BATCHELDER Sr.(b.july 9, 1891) and Charlotte Nelle MESERVE (or MESERVEY) begot George Sylvester BATCHELDER Jr. in Deadwood on April 22, 1918. These are my grandfather and great-grandparents. George Sr. and Charlotte were reportedly originally from Maine. George Sr.'s father was Edison Batchelder according to George Sr.'s Soc. Sec. application. Have found many BATCHELDERS in both So. Dakota and Maine, but none that I can link to these two. Also, I have been unsuccessful in finding any of these ancestors throughout the genweb and LDS family search. Only records I have found are Social Security applications for George Sr. and George Jr. George Sylvester BATCHELDER Jr. married Verna Ream (abt. 1939) and had three children, Gary George BATCHELDER (my father), Sheila, and Eric all in the early 1940's. George Jr. and Verna were known to have lived in Provo, Hot Springs, Igloo and Rapid City. Any help linking any of these to other relatives, or locating the older ones in the public record would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Scott Batchelder.

Kip Stratton ( Tue May 18 13:48:56 1999
My mother Esther WILLIAMS and my father Don STRATTON were married in South Dakota in the summer of 1955, at about the time of the Black Hills Round- up in Belle Fourche. Quite possibly they were married in Lawrence County in either Spearfish or Deadwood. I wonder if someone could be so kind as to give me some "look up" help on this marriage? I need this information for a memoir I'm writing -- all about cowboys and women who make bad choices about men and their offspring (me, in this case). Is there someone in the Lawrence County area who could help me out? Thanks...Kip Stratton

Terry Pringle ( Fri May 28 17:25:30 1999
I'm looking for information on Peachy Davis PRINGLE, a farmer in the Spearfish area. He apparently moved from Missouri to South Dakota around 1868. He lived in the South Dakota Soldiers' Home from 1909-1910 and again from 1915 until his death July 20, 1921. His application to the Soldiers' Home shows a sister named Sarah McGrath, also a resident of Spearfish.

Lenard S. Reel ( Sat Jun 5 19:23:07 1999
My Grandfather (NOAH W. REEL) took the family and went west to Missoula Montana about 1897. Grandmothers name. (MARY EMMA DAVISON REEL) Ch. names. Artemus, William, Adella, Adelia, Charles & John. I have heard that there are some REEL's still around Deadwood and Sturgis but I have no way of knowing or contacting them if there are any. Any help would be greatly appreciated. L. S. Reel

Walter Whitcher ( Tue Jun 8 03:45:40 1999
WHITCHER Joshua Whitcher and his family lived in or near Whitewood from before 1880 until after 1900. He was born in 1850 in Maine. They had six children who were all born in South Dakota.  PERRY In 1880 Ely Perry, his wife "Lucy", his son Fred Perry (b.1867), and his daughter Anna E. Perry (b.1879) were living on a farm on White Wood Creek. Ely Perry was born in Maine and died in 1883. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Ruth S. Wilson ( Tue Jun 15 21:10:15 1999
I am looking for the marriage of Thomas KILBURY and Elizabeth WATSON, EST 1870-1880 in Lawrence Co. S.Dakota. Thomas appears in the 1880 Census, ae 22, married, a Miner, living in a boarding house. Thomas is also listed in the A>I>S Index as being in Lawrence Co., Diamond City. Would be age 17 at that date. Would appreciate help in finding their marriage. Ruth S. Wilson

Karen Kulin ( Fri Jun 18 00:07:13 1999
I am looking for the marriage record of my grandparents GIOVANNI DOMENICO (JOHN) CARDONE and GUISEPPINA (JOSEPHINA) GUERCIO. They were married in April or May 1911 and I think it may have been in Lawrence Country ( either Spearfish, Deadwood or Lead) as this is where my grandfathers sister Virginia Cardone was living. I would appreciate very much any help.

Bill M. Mitchell ( Sun Jun 20 20:38:40 1999
I am searching for records of Milton HARRIS and Ercel Isy (Margaret) (Icy Ella) MITCHELL. They were married in Lead,Lawrence,South Dakota. Ercel died at an early age, but I would like to find if there are any descendants. Ercel was my dad's sister.

Janet Baker ( Sun Jun 20 23:46:34 1999
I am looking for information on the PAYNE family that settle in Lead around the turn of the century. They were William A. and Susan (CARTER) PAYNE and Ellsworth D. and Bessie (Beckwell) PAYNE.

