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Stu Marty ( Mon Jan 1 22:34:19 2001
DUENNERMANN, HANLEY -- Looking for any local history regarding Duennermann sisters (Elsi, Anne, Zeta, Emma) living in Deadwood. Also, Mrs. Wm. HANLEY. They lived, for quite awhile) in the 3-story yellow house overlooking downtown Deadwood (299 Williams St.). Yes, it is STILL yellow, today. One or more of the sisters may have operated a cleaning (laundry) business in the early 1900's

Arleen (Long) Buchanan ( Tue Jan 2 15:47:01 2001
I am looking for pictures of the LONG family home in Terraville, it would be a picture taken from the upper road. It is any important part of my research. Thank You in advance for your help.

Sandy Read ( Thu Jan 18 15:47:57 2001
Sigrid HIRVELA was born September 03, 1881, Calumet, Houghton Co., MI, the daughter of Henry HIRVELA and Mary TOPPILA. She married James Edgar HANDLIN on January 26, 1904 in Lead. I believe Mary TOPPILA may have been the sister of Nils TOPPILA, born 1860 in Rantsila, FI. Nils may have also come to Lead to work the mines as one of his sons, Walter Damon TOPPILA, was born in Lead in 1890. I am seeking any information on Mary, especially descendents who may be able to shed some light on the TOPPILA family in Finland.
Heather Lyle DeCarlo ( Fri Jan 19 23:26:33 2001
A newspaper clipping from the RC Journal, Jan. 3, 1903.  "Henry GRASS, son of Samuel GRASS occurred at Hermosa, conducted by Rev. J.B. Kettle of this place.  The young man leaves a father, seven sisters and two brothers.  His brothers and four sisters reside in the Hills.  The funeral was largely attended.  Thursday evening the remains were taken on the train to Hermosa from NEMO, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BURNER." -- William Henry GRASS lived from (1/16/1882 and d. 12/31/1902).  Why did he die so young?  What was the relationship, if any, between the GRASSES and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BURNER? -- Wm. Henry GRASS is buried in the cemetery in Hermosa, Custer County, SD.  He was the brother of my gg grandmother, Eleanor GRASS Arnold 1872-1940.  Wm. Henry's mother was Eleanor YOUNG (10/10/1842-4/16/1893). --  Any information pertaining to the above and any other GRASSES who lived in NEMO would be helpful.
Penny Stewart ( Mon Jan 22 19:34:15 2001
Will share old photo of James Columbus BLISSERD taken at Deadwood, Dakota Territory. Found in a Portland, Oregon antique shop.
Margie Mitchell ( Mon Jan 29 21:53:37 2001
Looking for info. on JAMES E. CARNEY FAMILY. Believe he had a sawmill by Nemo. Was Deputy Sheriff of Deadwood. Married Grace Rupe and they had 10 children.
Keith Sankey ( Fri Feb 2 23:26:46 2001
Seeking information regarding Willis Edgar ELLIOTT ( b. abt. 1850)and wifw Adeline Amanda (Harris)(b.1851, Pocahontas Co. NY.)Arrived in the Whitewood/Crook City area C. late 1890s. Daus:Nellie,Jessie,Margie, Edna. Willis was a stonemason and blacksmith. Built and helped build a number of the stone buildings in Whitewater. Homesite was a place on the newer highway to Belle Fourche,just after you turn off the highway from Sturgis. The highway and passes between two hills, and separates the house on the hillside and a small pond or dam on the other side. Keith Sankey

Keith Sankey ( Fri Feb 2 23:45:11 2001
CROOK CITY CEMETERY: Can anyone tell me if and there the records for the Crook City Cemetery can be found.

Patricia Diliberto ( Sun Feb 4 13:04:04 2001
LAWRENCE, William Need marriage information for William LAWRENCE and Elizabeth STEVENS around 1895 in Deadwood. Need marriage information for William LAWRENCE and Georgina PRIDEAUX around 1883 in Deadwood. Need marriage information for William LAWRENCE and Elizabeth ODRLIN around 1933 in Deadwood.

Joni Leffler ( Tue Feb 6 10:35:53 2001
Seeking info. for family of William or "Will" Nichols/Nicholls, who lived in Spearfish, Lawrence County, SD from about 1906-1978. William married Eliza Jane Jenkin or Jenkins on 11-15-1899 in Terry, SD. They had the following children: Dorothy Jane (born 5-16-1902 and married John Marvin Griswold on 8-31-1938 in Deadwood), William Henry "Harry" (born on 9-14- 1906 and married Blanche Le Suerer on 7-15-1929 in Belle Fourche, SD) and Kenneth (adopted? and married Martha Omnbey on 12-27-1945). Any info. is greatly appreciated! THANKS!

Joni Leffler ( Tue Feb 6 10:41:48 2001
Seeking obituaries for William "Will" NICHOLS/NICHOLLS, who died on 12-17-1943 in Spearfish, Lawrence Co., SD and his wife Eliza Jane NICHOLS/NICHOLLS. Eliza died on 6-19-1978 in Spearfish, Lawrence Co., SD. Her maiden name was JENKIN/JENKINS. THANKS!

