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Jennifer Weir ( Wed Jan 14 11:46:33 2004
WATSON/SHOEBURG - George and Melissa WATSON had at least 4 children, Hilda, James, Mary, and Glennie. In 1870 they were in Burns, LaCrosse Cty, Wisconsin. In 1880, George (54, widowed or divorced) and son James (17) were miners in Nevada Gulch, Dakota Territory (SW of Lead, SD); Hilda (19) and Glennie (7) were servants in the William Shane household back in Burns. Glennie later married Oliver Nelson SHOEBURG and had daughters Lydia (b. 22 Sep 1894 in Dakotas) and Alice Mable (b. 31 Jan 1896 in Deadwood, SD). Any information about these folks would be much appreciated!

Leroy Bosanko ( Sat Jan 17 21:03:56 2004
In nov. 2000, I submitted a query looking for since then I have changed my E-Mail address as noted above. If Mr.Sullivan is out there somewhere and reads this please contact me. Thanks

Lucy Cronin ( Tue Jan 20 01:49:34 2004
Looking for info on the JOSEPH VERONDA family. They lived in Lead, Lawrence Co., SD in 1930. H was a watchman for a Goldmine. Was the Homestaking Mining Co., the only mine in 1930?

Mary H. Arnold ( Tue Jan 20 19:44:00 2004
Seeking info: Howard L. SPRAGUE, born 15 April 1861, Iowa County, Iowa, died 09 January 1926 in Lawrence County, Lead, South Dakota. He was married to Nellie Snider who predeceased him. His death record described him as a ranch owner. Known children include; Cora, b. 1897, Ruth (might have married Seymour BROWN) and Elva (twins) b. 1899 and probably Nellie.

Margie ( Wed Jan 28 07:17:44 2004
WEAVER, WICKS, and CRAMER. These are the names of my grandparents and great grandparents. I am trying to find out any and all that I can. Mertie WEAVER was my grandmother and she married Fred WICKS from England around 1901 I believe. She had (according to 1910 census) 4 children by 1910. She and the children were on the census but not Fred. I would like to find out more about Wicks if possible. I have a document from a children's home that shows where Mertie had placed 2 of her children up for adoption but, But got nowhere there either. If any one has any information on these families and can be of help please do so.

WICKS WEAVER CRAMER I am trying to find out where I would be able to get information on children place in the "SOUTH DAKOTA CHILDREN'S HOME. This was in 1911 and 1911. The children were Mary WICKS she would have been about 5 years old in 1911 and Robert WICKS he would have been about 7. I have a paper from there that states to whom it may concern and talks about documents showing the name and birth date of said Children. It states that there are original records at the South Dakota Children's Home Society. I would like to find how I can obtain a copy of these records. Robert was my father and Mary was my Aunt. If some knows how I can get copies of the full records I would be able to finally find out about my parentage. Margie

Linda Urban Ruger ( Wed Feb 4 16:00:49 2004
Felix HAMILL dates unknown married to Ellen BEAKEY born 8-1-1862 in Canada died 2/6/1945 in Los Angeles, CA., only know of one daughter named Helen Margaret HAMILL married to William HOLTHER. Would like to know if there is any living relatives of any of the mentioned surnames or if anyone has run across these names. Helen Margaret HAMILL born 3/1889 in Lawrence County, SD to Felix HAMILL and Ellen Eleanor BEAKEY, married William HOLTHER and died 12/1957 in Ventura, CA. Would like to find any family for these individuals or and information that can be offered. Thanks for your time.  Thanks ahead for your trouble. Linda Urban Ruger

Sharon Anderson ( Mon Feb 23 18:05:52 2004
Does anyone know anything about the family of Tekkla HACHSTON who lived in Terraville in Lawrence County. She married Otto PETERSON in 1895. They had 2 daughters; Fanny & Anne. Tekkla died in 1904 or 1905. Thanks.

Linda Gibbs ( Wed Feb 25 01:09:26 2004
Seeking information about Sakris BENTI or Elizabeth SALMEN, married in Lawrence County in May of 1890; birth records for Matt BENTI and Anna Lydia BENTI, children, 1890's, listed Lawrence, SD as birthplace for both

Jerri Fulk ( Wed Feb 25 10:15:12 2004
I'm looking for deaths in Lawrance County Ohio.

John Crandall ( Sun Mar 7 18:25:17 2004
i'm looking for anything on JOHN H CRANDALL, his wife was HATTIE ANN WOODRING, HIS SON'S WAS DAVID AND FRED CRANDALL, FRED was my grandfather.

Valerie Ward ( Sun Mar 7 21:52:02 2004
I am looking for information on Benjamin W. KRINNING or KRIMMING and his wife Mildred HUMPHREY KRINNING. There known children were Russell, Gertrude, and Mary or Margerie. They lived in Lawrence County, in Spearfish in 1930 and in Trojan in 1942. Any information appreciated.