Russ Czaplewski ( Sat Jun 26 09:46:44 1999
Seek info on Lawrence County church. When was St. Joseph Catholic church established at Spearfish and were there a number of Polish settlers in the congregation?

Stacia Misner ( Tue Jun 29 14:58:59 1999
I'm searching for information about my great-grandfather, George ABERGE, and his family. George emigrated from Norway in 1879 but it's unclear when he arrived in South Dakota. His wife, Sophia HANSEN, emigrated in 1893 and they were married in 1894, but it's not known when she first arrived. The only fact I have is that their daughter, Anna Andrea ABERGE, was born in Terry, Lawrence County, Mar 15 1898. The family owned (all or part is unclear) two mines in the area, then moved to Washington State in 1906. Census records for Washington State indicate other children born in South Dakota: Hazel 1897, George 1900, Ruth 1903. George also had a brother Lars Aberge (1865-abt 1947) who served as part of South Dakota's volunteer cavalry in Spanish American War. Any help is appreciated!

Kathy Hardesty ( Wed Jun 30 20:09:24 1999
I am trying to locate information on my grandfather, Magnus HOLMGREN. I know he is buried in the old Lead, SD Cemetary. I believe he died around 1939. I am trying to see if there is other information like date of birth, place of birth, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Craig Breckenridge ( Tue Jul 6 12:19:55 1999
I am looking for information about Lottie SNOW and her father Lafayette who lived in Crow Peek in the 1870's. In particular I am looking for information regarding Lottie's marriage in 1883 to Robert Breckenridge. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Beatrice Moon ( Tue Jul 6 14:29:17 1999
Have searched for years for relatives of my father, Edward James STANLEY, also known as Ernest E. BRILL. He said he was born in Deadwood, Lawrence County, in the 1890s. Father, Ernest, mother Jenny Bevins. I have not been able to confirm this nor to find any trace of him before he came to Oregon in ca 1918. He died in 1939 and left no traceable clues. Would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.

LaVonne Shaul ( Tue Jul 6 17:56:44 1999
SOPHER Need info on the Sopher family, they did live in Deadwood in 1903, my husbands grandmother Ida Sopher helped to 'lay out' Calamity Jane at her death. There was a John and a Walter Sopher who worked in the mines. Are any census records available for the period? Any info is appreciated and thanks in advance.

Sharris ( Wed Jul 7 22:18:46 1999
Looking for the birthplace of John L. NEARY, who worked for Hearst Mercantile in Lead ca. 1910, and any information regarding him and/or his wife whose name was Theresa HERLIHY(sp?)

Kathleen O'Reilly Emerson ( Sat Jul 10 23:52:39 1999
I'm looking for the family of Daniel HERLIHY and Margaret MEADE, Irish immigrants born around 1840, who were married in OHIO ca 1865. Three daughters, Fanny, Mary, and Susan were born in Ohio. The HERLIHYS lived in Ontonagon County, MI 1870 - 1876 and then went to Lawrence County where they homesteaded. Their son William Patrick was born there in 1880. Would like to hear from any Harringtons or Heffrons in Lawrence County, as these families may be connected to Herlihys. -

Sylvia Ann Landers Minnier ( Sun Jul 11 01:11:06 1999
leroy maclamory LANDERS, born:3 January 1902 Lead, South Dakota,Married elizabeth ruth COTTERELL died: August 5 1974 Mountain Home, Idaho father was george harvey LANDERS, born Grand Rapids, Minn. mother was essie leona JONES. Please send any and all information on the above listed individuals, we are tring to trace the LANDERS name as far back as we can. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated thank you for your help.

Virginia Borkowski ( Mon Jul 12 13:07:57 1999
Darrell BISHOP was born july 24 1908 in Lead S. D. We need the information on his Mother's maiden name from his birth certif. They have lost her after she divorced father. Any information about where they lived would be useful. Thank You.