Roxie Wheeler ( Tue Feb 6 13:29:22 2001
I look for information on Emory or Emety J. PICKERING and his family. He was born about 1847 in Pennsylvania. He married first to Hulda Jane WHEELER and I think they had two children (first child unknown and Jeanette born Sep 19, 1872 - the day before her mother died) Emory then moved on to Whitewood, Lawrence, South Dakota where he remarried and possibly had two more children. Emory died Nov 14, 1920 in Whitewood, Lawrence, South Dakota.  I would like to locate the place where Emory is buried, the name of his second wife and children and any possible descendants of this family line.

Judith Sopher May ( Mon Feb 12 19:02:56 2001
Did Calamity Jane die in South Dakota? If so, where and when? Family history reports that a great grand aunt of mine when in her teens helped prepare the body for burial and I would like to find out if there is any truth in the story...or, at least, if the time frame fits the facts I'v be heard. Thank you.

Mayves [Teppo] Anderson ( Mon Feb 19 07:54:29 2001
Adolph LOHONEN is my grandfather, worked in the homestake mine in the early 1900's died there,he was married to Leena Puurunen, lived in Lead. WEould like more info on grandad, is there any way to get onfo from the Homestake mine? would like to know if he died in an accident or of miner's consumption.

David W. Nies ( Mon Feb 19 17:49:35 2001
I am interested in finding anyone who knew of the Carl Lilyblade family and or Otto William Nies. Carl was my grandfather (mothers father) and Otto was my Father. I can remember living with my Father in the Highland Hotel located in Lead. Otto was a plumber and Carl was a carpenter/cabinet maker who worked for the Lead School System.

Susie Jones ( Tue Feb 20 15:31:00 2001
I am interested in finding any information on a family living in the Deadwood area between 1889 and 1908. Father's name: John Michelson (Johannes Mjelde) Mother's name: Sunva Wangsness (Susan Vangsnes) -- Children: Belle, Selma, Bertha, Harold, Fritjof, Earl, Dorothy, Ada - - I know Mr. Michelson died around 1094 1906 and his wife and children then moved to Oregon. I'm interested in finding any death information on Mr. Michelson.  Some family stories suggest he died in a mine accident...???? Any information you might be willing to share about this family would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara M. Wacks ( Thu Feb 22 13:29:45 2001
I am looking for any information on the family of John and Mary O'NEIL who lived in Lawrence County in the late 1800's. John was either from Ireland or Canada and was listed in the 1900 census as born in 1848. Mary was born in 1859 and from Canada. They had 6 children-Maggie, Florence(later Mrs. LANORE), Jennie(later Mrs. BOYD), John, and 2 others that I don't know. Maggie, my grandmother, was born in 1885 (maybe in Vale, SD) and Florence in 1889. John is listed in the 1900 Lawrence Co. census as being a mine proprietor. Maggie married Bernard V. Matson and moved east. What was left of the rest of the family moved to Seattle, WA around WWII.

Dale William Mason ( Mon Feb 26 10:29:46 2001
I am seeking information for a John Baker. He was born in 1836 in Monroe Co Missouri the son of Isaac Baker. He served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. I have been told that he served in the legislature of South Dakota and died and is buried in Deadwood. Can anyone supply information for John Baker?

Patsy ( Mon Feb 26 10:13:29 2001
I am looking for information on: Mary HALEY. Gave birth to Daisy HALEY on Oct. 11, 1876. I think birth was in Crook City South Dakota.

Susan Chovaniec ( Sat Mar 3 13:44:03 2001
Old Deadwood Family CHOVANIEC. A very "un-common" name. Any other old Deadwood Families that recog- zine it? Have a July 2001 trip planned to Deadwood to do Family Research.

Watts, Jane ( Mon Mar 19 12:49:23 2001
I am an archaeologist for the State of SD researching the PURITAN MINE in Lawrence County. Any information, especially photographs, would be appreciated. Much of the mine will be destroyed by road construction so our office would like to document it before it is lost.