Fayrene Fowler Peipelman ( Wed Mar 10 16:18:50 2004
LINDSLEY/FOWLER: In 1921 my great Aunt Myrtle FOWLER LINDSLEY (b: Sep. 27, 1896 in Neb.) married, in Texas, George LINDSLEY (b: Feb. 11. 1896) and immediately moved to Tepee, SD according to the wedding announcement. Their first child, Barbara W. LINDSLEY was born on May 7, 1922 in Lead, Lawrence Co., SD. I cannot find "Tepee, SD" and need assistance in locating any information regarding that town. I also need assistance in verifying the birth of Barbara.

Amy Blissett ( Fri Mar 12 14:56:48 2004
Looking for any genealogy info on my mother Vivian Shaul and my father Nelson Cearfoss. They were married in Lawrence county I believe. Thanks,

Susan Caperton ( Tue Mar 23 10:49:46 2004

Phyllis Bullock ( Sat Apr 3 22:09:30 2004
Would like to see the obiturary for SETH BULLOCK, my daughter and I visited Deadwood a couple of years ago and we feel as we are related to SETH, his handwriting and my husbands and sons are identical and he looks like my husbands father GEORGE A.BULLOCK from pictures that I have seen and who was born in Brown City, Michigan. GEORGE BULLOCK died in 1935 and is buried in Yale, Michigan. He was 67 when he died.

Carol Danyus ( Sat Apr 17 20:09:08 2004
HOON- my mother was born LUCILLE GLADYS HOON October 23rd 1938 in Spearfish. She had 2 sisters. Identical twin LORETTA A HOON, and, ROBERTA. all are deceased. I am looking for information on any one related. i do not know their parents names. I understand that my mother and her twin moved to phoenix Arizona at the age of 16. i think Roberta remained in south Dakota. I am not sure if they lived in spearfish or if that was just where the closest hospital is. Clark, Roberta - my aunt was living in lead SD.. at the time of my mothers death, LUCILLE GLADYS HOON-WARREN. I would like to find anyone related to or anyone who knows of this family.

Michael Grove ( Wed Apr 28 08:44:00 2004
What are the zip codes for Lawrence county So.Dakota?

Roger Gebow ( Wed Apr 28 14:29:24 2004

Dorothy Tait ( Thu Apr 29 16:33:28 2004
WHITNEY, ross herman: born 11 Sept 1879 in Gage Co. NE. Moved to Dakota Territory abt 1883. Married Louisa Fahrni in 1909. Lived in Deadwood until his death in 1951. Looking for any information on his parents and/or siblings.

Alona Petersen ( Sun May 2 20:46:16 2004
I am searching for the death date of John S. WELLS born about March 1877 and married to a Vera or Elvina. They lived in Tilford, Meade County for the 1930 census. I'm told he is buried at Tilford, SD. Is it possible to find a death date for him and where he is buried. Thank you for any help that you can offer or suggest. alona

Donald J. Harris ( Mon May 3 12:30:13 2004
Name: jerome barnabus HARRIS Parent: Barnabus T. Harris DOB: 15 April 1836 Location: New Wilmington/New Bedford, PA Brothers: Samuel (buried in New Wilmington Cemetary) and Marquis (buried in Minneapolis, MN Marriage: 1871 to Mary Jane Crocker Kissinger of Slippery Rock, PA. Request: I know that a birth certificate is probably not available; however, I would like to obtain some record of birth and parentage. Thank you in advance for your help. Regards, Don Harris

Crystal Martin ( Tue May 4 00:48:43 2004
I am trying to locate the obituary for my brother RAY MARTIN who was killed in Lawrence County, PA. on June 18, 1978.

Janet ( Wed May 12 20:42:25 2004
Looking for William Edward VALENTINE, born Sept 1875, to Eli Newton Valentine and Lillian Rosillan McDaniels. Last known residence was in Viewfield,South Dakota as of 1905. If you have any information on this man or family please contact me have lots of information to share.

Terry L. Arpan ( Sat May 15 17:28:04 2004
ARPAN/HARPAIN, NAZAIRE: Looking for a marriage record for him or any info. He married Olive Charbonneux in 1873 in St. Onge or Deadwood most likely. Their wedding picture was taken in a Deadwood studio. He was born Aug 2, 1848 in Canada and she was born in Feb. 19, 1853 in Illinois. Thank you, Terry

M. J. Wild ( Mon May 17 17:22:23 2004
Looking for info on family of Frank IRONS, wife Lucy HAWLKS, and daughter Erma IRONS, who was born in Deadwood, SD on 6 June 1901. Erma married John Oscar BERGQUIST, also born in South Dakota (1894), and both died in Washington state. Any information on the bacgrounds/origins of these individuals would be greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Gerber ( Mon May 31 10:38:04 2004
We are looking for the grave of my husband's grandfather. He died in the early 1900's. His name if Frederick W. Gerber. Any information as to where he is buried would be appreciated.

Edward Golenda ( Wed Jun 9 08:31:47 2004
I am looking for any one with the last name GOLENDA.