David Thompson ( Mon Jul 19 06:59:54 1999
I am looking for verification or any information on JACOB C. LONG. The died is SD on Oct 13 1913 and is reportedly buried on Boot Hill near the grave of Will Bill Hickock. He was originally from Iowa and moved to SD with his wife Susan Bartlett. After his death his wife moved back to Iowa. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

T. J. Wilson ( Wed Jul 21 20:15:11 1999
I am seeking information on my family from the 1910 era, in Lead, Lawrence County, SD. If you have any information that would help me find my lost link, I sure would appreciate it! From: 1900 Census Volume 9, Sheet 28 - Lawrence County, Lead, SD Residing at So. Blue Street, Lead, SD JONES, Thomas T. (Head of Household) Born Sept. 4, 1852 In Wales JONES, Mary W. - Wife - Born Nov. 1863, In Wales JONES, Mary - Daughter - Born - Oct. 1882 - In SD JONES, Edwin - Son - Born March 1884 - In SD JONES, Thomas S. - Son - Born July 1885 - In SD JONES, Katherine - Daughter - Sept. 1887 - In SD JONES, Margaret - Daughter - Aug. 1889 - In SD Thomas S.JONES, I believe to be my Grandfather, my father was born December 29, 1910 in Lead, SD. His name was Ernest Lewis GRIFFEN (he took his mother's name, Rose GRIFFEN

Karon Mazie ( Fri Jul 23 17:52:46 1999
I am looking for information on John L WEAVER, born 1883 in Fremont Nebraska. Lived in Lead, Lawrence County, SD, when he married Mrs Laura DeLEON, on Sept 24, 1912. I would like information on him, his marriage, his family, any genealogical or information by which I can learn more about him. He was my mother's cousin.

Beatrice Moon ( Mon Jul 26 15:28:03 1999
Would deeply appreciate any information as to the owners or the history of the Beatrice Creamery which was in Deadwood, Lawrence County, SD as early as 1878 and as late as 1916. My father, Edward James STANLEY who said he was born in Deadwood, dates he gave varied between May 17-19, 1890 to 1894. He was also known as Ernest Brill and at one time lived in Wisconsin. However, all the leads he gave have been dead ends. He did say he named me after someone he knew when he lived in Deadwood. Am I, perhaps, named after a creamery? Any help would be appreciated beyond measure since I have been searching for information concerning his past for forty years. Help!! Beatrice Moon

Bob Schoonover ( Thu Jul 29 11:44:31 1999
My grandparents Robert EILBECK and Mary Jane (THOMAS) EILBECK lived in Lead, Lawrence Co., SD. Robert died in 1909, Mary Jane in 1945. Children were Bateman 1897, Walter 1901, Barbara 1903, Mary Agnes 1905, John 1908. I believe both Mary Jane and Robert came from England to SD at different dates, and met/married in SD. Please contact Bob SCHOONOVER

jean babrick ( Mon Aug 2 04:48:37 1999
Looking for information on my ggrandparents, James C. and Mary WHITE, who are listed as living in Lead City, Lawrence County in the 1880 census. A son, James Fred, was born in SD in 1882. I believe James C. was a carpenter. Other children in the family included Rachel, Eva, Margaret, Lucy, Nancy, Annie, and William Ted. The WHITES left SD by 1885. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Nancy Custer ( Thu Aug 5 14:47:07 1999
I would like information about Seth BULLOCK who was sherrif of Deadwood in the late 1800's. Agnes BULLOCK, who was married to the explorer Fredrick Foster Kislingbury, had a brother named Seth. After her death, he cared for one or more of her children for a while. I believe he was originally from Michigan and possibly New York before that. Could Sherrif Seth be Anges's brother? The Kislingbury's lived in Nebraska and in Montana before Anges's death (around 1880).

Jackie Lohr ( Sat Aug 7 13:16:50 1999
Marriage certificates of Salvador Delatore and Alice Strobel Marriage certificates of Jackie Delatore and Edward M. Lohr.

Rick Norine ( Thu Aug 12 17:57:15 1999
looking for information on Andrew NORINE of Lawrence county in Whitewood in April 1910. His wife is Anna, two children, Alfred and John Albert. John wife was Gertrude and two children Emma and Walter. This two generation NORINE family were farmers that were in both the 1900 and 1910 census for Lower centennial and Whitewood, and I expect are buried in the same area. Thank you for any leads.