K. O'Brian (kmisbr@home. com) Thu Mar 22 15:13:03 2001
I am trying to find information on HARRY DODSON married to RUTH, child HARRY. My husband's father said he was born in Stoneville (or in North Dakota, depending on the story) in 1912. There is a family of Dodsons in Meade County that has relatives with these names that lived in Lawrence County, but I am not sure they are related. I am trying to obtain more information, such as school records, or other family, on HARRY (the son) to help make a determination. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.
Linda Beattie ( Sat Mar 24 01:22:08 2001
MATTSON, Anna Caroline (wife) SAND,Harry Herman (husband) Married in San Francisco 7/28/1889 Daughter Emily Christine born in San Francisco Son Sidney Ferdinand Andreis Sand born Lead, Lawrence Co., SD 7/27/1895 Looking for any other family of Anna MATTSON such as siblings in Lead around 1900. Believe her brother was Emil MATSON/MATTSON who married Anna Katrina FRIIS in Lead, Lawrence Co. SD on 8/16/1900. I would appreciate any informaion on these names.
Lisa Kivela ( Sun Mar 25 00:27:11 2001
Hannad and Ade AHONEN Children: Ellen A. and Henry A. Township: Lead City Specific Address in 1920: 309 Park Avenue Imigrated in 1900 and naturalized in 1914 Looking for any information that will help me locate other family members. My greatgrandmother Ellen AHONEN married Aro KIVELA. I'm not sure how they meet due to the fact that Aro KIVELA was from Michigan and Ellen was from South Dakota. Your help would be most appreciated. Thank You:)
Sharon Perry ( Tue Mar 27 21:08:10 2001
RUSH, Joseph Thomas
Mary ( Thu Mar 29 09:13:14 2001
I am resreaching our family. Our great great grandfather came to New Castle PA @ 1880. His name was ANTHONY VALIENSI and I was informed that he was the first naturalized Italian in Lawrence Co. He died in 1923 in New Castle, PA. There were newspaper articles on him in 1892 1893 New Castle Papers saying he was an extortion victim. This info came from July 7, 1939 Tin Plate Town, Reporter George and Rewriteman Massaro, Job # 126. I would appreciate any info regarding this family line. Also anything on the ELI RUHA OR RUHAN name as well, this is our mothers side from Finland. Thank you, Mary
Vicki M.Austin ( Fri Mar 30 15:54:02 2001
Looking for info on Imperial Mine.Want to get work records for the men that worked at the Mine.My GGGrandfather THOMAS JAMES MILLER worked at the mine.
Karen Kulin ( Thu Apr 5 10:30:26 2001
I am looking for the marriage record of my grandparents GIOVANNI DOMENICO (JOHN) CARDONE and GUISEPPINA (JOSEPHINA) GUERCIO. They were married in April or May 1911 and I think it may have been in Lawrence Country ( either Spearfish, Deadwood or Lead) as this is where my grandfathers sister Virginia Cardone was living. I would appreciate very much any help.
Roxie Wheeler ( Fri Apr 6 11:19:19 2001
****UPDATE**** I have found an obituary for EMORY JOHN PICKERING. His secod wife was ELISABETH Unknown and at the time of his death he was survived by his wife, one son, E. E. PICKERING and three daughters. Fueral services for E.J. PICKERING were held at the Presbyterian Church of Whitewood, Lawrence County, South Dakota. Rev. O. D. ERSKINE officiated. Burial was in the Whitewood cemetery. ***NEED*** I would like to find the names of the three daughters mentioned in the obituary for E. J.PICKERING, when and where his wife died. I would also love a picture of E.J. PICKERING's grave for my family files. I live in Kansas. I sure would appreciate any help from anyone there in South Dakota. Roxie
Barbara K. Tuck ( Fri Apr 13 19:13:37 2001
Seek any information on the John VERCELLINO family of Lead, John's wife was the former Mary VIANO born 1880 Coal City, Illinois. In 1920 Census family lived at Lead with 2 children Edward and El__. Thanks for your help!
Jack & Tracy Van Dolah ( Thu Apr 19 10:51:10 2001
Hello! We are looking for any information on the MILLER family that was from the Lead Area. Hans MILLER and Augusta (NELSON) MILLER had 4 children that we know of. Carl T. MILLER (b: 1902), John MILLER, Lena MILLER who married a BUTTS, and Clara MILLER who married a BUTTS. We would like any information you might have. Carl is Our Grandfather, we would like to put his branches on our tree. Hope to hear from you!
Bob Berman ( Fri Apr 20 21:32:42 2001
I'm interested in obtaining anecdotal information about George Washington Glover, a resident of South Dakota and a citizen of the Lead area in the late 1800s and the early 20th century. He was the only child of Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science. Just from a cursory look at the church biographies of Mrs. Eddy, it appears there has been a terrible injustice done to him in how he has been portrayed in relation to his mother. For all intents and purposes, she abandoned him as a child; but somehow he incredibly comes off in the biographies as being somewhat responsible for her actions. We're talking about a child under 10 years old! Anyway, I would love to know more about the man in order to get a clearer, more honest picture of him.
Denise Gorslin Chilston ( Sun Apr 22 09:06:07 2001