Jennifer Jones ( Tue Aug 17 15:30:12 1999
Looking for information on the following people: John HARPER b: 22 Aug 1859 in Cornwall, England he married Grace Louisa COON on 26 Oct 1890 in Lead, Lawrence, South Dakota. Grace Died 31 Dec 1943 in Deadwood, Lawrence, South Dakota. John died around the 5 or 6th of November 1930 in Lead, Lawrence, South Dakota. They had Dorlesca Eliza HARPER on 18 July 1895 in Lead, Lawrence, South Dakota. John HARPER worked over 20 years for the Homestake Mining Company and received a medal from them. I need any information concerning this line!

Dan Stevenson (Dan_Stevenson) Sun Aug 22 18:47:03 1999
FROMAN, ROTHROCK Charity ROTHROCK (b. 09 Jun 1852, d. after 1937) married Isaac FROMAN, probably in Indiana. They moved to Deadwood, Lawrence Co., SD. Isaac (13 Sep 1852, d. 02 Oct 1937 in Deadwood) is probably buried at Deadwood. Does anyone know where he is buried? Is Charity buried by him? I am working on a massive ROTHROCK family tree.

Rick Norine ( Wed Aug 25 22:11:30 1999
I have a g grandfather and gg grandparents who died in Lead South Dakota and I'm trying to find any information on them .... Thomas Stephen Oates died February 2, 1889 in Lead, and his wife died January 25, 1894 in Lead. Thier son William Oates died May 22, 1915 in Lead and is buried in Muncipal Cemetary Grave #7 Lot #1 Block #26. I wonder if his parents are close by. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

LaVonne Shaul ( Sat Aug 28 08:56:27 1999
SOPHER Seeking info on the SOPHER family, Ida May Sopher helped to lay out Calamity Jane in 1903, John and Walter worked in the mines, are there any census records for this period? E-mail address on original query was in error. Thanks in advance.

Mary Paul ( Mon Aug 30 17:59:07 1999
I am looking for imformation about my Grandmother who lived in Lead or Terraville, South Dakota. Her name was Mary JEFFREY and she was born in Scotland in approx. 1883. She was pregnant when she moved to South Dakota from Scotland, and gave birth to this child (my mother, Mary JEFFREY also) in Terraville in 1917. She died of complications from childbirth. She was buried somewhere near Lead or Terraville and I would very much like to find her grave. My Grandfather was named William Duncan JEFFREY, and he was a miner, also from Scotland. After the death of his wife he remarried and moved to Portland, Oregon. He married an English woman named Gladys TITMUS. I believe some of her family came over from England also. I wonder if any of this family is left. (The TITMUS family.) William JEFFREY was a player in a Scottish pipe band, he belonged to the Oddfellows lodge. Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated. Especially grave locations. Thank You. Mary Paul

frank machle ( Fri Sep 3 23:16:22 1999
looking for any information on the harrison mine when it was formed and taken over by homestake.

Roxie Wheeler ( Mon Sep 6 15:31:14 1999
Hi. I am looking for an obituary on my ancestor. His name is Emory J. PICKERING (could be Emety) Emory J. PICKERING was born About 1847 in Susquehanna County, PA. He married first in Susquehanna County, PA to Hulda Jane Wheeler, they had two children, One unknown child and Jeanette born Sep 19, 1872. The mother Hulda died Sep 20, 1872. Emory moved to Whitewood in Lawrence County, South Dakota after his wife Hulda died, there he married a second time to a woman whose name is unknown to me. It is said that Emory J. PICKERING and his second wife may have had two children. Emory J. PICKERING died November 14, 1920 in Whitewood, Lawrence County, South Dakota. I would like to find out more about him and his family. His first wife was my great-great aunt.

Brendon Duffy ( Fri Sep 10 05:47:12 1999
Looking for a couple of long lost cousins from Iowa. Dudley COTTEN married Sarah ROBISON in 1891 in Guthrie Co., Iowa. They were living in Stuart, IA until 1900 and before 1912 they moved to Spearfish, SD. On the 1900 census, they had one 7 year old daughter who appears to be named Mandena(?) COTTEN. Does anyone know what happened to this family? Thanks!

Roberta Horton ( Fri Sep 10 23:20:26 1999
Seeking info on Veteran's CCC camp at Deadwood, Lawrence County in the 1930's. I would like to learn some of the local projects they engaged in and please, anyone, contact me if you have clippings, memories or any type of info regarding this project my father was enrolled in. He is deceased and my grandchildren would enjoy hearing all about the service rendered. Thank you for any suggestions, etc.

Cathy Urich ( Thu Sep 23 07:23:47 1999
Need any info available on John COYLE B. March 2, 1844 in Dunleith Twsp, IL and D. Sept 27, 1918 in Deadwood, SD. Cathy

Judi Berkemeier ( Sat Sep 25 14:31:20 1999
Looking for any information on a Henry or John B. LEBEAN. Henry was born around the late 1870's, possibly in Wakonda. John B. had a lode mining land grant in the Black Hills in 1905.

Donald Lyon ( Wed Sep 29 06:19:09 1999
Received info that my grand father and grandmother lived in Deadwood South Dakota prior to the year 1877' She supposedly died therein1876 or 77. Her name is Mary west LYON. His name is Theodore LYON.

William SCHULTZ ( Fri Oct 8 10:43:31 1999
Charles R. PARKER m.1888 Etta May TIDRICK Holt Co., Nebraska. Then (c1890) were said to have moved to Lawrence Co. and farmed there. Their children were Eliza, Ruth, Myrtle, Harrie. Etta's mother died in Illinois, and Etta was an "adopted" daughter of my g.g.grandparents DARR. The DARR-TIDRICK families were originally from Guernsey Co. Ohio. Wish to correspond with others interested in these families. Wm Schultz

Barbara Allen ( Fri Oct 8 17:24:45 1999
Looking for any information on Emma LEPPLA, born in Boon County, Iowa. Emma married Henry KEETS in Iowa and apparently moved to Spearfish where I believe they resided until their death. I would appreciate any information on them, or any other family members anyone might have available. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

Deborah Gay ( Fri Oct 8 23:01:54 1999
GAY history in Deadwood area.

Debby Williamson ( Sun Oct 10 06:04:33 1999
I recently received an inquiry from people with the surname THOMPSON regarding my PANNELL ancestors who migrated to Lawrence County, South Dakota from DeKalb County, Missouri in 1881. I just discovered that my reply did not go through. If anyone knows how I could contact them, I would be interested. Also, if anyone has information about William Benton (Will) PANNELL and his wife Lizzie MASSIE, I would love to hear from you.

Fred Richter ( Sun Oct 10 09:20:40 1999
BISPLINGHOFF My g-grandfather Herman BISPLINGHOFF, so the family story goes, took his 16 year old son Charles in about 1874 to somewhere near Lead in the Dakota Territory to search for gold. I presume this would be in the Black Hills. The son disappeared and was thought to have been kidnapped and killed by the Indians. There had been a two week search without finding him and the father came home without him. No one in the family has information that he survived, nor have I in any of my research. I've just been informed by a new Bisplinghoff contact that he has a drop- leaf table which has passed down to him. The story on the table is that it was made and used by a Bisplinghoff here in Indiana who had a Native American wife. None of my recorded Bisplinghoff records include a Native American. It could be just wishful thinking that the son Charles did survive, lived among the Indians as a slave and married, returning to Indianapolis where his family resided. To me it's seem plausible and worth pursuing, but how and where? I've tried searching South Dakota for records of any sort on Bisplinghoff with no luck. Where could I find records of any newspaper accounts of this? Thanks for any help. ******************************************

Paulette Haynes ( Mon Oct 11 11:18:09 1999
I'm looking for information on the SAMMIS families listed 1880 in Lawrence Co. SD - Martha, Merritt and Charles.

Kathryn [PATTON] Andrews ( Mon Oct 11 19:17:25 1999
Seeking info on Uncle Woodrow Wilson PATTON who lived somewhere in Lawrence Co., probably until his death, after 1974. He & wife Viola had two adopted children. Woodrow was born 1915 in Lebanon Co., to Harry Howard PATTON and Effie Mae [BECKNER] PATTON. Effie lived in Deadwood after divorce from Harry, probably in the early 1930s.

Shawn Whitney ( Tue Oct 12 23:32:17 1999
Looking for any information on my family who settled in Roubaix, south of Deadwood in 1876. Their name was TOWER and their homestead was called Mountain Meadow. They were still living there in 1916 when the homestead passed into the LANNING branch of the family. Other allied Black Hills families include: GAMBLE - HILL - SMALL - TOWNSEND - OBERG - KNODEL - and MENZIE or MEXIE and family friends: - Frank DENNIS - HEUTZENROEDER - MCGIL -

Mary O'Neill ( Thu Oct 14 18:30:29 1999
CARNEY Looking for James CARNEY, who after serving in the Cavalry, settled in Deadwood, married an Annie MCNAMARA from Missouri, and became Postmaster in Deadwood. I only have record of two children. Agnes who died very young, and Albert who eventually migrated to San Francisco, CA and worked as a postal clerk. If you know anything that could help, please email me.