Charles CHILSON/CHILSTON was employed by the Homestake Gold mine in Lead, Lawrence County, South Dakota in the late 30's. He married Goldie Rubby Kesterson/Ayers and they had two children, Delbert LeRoy, and Maxine. Charles (Charlie) died in a mine accident in July 1930, a few months before his daughter Maxine was born. Delbert was born 1927. The parents of his wife Goldie are, Myrtle Edna Ayres and John T. Kesterson. I am looking for an information on Charlie. We don't know anything of him or his family. Thank you. Denise Chilston
Mary Kay Ward ( Mon Apr 23 10:50:04 2001
I don't know a lot about the Black Hills of SD but I was told that some of my WARD family lived in the Black Hills. I don't know if that means they lived in Lawrence Co, Meade Co, Pennington Co, or Custer Co, SD? Theodore WARD b 1 Sep 1903 in Brookings Co, SD died Nov 1983 in Missoula, Missoula, Montana. He married abt 1924 Lillian (maiden name unknown) and they moved from Brookings, SD to the Black Hills and then to Missoula, Montana. Theodore and Lillian WARD had some sons and daughters: their son, Teddy (Theodore?) WARD b est 1925 died as a teenager est 1935; a daughter, Elizabeth "Bessie" WARD b est 1926 SD d ? married Edwin AARSTAD (b 1916-d 1991) and lived in Missoula, Montana. Bessie WARD - AARSTAD's mother, Lillian WARD was b 11 Dec 1905 (SD?) and d Aug 1987 in Missoula, Missoula, Montana. Theodore Ward's brother William Walter WARD may also have lived in the Black Hills. William "Walter" WARD was born abt 1893 in Springfield, Greene Co, MO s/o Orin WARD and Elizabeth "Lizzie" FIELDS. I have learned that William Walter WARD was buried near Sturgis and Ft. Meade at Black Hills National Cemetery, Meade Co, SD on 21 Oct 1960 so he prob. died abt 18 Oct 1960. A niece says William "Walter" WARD was in the war -probably WW1 and before he died he was in a "home" of some type in another state. Does anyone know of a Veteran's Home or other type of institution in SD in a nearby state? His wife was Minnie COLEMAN -WARD and he had a daughter, Verna L. WARD both born in SD and they were living in Brookings Co, SD in 1920. Please contact: Mary Kay Ward, 1432 Yeardley Drive, Richmond, VA 23225; ph: 804-232-9338. Thanks.
Don W. Orr ( Mon Apr 30 15:28:35 2001
ORR-YATES- COLEMAN-CASSELMAN--Robert Robertson ORR married Anna B. YATES in Illinios. Family is moving and some into SD. Find a Robert ORR in the 1880 Census for Lawerence County, Terraville. More if might fit yours. Anyone with the history of the above mentioned ORR. TETRICK-BROWN-MILLER-FRY-JOHNSON-and many more
Don McNulty ( Sun May 6 23:21:17 2001
I'm interested if there any relatives of the EYSTER family, (BLANCH and HENERY)still in Lead. He worked for the Homestake mine for many years. They use to come to CO to visit my parents.
Virginia Mattson-Schultz ( Mon May 7 22:48:16 2001
I am researching Christopher and Dora SCHULZ. Christopher was born in 1831, and Dora was born in 1836. I don't know Dora's surname. The SCHULZES arrived in Lawrence County sometime after 1865, and they settled in near Spearfish Creek. Their 3 children were William SCHULZ, born in 1856; Albert SCHULTZ, born in 1858; and Alma SCHULZ, born in 1865. All 3 children were born in Chicago. Notice the difference in the spelling of the surname. Alma SCHULZ married Joseph Ethelbert COOK, and I think they remained in Lawrence County. I would like to find out more information about this couple, Christopher and Dora SCHULZ: where they came from, what Dora's maiden name was, and I would like to find out any information at all about the oldest son, William. Please contact me at
Virginia Mattson-Schultz ( Mon May 7 22:55:44 2001
I am researching Samuel Beckwith BENTLEY and his wife, Mary Louise SHEFFLER. Samuel BENTLEY was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1871. Mary SHEFFLER was born in Port Hope, Michigan, in 1875. They had 5 children, Ruth, Norville, Helen, Gladys, and Alice, and they lived in Lead, Lawrence County. Samuel was a miner. He worked at the stamp mill. The information I have written here is absolutely all I have about this family. I would like to know more about Mary SHEFFLER'S family of origin, and her husband Samuel's as well. I would like to know more about their children. Anything would be greatly appreciated. My email address is
Virginia Mattson-Schultz ( Mon May 7 23:00:50 2001
I am researching John Wesley HUFF and his wife Lodema PHILLIPS. They lived on a farm near Spearfish in Lawrence County. Although I have quite a bit of information about John Wesley HUFF, I know very little about Lodema PHILLIPS. Her parents were Danial PHILLIPS and Jessie CROSS. Lodema was born in 1855. John and Lodema had 2 children, Jessie May and Delbert. Delbert may have been born in Lawrence County. Jessie was born in Iowa. Please contact me at pinkies@attglobal
Bonnie Campbell ( Sat May 12 11:00:12 2001
Seek info on Lyndon Oak Williams, born Garland, Maine 1848, married 1878 Frances [Fannie] Rae, born 1859, reputedly a singer. Lyndon was a store keeper in Deadwood/Spearfish area c1880's. Store burned down 1881 but he remained in business. Left to go back east to Brooklyn, NY. He died 1906 and Frances died 1935.

Pat Willey ( Wed May 16 11:33:51 2001
WILLEY, Frank L. Born 7/23/1867, in Oakland, Washington. Parents were Enoch and Frances Willey, wife Mary Nevers. Known to be in Deadwood, South Dakota in 1915 per family history. Would appreciate any documentation.

Al ( Tue May 22 06:26:13 2001
I'm seeking information on my HODNETT ancestors from Maine and Ireland who lived at one time in the Deadwood area of South Dakota. Albert, Charles, Henry, Mary, and Emma HODNETT were brothers & sisters, one of more of whom were living at one time in South Dakota in the 1870s and 1880s. There may have been others as well. Emma married James BRELSFORD and lived in Fall River area. Charles married Emma FULSOM and was living in South Dakota after 1900. It may have been in the Deadwood or Sturgis area. Please contact me if anyone can help track down these people.
Karen Hendrix ( Wed May 23 18:59:36 2001
My greatgrandfather worked in the Homestake Mine in Lawrence County at the turn of the century. He was a native of Virgen, Ost Tirol, Austria and immigrated to the U.S. sometime around 1902-1906. His name may have been changed or Americanized on the journey. I'm searching for a marriage or death record for him, ( date of his death: March 1922) under the names of Valentine MEYER, MEYERS or MARIACHER. He was married to Cristina WURNITSCH, and they had five children. They lived in Lead, Terry, Sturgis, and Deadwood. Other family names who may have worked in the mines with him are STADLER, FUCHS, BACHER and GAUZER.
Elizabeth Williams ( Sat Jun 2 13:12:03 2001
SHELDON, Robert Henry, born in Deadwood SD 14 Nov 1886. Looking for ancestors and decendents. Robert is my grandfather. He married Millicent Grace Larsen 25 Dec 1908 in Otto, Big Horn County, Wyoming. I have been unable to locate any information about Robert's birth or his parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins. Any help greatly appreciated.
Bobby Howard ( Sat Jun 2 17:54:42 2001
Looking for information about relatives from the marriage of Charlie HOWARD & Lou LuLu PARRISH. They had one child I know of, Nellie HOWARD, born 1897. Her husband's last name was LAWSON. I think they lived in Spearfish. Charlie Howard was born in Wichita Co,TX in 1866 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Wichita Falls, TX. Charlie was a cowboy in Texas before moving to SD. I am sure he was a cowboy in SD.
Mary Davis ( Tue Jun 12 22:44:04 2001
I am looking for information regarding the ancestry of: Lauretta HARVEY b. 1896. Father: Thomas HARVEY and uncle: Frank HARVEY. Lauretta married Leo Vincent MONGOVEN. Any information you may provide will be appreciated. Thanks.
Donn Johnston ( Thu Jun 14 09:53:19 2001
Andrew r. JOHNSTON b. 1806/1816 probably 1816 Ireland d. 1898 Spearfish, Lawrence, SD any information 1 of 8/10 children bourn in Scotland and Ireland 4 came to USA 1 to Alabama-my ggggf, 2 were to Iowa and Andrew to SD.
Willard J. Roberts ( Fri Jun 22 08:01:19 2001
I'm looking for info regarding the CORA MINES. Please let me know if you know anything about it.
Irene Brunet ( Fri Jun 22 10:16:26 2001
Would appreciate any information on Barney RIDER who is listed in the 1880 Lawrence Co. SD census, Terraville. Thanks.
Marilyn Christman ( Sun Jun 24 01:27:47 2001
I am researching My mother's mothers side of the family who immigrated from Finland and settled in Lead SD. Their names were Katerine Reani-Hill & Abel Hill marriage date unknown. They had 10 children of which at least 5 were born in Lawrence County. Elizabeth Katherine Hill married Solomon Karinen (date unknown)9/1918 my mother Leona Rachel Karinen was born and her mom died 2 months later. I have found info (births & deaths) on some of Elizabeth's brothers & sisters including Helma, Hilda, Ester, Lydia, Juno & Emil I have not been successful in gathering info on the brother Andrew Hill. I would like to find the marriage date of Elizabeth Hill to Solomon Karinen. Plus if there is some Of the Hill Family still settled there I would greatly appreciate hearing from them.
Vel ( Fri Jun 29 10:08:01 2001
Looking for any help on my THOMAS family. Some of them are buried in the Roubaix Cemetery. I know that my great grandmother Margaret FOLEY was the daughter of Thomas FOLEY and Agnes THOMAS. Agnes THOMAS'S parents were John and Sarah THOMAS. Siblings were Alfred, James, and T. N. Thomas. I have a old picture that has a Harvey and Angeline Thomas in it also. Do not know if this is another brother or maybe a brother's children. The picture was taken in Whitewood, S. D. This THOMAS family came to Lawrence Co. about 1895,from Kansas. Alfred THOMAS married Minnie Veatch in Carbondale, Kansas. There daughter Amy THOMAS married John AMSDEN. They lived in Roubaix, S. D. Winnie THOMAS was a school teacher and never married. Can anyone help me with this family?
Sharon Sheehan ( Fri Jun 29 10:09:06 2001
Would anyone have any information on GAR Post, Deadwood, Keogh Post No. 64 mustered May 30, 1884 by William Coyle. I am looking for information on William CALLIHAN a member. I was hoping there may be old records or even photographs of this group.. Please contact me if you have any information.
Thomas James Wilson ( Fri Jun 29 21:38:29 2001
I have the following kinds of information on this family which I would be willing to share (e.g., family group sheets, pedigree charts, family photos, publications, etc.): Rose GRIFFIN, German ancestry, age in 1910, 20 yrs, had child Ernest Lewis GRIFFIN, father was Tom JONES. Baby was placed with the Children's Home Society, of Sioux Falls, SD. Was adopted by George W. & Ora C. WILSON (adoption was not finalized until 1924 and the adopted name of Ernest was George James WILSON, residing until 1956 in Ohio, then living in Dove Creek, Colorado until his death in 1986). Tom JONES'S occupation was said to be. cowboy. Rose GRIFFIN occupation, is unknown to
Pat Dunn ( Sun Jul 8 15:43:08 2001
Does anyone know if there was a KEETS MINE in Deadwood. Is their one at this time?
Joe Jolley ( Thu Jul 12 18:28:29 2001
I'm looking for my grandfather's marriage license. I know they had their family in Spearfish, and suspect that they may have been married there. Grandpa, Thomas Franklin "Frank" JOLLEY married Mary MORAVEC in about 1898. In 1900, 1901, and in 1902 (twins) they had children in Spearfish.
Dennis C. Felling ( Sun Jul 15 15:55:04 2001