Julie Bissell Tupker ( Thu Oct 14 23:47:10 1999
Albert L. BISSELL and Ebenezer RICHARDSON appear on page 217 of the 1880 Lawrence Co, Golden Gate Twp census according to an index I have. Ebenezer was the son of Stephen H. RICHARDSON (CT) and Nancy BEBEE (PA), who married in Michigan and lived in Rock Island and Henry Co Illinois from about 1839 until sometime after 1870. In 1870 , Ebenezer moved over to Iowa until he shows up in 1875 Golden Gate, SD. According to the Ancestral File, Stephen died in SD also. (his wife had previously died in Illinois). Stephen RICHARDSON bought land the same day and section as my GG grandfather, Pierce B BISSELL (born about 1816-20..possibly Michigan according to the 1850 census). Pierce may have been living with the Richardsons in 1840 (unconfirmed). So....with that info, I am very interested in this Albert L BISSELL, Rachel and Martha, who appear on the same page as the son of Stephen RICHARDSON. Is there anyone out there searching BISSELLS in SD....OR....does anyone in Lawrence Co have access to a copy of the 1880 Golden Gate census for Lawrence Co? I would appreciate a lookup to tell me how old the family members were and where they were born....and...just how close on the page Albert BISSELL and Ebenezer RICHARDSON were to one another. I have much information on the Richardson family and will gladly share the info and where I got it with anyone. Some of the Michigan connections of this family are very interesting. Julie Bissell Tupker

Cliff Berger Jr. ( Sun Oct 17 22:42:41 1999
FURROW, FINTON Cliff Berger Jr. - October 17, 1999. I am actually fishing for a source. The Mormon records report that my Great great grandfather was born in South Dakota in 1828. His name was Joseph B. FURROW and he married Elizabeth FINTON in South Dakota in 1858. They had several children- James Madison Furrow, Sara Jane Furrow (my great grandmother), Marion Furrow, and twin girls. (I don't have their names with me as I am on my break here at school). Family tradition has it that we have a Native American ancestor and most likely it was Joseph's mother. I can find nothing about his parents and why they would have been in South Dakota at such an early time. Would like to know if anyone is familiar with the Furrow Family and if they have any information on this. I have a gut feeling that they were from this area. -- Thanks, Cliff Berger6251 Jarrah Rd., Plymouth, Indiana 46563

Daniel Castillo ( Sun Oct 17 23:10:51 1999
I'm researching my wife's ancestors who lived in Lead, S.D.. John William FREEMAN b. 13 Dec 1853, Virden, Macoupin, IL. d. 2 Feb 1926, Lead, Lawrence, SD. m. 10 Sep 1885, Lead, Lawrence, SD, Harriet Victoria DICKENSON b. 27 Jul 1866, Carrollton, Carroll, MO, d. 1 Sep 1927, Lead, Lawrence, SD. They had four children: Erceldean Caroline Freeman, b. 7 Jul 1886, Terraville, Dakota Territory, d. 21 Oct 1959, Washington. D.C. m. 16 Aug 1915, Harold Leroy Crane. Marian E. Freeman, b. Sep 1887, d. 1946. m. Samuel Goodale Price. John D. Freeman, b. Aug 1890, d. 1918 Howard Yankton Freeman, b. Jul 1898. J. W. Freeman was a physician at the Homestake Mine Hospital. Harold Leroy Crane, b. 26 Mar 1889, Hot Springs, South Dakota Territory. d. 13 Jan 1974, Winstead, CT. m. 16 Aug 1915, Lead, Lawrence, SD. m. Ercealdean Caroline Freeman.

Connie Allen ( Mon Oct 18 05:54:47 1999
Would like copy of Declaration of Intent to become a citizen made by Ivar HELLMAN, #1085, issued August 20, 1910, by the court of Lawrence County, South Dakota. Ivar HELLMAN's date of birth was November 2, 1886. If info shows what ship he sailed on from Finland, I would also like that info. Thanks.