Attention Whitewood, Lawrance County: hoping to be able to give information to my mother on an old timer that she would feed & give money to whenever he was seen in public. His nickname was "JIGGER BILL". He lived in an old shack/garage behind Whitewood`s main street (about a block from the grade school). He was ignored by most of the townspeople, but must "have a story". I am aware of him residing in Whitewood in the late 1940`s, at least into the mid-`50`s. I imagine he was born around the 1870`s to early 1880`s. One would think a long time resident of that area would have some information. Anything?
Joe Jolley ( Wed Jul 18 08:13:50 2001
Can I get a copy of a marriage certificate for a wedding that took place in Spearfish in about 1898? The wedding was between Thomas Franklin (Frank) JOLLEY and Mary MORAVEC. How do I go about getting this done?
Karen Harrison ( Fri Jul 20 13:52:15 2001
I am the daughter of Kenneth Eugene LANNEN, aka Buddy aka Kenny Lannen who lived in Deadwood for many years. He was very well known in the town and worked in a casino/saloon running card games. As part of my genealogy project, I am trying to find his exact date of death so that I may order a copy of his official death certificate. I believe he died in either late February or early March 1988. I believe he died in the Veteran's Hospital near Deadwood and is buried in the National Cemetery close by. Thank you in advance very kindly for any information you can provide.
Barbara (Pratt) Opitz ( Tue Jul 24 23:32:38 2001
PRATT, John Sylvester, may have been known as Sylvester PRATT or Captain PRATT (sounds like he was in the Army). There is a rumor in the family that there is a statue of John PRATT in the town of Spearfish, SD. If this is true, would love someone to email or snail mail a picture of this statue. He was born in Vermont, but lived his early years in Wauconda, IL. He left IL with his wife, Olive BURRETT. I also understand he had an interest in, and was secretary of, the Wauconda Gold Mine in or near Spearfish about 1902. Any help would be great appreciated...especially some history of this man, his accomplishments, his family, children, etc. Thank you.
Mary Kay Ward ( Wed Jul 25 12:23:45 2001
Subject: Phyllis Faith WARD, d/of James "Earl" WARD and Beulah Fay SANDERS. Funeral program, Eidness Funeral Home, Elkton, SD: "In Loving Memory - Phyllis F. BROWN; August 15, 1940 -December 16, 1978; Funeral Services- 2:00 P.M. Monday, December 18, 1978. United Methodist Church, Elkton, SD; Jerome Swanson, Pastor; Music- Mrs. Sidney Aaker, Organist; Church Quartet. Pallbearers: James Wiskur, Robert Wiskur, Jack Tolk, Derald Staley, William Overend, Clifford Leins. Phyllis Faith (WARD) BROWN was born on Aug 15, 1940 at Brookings, SD, daughter of James Earl WARD and Beulah Fay SANDERS. She died at the Hendricks, Minn. Hospital Saturday morning Dec 16, 1978 following an extended illness. She was 38 years, four months and one day old. Phyllis moved with her family to Custer, Lawrence Co, SD in 1945 where she lived until 1958 when the family moved back to Brookings. She attended schools in Custer and Brookings. On Sept 12, 1959 she was united in marriage to LeRoy K. Brown at Pipestone, Minn. The Browns have farmed east of Elkton, SD since their marriage. Phyllis also worked as a cook, most recently working at Staley's Cafe in Brookings. She was a member of the United Methodist Church in Elkton. Survivors include her husband: LeRoy Karl BROWN of Elkton; two daughters: Carol Brown and Karen (Mrs. Jerald Guthmiller), both of Elkton; one granddaughter, Becky; four sisters: Delores (Mrs. Edward Herrick) of Flandreau, SD, Ruth (Mrs. Darrell Grotjohn) of Hayti, Sd; Marsha (Mrs. Dennis Sween) of Brookings, and Kathleen (Mrs. Dale Heath) of Warsaw, Ind.; five brothers: Jack of Highpoint, NC, Donald of Brookings, Clifford of Bozeman, Mont., Gerald of Brookings and Leland of Tripoli, Wis; a grandmother: Mrs. Mattie Sanders of Brookings. She was preceded in death by her parents and one sister. - end- Phyllis and her siblings were my husband's cousins. Please contact: Mary K. Ward, 1432 Yeardley Drive, Richmond, Virginia 23225; ph 804-232- 9338. Thanks!
Mary Kay Ward ( Wed Jul 25 12:46:17 2001
Theodore WARD was b 1903 in Brookings, SD s/o Orin WARD and Elizabeth FIELDS. He m abt 1923 in Brookings, SD Lillian Ruth RICHARDS d/o William Alfred and Bessie Gay RICHARDS. The RICHARDS and WARD families moved to Lead, Lawrence Co, SD to find work in the mines. I would like to find if William Alfred and Bessie Gay RICHARDS died in and were buried in Lead, SD. Theodore WARD and wife, Lillian RICHARDS lived Brookings, SD, Belvidere, ILL, Lead, SD and last in Missoula, MT. They had 6 ch: a baby boy was stillborn; a son, Theodore WARD b 1930 in ILL d 1951 in Custer or Lead, Lawrence Co, SD; Their other 4 ch: a son and 3 daughters live in Missoula, Missoula Co, MT where a son-in-law, Edwin W. AARSTAD also lived -he died in 1991. Theodore WARD had 6 brothers, Donald, William Walter WARD (m Minnie Louise COLEMAN), James Earl WARD (m Beulah SANDERS, Orville WARD (m Gladys NELSON), Harry WARD, & Kenneth Roosevelt WARD (m Edith BRUENING) , and a sister, Nellie WARD died at abt age 3. Theodore and his brother's were my husband's uncles. Please contact: Mary K. Ward, 1432 Yeardley Drive, Richmond, Virginia 23225; ph: 803-232-9338. Thanks
Marilyn Christman ( Fri Jul 27 02:18:29 2001
My mother was born in Fruitdale, her name was LEONA RACHEL KARINEN born to Solomon and Elizabeth Karinen. I have quite a bit of info that takes me back to the KARINEN FAMILY migration from FINLAND to America in 1884. What I am looking for is info on her mother's side of the family Elizabeth died 2 months after Leona was born. Elizabeth maiden name was HILL daughter of ABEL & KATHERINE HILL. They had 10 children. Most of them were born in Lawrence county. Katherine maiden name was REANI. I only knew two of Katherine's sisters Lydia who died in 192 and Hilda who died in 1973. I believe Abel & Katherine to be buried in Snoma Finnish Cemetery. What I am looking for is when they married, settled in SD and when they migrated to America I have always thought they came from Finland but am not sure. Their daughter Helma was born in Lawrence county 8-8-1899 & died 4- 28- 1958.My mother passed away in 1997 last year her sister Aileen passed away so Frances is the only living child of Solomon. Though I visited his farm in Spearfish as a small child I can still remember it and those beautiful Black Hills.
Carolyn Royce ( Sun Jul 29 14:28:44 2001
My grandfather Charles Henry INGLEDEW came to the U.S. in 1910. He came to join his brother George Augustus INGLEDEW in Lead City, He was living at 216 Prospect Ave. On the ship's list, Charles names Homestead Mine. Can anyone tell me more about the Homestead Mine or the address in Lead. Thank you, Carolyn

no name given ( Tue Jul 31 13:20:07 2001
Looking for information on Daniel K. ESTES and Del Neva COMPTON ESTES who were in Deadwood, South Dakota between 1906-1915. Daniel K. ESTES, born 4 August 1870 in Washington County, AR Del Neva COMPTON, unknown

Ellen ( Tue Jul 31 20:44:42 2001
REINHOLD, Ames. DOB: 8/16/1916 DOD: 4/1979 Died in Lawrence Co., Lead, SD. Looking for an obituary on this individual. Was married to my mother in 1944 in Oregon. Ames was stationed in the Army at Camp White, Oregon in 1944. Son by the name of Eugene "Dutch" Reinhold with his first wife, my mother; this would be a half brother of mine. If you have access to the obituary I would appreciate a copy. Please e- mail me at the above e-mail address.

Amy W. ( Sun Aug 5 11:24:20 2001
I have a Mary Ann FREEMAN in Lawrence co., in 1900 married to James DADDOW. Ages 64 and 60 respectively. Mary Ann was previously married to a FREEMAN, possibly William FREEMAN, with whom she had children: Annie, William, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Alice, Frederick, Edward, Louisa, Maude, and Emily. Emily FREEMAN m. Charles O. BATES and moved to Nebraska. Seeking info about the FREEMAN family.
Tom Wagner ( Wed Aug 8 20:10:41 2001
Looking for info on Thomas HINES born abt 1854. Left his wife from WI to "go west". He died and was buried in Deadwood. I am looking for dates from tombstone or whatever.
Bruce Keller ( Fri Aug 10 08:29:01 2001
Looking for information on George KELLER and his spouse Lettie GILLISPIE and their descendants. They Lived in Lawrence County since about 1880. George died 20 Jan 1923 and Lettie died 16 May 1934. George may be buried at the Veterans Cemetery in Hot Springs. Their children were Walt, Winifred, Howard, Ethel, Harold and Vera. Walt married Nellie LANNING. Nellie was born 23 Jul 1885 and died in Sept. 1979 in Spearfish.
Joyce ( Tue Aug 14 23:00:34 2001
I am trying to locate the Otto SEIGELMANN family. They lived in Deadwood, SD in 1895 and 1897. They later moved to Washington state. Otto Seigelmann from Burkenhagen, Germany married Freida DNAGA. They had 5 children: Otto born in Germany 1889 Anna born Fall River co 1893 William born Fall River co 1894 Gertrude born Deadwood 1895 Emma born Deadwood 1897
W. Keith Sankey ( Fri Aug 17 04:52:04 2001
Seeking information regarding Maude (HARVEY) JEFFERSON who died in Deadwood, Lawrence County on May 2, 1943. Husband David Boone Jefferson Died in Rapid City March 10th 1926.
Dawn Vigh (Fredericks) ( Fri Aug 17 23:44:13 2001
I'm looking for my father's heritage. His father's name was George Hayes FREDERICKS. George was adopted by his grandparents and we think his surname used to be SABOURIN. He was born in Saginaw, Michigan, but my father was born in Lead- County of Lawrence on March 31, 1918; 209 Addie Street. They then moved to Regina, Sask. around 1919/1920. George's wife's name was Edith Idella May LINDSAY. My father's name was Stanley Hayes FREDERICKS he married Doreen Marion ARNOLD on April 20, 1945, in Vancouver, B.C.
Lillian Flormann Savage ( Tue Aug 21 17:54:29 2001
I would like information on Robert and Charles Flormann. They both were in Deadwood during the late 1880's and early 1990's. Robert made headlines in 1912 when he was killed attempting to rescue a miner from a burning mine. I understand that Robert was active in the town and held a few offices. I was told they may be buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetary. We are of German decent, our grandparents came to America in the 1880's and settled in north New Jersey. I would like some pictures of the old Flormann home. I think there is a picture of Charles and his wife in the Adams Museum in Deadwood.
Mary Sandra Kruse ( Mon Aug 27 15:58:19 2001
I am looking for the death records of Andrew Jackson WEBB. He lived in Deadwood most of his life. He died at Lookout Memorial Hospital in Spearfish, some time in the early to mid 1960s.
linda arnold ( Mon Aug 27 19:04:02 2001
Looking for infro. on George Graven who was on the 1880 census for Lawrence Co. S/D ,False Bottom Creek.
Barbara A. Valdez ( Mon Sep 3 00:01:09 2001