Loretta Luce Evans ( Sun Oct 24 07:23:31 1999
Alvin Wesley LUCE was born 1 Feb 1870 in Lagrange, Lagrange, Indiana. He married Ludie KIRCKHOFF on 16 Dec 1891 in Deadwood, Lawrence, South Dakota. Ludie was born May 1874 in Nebraska. Her parents were born in Denmark. Alvin and Ludie had one child, E. Lila LUCE, born Jan 1894, probably in Lawrence County. Alvin died 9 Sep 1901, probably in Lawrence County. I have no more information about the family after his death. I would like to know what happened to Ludie and Lila. I would also like to know any descendants.

Lynn V. Marentette ( Fri Oct 29 18:29:54 1999
I am looking for information about my grandfather, John Chester (or Chester John) Brownlee. I think he was born in Leads, S.D. around 1904-06. He had a younger sister named Irene. My grandparents were divorced before I was born, so I never met him. His daughter's name is Mary Ann Brownlee, born in Detroit, Michigan, in October, 1930. He attended Culver Military Academy and played sax.

Dorothy Lindseth ( Thu Nov 4 12:53:00 1999
Looking for Finnish family KOSKI. Father Johan Koski, mother Anna Lisa, son Jalmer born 28 May 1889, Terryville, Lawrence CO., SD. Father John died some time soon after 1889, mother Anna Lisa, married Gust Kastama, then she died before 1899 when Gust remarried. I am seeking death dates for John and Anna Liza. Have written to Archives of SD, Clerk of Circuit Court; Registrar of Deeds; County Treasurer, all Deadwood; also SD Genealogy Society. Each refers me to one of the others. A vicious circle. Since this is a 10-year time span in which I am searching, seems there should be something somewhere. I am not adverse to paying a reasonable fee for research, copied, postage, or whatever. Thanks for any help, suggestions or sympathy.

Patty Miller ( Wed Nov 10 20:02:06 1999
DAVIS, Issac Henry. My GGGrandfather was born in 1859 (Illinois?). He married Tilly JUNGSTRAND (changed to JONSON) before 1886. The lived in NE they came to Lawrence county Deadwood (I think) before my mothers aunt was born in July 1898. Their children were Allen b. 5/1886, Emmas b. 8/1888. She married Leo SPRIGLER & I believe still resided in the deadwood area in 1935., Eunice (my grandmother) b. 3/1895. (I believe all three were born in NE). And Evelyn b. 7/1898, she married a man by the name of FERRAND and then later a man by the name of SHARON. Tilly was from Sweden. She raised Belgian hares for their fur. The 1900 census states she was naturalized, but have yet to find record of this or their marriage. Grandpa Davis worked in mine, ran a confectioners shop and also a barber shop with his brother Perry. (I have seen him listed in a 1909 business directory). Tilly died in 1919 & is buried in Whitewood (somewhere). Isaac move to Florida and was shot to death in 1935 (both he & Perry had moved there). He is also buried in Whitewood. Eunice married Clarence H. BALLARD in 1920, son of Thomas S. Ballard & Mary Belle BURNAUGH. Both Thomas & Clarence worked for the railroad, the Burlington I believe, at the time. Seeking any and all information on these people to include obits, news articles, church records, etc. Have obtained Death records on Tilly & Isaac (although his had been blacked out where the cause of death was). The wall are getting shorter but they are still tall!

Kathy McGinty Stoneberg ( Fri Nov 12 22:51:59 1999
MCGINTY Looking for records or information on John McGinty Sr., died, Central City SD, buried Deadwood 2/2/1879. This is my great grandfather m. to Mary McMullin 1/1/1857 in Cascade IA (Dubuque Co.). He was born c. 1840 in Ireland. His 8th child of 10, Francis Henry McGinty b. 2/26/1875 is my grandfather.

Sonia Meyer ( Fri Nov 19 03:41:24 1999
BELDEN/BALDEN/BALDWIN-GIER, NB to SD 1885-1890's I'm trying to find the following family--we lost them somewhere in S.D. JAMES D. BELDEN married NANCY J. GIER on 11 Jan 1884,in Neligh, Antelope Co., NB. Shortly thereafter they left the area, presumably to find land in South Dakota. Someone in Nancy (Gier) BELDEN's family (deceased now) had a photo in her possession --a studio portrait taken in the 1890's in Deadwood, S.D. The picture is said to be of James and Nancy Belden's five daughters --The children range in age from about six months to the eldest girl who appears to be about 9 or 10. The person who had the picture said two of them may have been called LYDIA and GRACE BELDEN. I searched the S.D. land records and found a James P. Belden who homesteaded in Roberts County in 1885,--the time line seems right, but I don't know if he's the one. The only record I found for JAMES BALDEN in NB was his marriage, and his initial wasn't clear-- may be D, or P.) I'd like to make contact with anyone researching the BELDEN/GIER family and am trying to locate the descendants of the five little girls. Any help will be much appreciated.

Dale William Mason ( Thu Nov 25 21:29:47 1999
Can anyone supply any information on John BAKER (b.1836) that is supposedly buried in the cemetery in Deadwood. John Baker is believed to have been a Confederate Officer and the son of Isaac Baker and Elizabeth (Johnson) Baker of Macon Co Missouri. John Baker is also believed to have in the South Dakota Legislature.

Sterling L AMMONS ( Sun Nov 28 16:40:53 1999
Looking for info on AMMONS working for Homestake Mine. Will share info

Laura Erwin ( Thu Dec 9 13:35:36 1999
Searching for info. on a family by the name of RADALYAC, father was Maetto and mother Mary living in Lawrence co. bet. 1915 and 1940 Any info. appreciated.

Linnea ( Thu Dec 16 09:19:01 1999
I have just found information that my great grandmother's sister, Minnie BURDICK married Glars PETERSON in Deadwood, Lawrence Co, in 1891. Information I had from a Pennsylvania relative indicates that Minnie's father, Orrin Sylvester BURDICK died "somewhere in Dakota territory". Here is what I know about this family. They were originally from Norwich, McKean Co, PA. sometime between 1868 (when Minnie was born) and 1870, they moved to Red Rocks/Brownsdale, Mower Co, MN. Minnie's sister, my g- grandmother, Hattie Mae BURDICK, was married there in 1879 to Leonard ANIBAL. I lose track of Orrin and his wife Mercy Jane GREELY after that until the 1885 MN census when they are back in Brownsdale. I am wondering if they were in SD at that time. If anyone can help me, particularly if they can tell me whether Orrin is buried there or in the near vicinity, I would be really appreciative! Thanks!

David Cleppe ( Thu Dec 16 11:43:17 1999
CLEPPE, Bruno: single, Deadwood, Lead, Spearfish, Homestake mining co. b-july 27, 1850 Belgium, buried Jan 31, 1928 in IA CLEPPE, Henry: single, Deadwood, Lead, Spearfish, Homestake mining co. b- august 8, 1866 Belgium, buried in S.D. CLEPPE, Henry: single, Deadwood, Lead, Spearfish, Homestake mining co. b-august 8, 1866 Belgium, buried in S.D.

SHEA, PAUL L. (UTTIMR@AOL.COM) Sat Dec 25 14:03:15 1999
My great grandmother and grandfather arrived in this country from Italy and a the time they arrived they chose the surname of Roberts which is not the true surname, it was Nicolo I believe, there were numerous children in the family, some of which still live in LAWRENCE COUNTY, their surnames I am not sure of, my father, one of his grandsons was raised in Deadwood as well as were his 2 brothers and numerous other cousins all from the same family, there are family to this day still residing in Deadwood and possibly Lead. I was hoping that someone could possibly give me some help regarding this family especially my fathers father who left him and his brothers at an early age, his last name was SHEA, his first name unknown to me, my fathers mothers first name was Mildred and I believe that in the later years she began taking the surname of Brunskill whom was as I know "a substitute father to my dad as well as a substitute grandfather to me??" Hope that some of all this makes sense to someone and that that someone can help me out, there is currently a Shea still living in Deadwood, my dads brother, and currently other family members living there as well with the surname of Roberts which I know is not their real name, I don't know if there is any secrecy behind all of this but would sure like some assistance in figuring it all out, who is my real grandfather, what is my real last name, etc, if anyone out there would be willing to share some information with e in an attempt to clear most of this up I would surely be indebted to them, thanks in advance for your patience in listening and for any guidance you might be able to give, sincerely lost; Paul L Shea, a grandpa myself without all the answers :- )


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