I am looking for the exact time frame that my father, Arthur James RICE, worked for the Homestake Gold Mine. My mother was Ethel Mae RICE. Her maiden name was Ethel Mae SEHN. We lived in the Homestake Apartments in downtown Lead when I was born in July of 1950. I have written and e-mailed Homestake, but nothing from them yet. I don't need the exact month and day of his employment just the years. He may have worked there from the mid to late 1930's to sometime before WWII, and then again after the war till approximately 1954. I would be very grateful for any information regarding my inquiry.
Michel Gillette ( Mon Sep 3 21:06:56 2001
Hello, I'm researching my Page family line. My relative moved to deadwood City from Ringgold Co, Iowa in 1877 were he became deputy marshal for several years. Someone has told me there is a newspaper article on a J F Page ( John F Page) who I believe to be my relative. Is there a volunteer to find this article for me? It is the Deadwood Newspaper August 19, 1882. We also think this man joined Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders in Deadwood. Is there record that rough riders did join in Deadwood City? Looking forward to hearing from someone Thanks, Michel
Becky Hoffman Ballou ( Tue Sep 11 08:27:24 2001
I have an old photo of an unknown couple in my family. The photo was taken at by C. J. PETERSON in Deadwood, Lawrence County, SD. It may have been my great Uncle Grant HOFFMAN and his wife Lizzie. They had a son Orin born in 1893 and a daughter Arlene born in 1902. SSDI records show a Orin HOFFMAN who died in South Dakota. Is there any type of records that show who was photographed by the photographer? Or can someone do a look up for me please on Grant, Lizzie and Orin? Grant HOFFMAN was born in 1865. Unknown when Lizzie was born. Thanks for any help. Please put Grant Hoffman in subject line of any emails sent.
Sherri Maliske ( Mon Sep 17 19:46:53 2001
Dennis D. Maliske
Pat Willey ( Fri Sep 28 16:48:06 2001
I am looking for Frank L. WILLEY in your 1915 state census records and hopefully a listing under his name of his wife, name Emmy, per family records he was suppose to be in Deadwood, Lawrence County, S.D. in 1915. I am trying to document this and determine if he was married at this time. Frank was born in Washington Territory on 7/21/1866. Parents were Enoch and Francis Willey.
Jackie Raihl ( Fri Oct 19 00:18:20 2001
I am looking for any information about my great great grandfather, Harry Joseph HOFFMAN. He was born in April 12, 1866 in Deadwood, South Dakota. He died in May 10, 1907. His daughter, Josephine HOFFMAN was born February 4, 1904. He was a miner, who died in a mining accident. Any information would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.
Vickey Baker ( Sun Oct 21 16:50:36 2001
PERRY, Perlina Davis, had her photograph taken by photographer C F Peterson. Can anyone tell me when this photographer had his business in Deadwood? Thank you
Cindy Hawkins ( Sun Oct 28 09:41:00 2001
I am looking for information about Hazel Beulah HAWKINS b. June 2, 1893, Delmar, North Dakota d. September 27, 1970 Spearfish, Lawrence Co., South Dakota. She is the daughter of William P. HAWKINS and Nettie LOOMIS. She married Fred SEVER, December 24, 1910. She is buried in Lantry, South Dakota.
bill bell ( ) Fri Nov 2 06:54:00 2001
Stewart FERGUSON I am looking for anyone who played high school football for coach Ferguson (from 1944 to 1955). This is for a book about him and his philosophy on coaching. thanks in advance.
Steve Wood ( Sun Nov 11 18:40:06 2001
I am looking for references to Barney O. NASON, who hauled supplies from Bismarck to Deadwood starting in the fall of 1875, and continued for about 2 years. He may have been in trouble with the law for horse theft (he bragged about this in his old age). He would have been about 22 in 1875.
Jim Spady ( Sun Nov 18 12:09:49 2001
SPADY, Marie Magdaline, born in Whiewood March 11, 1906. Seeking any information about the Spady family living in Whitewood from 1902 to about 1908. Also any information about a flour mill operating in Whitewood during that period.
marlene davis ( Fri Nov 23 22:43:43 2001
OSBORN, Steven Luther married to Elizabeth QUESBERRY. Steven and Elizabeth were married in mo about 1870. They come to leads around 1890 they had 9 children. Millie, Katie, Edna, Laura, Hattie, Luther, Lucile, Jenny, Bertha. I would like any information on any of them if possible. Steven Osborn died in hot springs in 1900 I believe. thanks for any help.
DAN SPANGLE ( ) Mon Dec 31 10:54:10 2001