Robin Anderson ( Sat Jun 12 23:54:58 2004
Looking for a location listed in 1880 Census for my ancestor. South Bend, Lawrence, Dakota Territory

John D. Baker ( Wed Jun 23 22:57:00 2004
John BAKER b 28 July 1836,( married Addie HOUCHINS,11 Children) died 9 Jan 1922 in Deadwood. Black Hills Daily Times reports Baker served in several political offices and family lore says he was appointed Postmaster Deadwood,and was appointed to represent SD at Columbian Exposition 1893 I have no confirm of postmaster or Chicago fair except for a spoon of various metals stamped with exposition name. Any info would be appreciated. BAKER was my gfather.

Barbara O'Donahue ( Sat Jun 26 12:49:51 2004
I am searching for information on two families that moved to Lead in the late 1800s and while my other inquires have focused on Frank and Barbara BAKER, I have just found a number of newspaper articles listed in the historic newspaper collection of the BH Daily Times involving the sister of Barbara who was married to Matt BENDER. Her name was Walburga Hoffmann. Apparently, from the articles Matt BENDER is mentioned frequently from 1870 to 1890 related to mining claims head of Poorman and a large Beer Garden that he owned in Lead. His wife, Walburga, is also mentioned frequently because of illness, and his daughter Mamie is mentioned because she married at 15 to a Peter Bartolino and she was disowned. Can anyone tell me if there is a historical account of Lead that might give me more information about this family. I am related to Barbara HOFFMANN BAKER and Walburga HOFFMANN BENDER. thanks for your help

Looking for information about BAKER family from late 1800s resided in Lead and Deadwood area. Frank BAKER was a miner. Children of Frank and Barbara HOFFMANN BAKER were Nicholas, Margaret, Frank, and George William. The moved to Lead around 1877-78. I need help on where I can search and if there are any resources locally to assist.

KD Hatton ( Sun Jul 4 00:35:16 2004
Looking for information about ANDERSON, James F. and wife, Laura Adelaide, both born in North Carolina, and lived in Terry Township, Lawrence County, S.D. In 1920, they're shown in Terry with son, Lincoln. S.D. Birth Index, 1856-1903, lists ANDERSON, James Franklin and JOINES, Laura Adelaide, as the parents of ANDERSON, William Clarence, born 18 Feb. 1896, in Lawrence County.

Larry Conley ( Mon Jul 12 13:26:20 2004
I am interested in any records that may have John and or Sarah Conley ( Conly) during the early mining days. They were there for only a short time,1876/7 at a mining camp called Rockerville. Any suggestions on finding the history of Rockerville would be appreciated. It's a long shot.

Teresa Inez Malcolm ( Tue Jul 13 21:25:44 2004
Frank Allen Malcolm AKA: Born: 14 November 1859 Died: 21 May 1907 - Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Dakota Buried: Married: 17 March 1889 Place: Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa, is said to have died in Deadwood, Lawrence co. South Dakota on May 21, 1907 , of Black lung disease (Coal mine dust in the lungs). He was said to be on vacation there, I think seeing a brother. I don't know what his actual home place at the time was. I'm stuck on him because I don't know who his parents are or where he was born. I'm trying to find proof of his death and prior place of residence, as a starting point. Here is info on his children and wife, where they were born etc. Wife: Mary Ellen (Ella) Wilson = AKA: Born: 25 November 1873 Died: 24 November 1958 - Longmont, Colorado Buried: Father: John Wilson ( - ) Mother: Laura Isabell Ketrow (1855-1927)

------- Her Other Spouse: Unknown Unknown ( - ) Date:

------- Her Other Spouse: Unknown Barber ( - ) Date:

------- Her Other Spouse: Alexander Frame (1858-1943) Date:

Frank and Mary Ella`s Children

-------1. F Emma F. Malcolm Born: 26 January 1896 - Glenwood, Iowa Died: 10 March 1970 - Colorado Buried: - Sacramento, California Spouse: Agusto Dino (Gus) Dinos (Nickalaruos) ( - ) Marr. Date: Spouse: Marr. Date:

------ 2. M William Henry (Bill) (Smokey) Malcolm Born: 7 December 1897 - Missouri Died: 1980 - Grand Junction, Colorado Buried: Spouse: Never Married Marr. Date:

 ----- 3. F Luella Malcolm Born: 11 March 1901 - Grand Junction, Colorado Died: 20 March 1984 - Grand Junction, Colorado Buried: Spouse: Victor H. Freeman ( - ) Marr. Date: Spouse: Marr. Date:

----- 4. M Harry Everett Malcolm Born: 28 September 1903 - Willow Springs, Howell county, Missouri Died: 5 October 1977 - Grand Junction, Mesa county, Colorado Buried: Spouse: Bertha Ellen Sanders (1914-2003) Marr. Date: 11 April 1930 - Glenwood Springs, Colorado Spouse: Marr. Date:

 ----- 5. M Milen (Mike) Levi Malcolm Born: 19 March 1906 Died: 6 December 1990 - Longmont, Coloado Buried: Spouse: Marie Hoffaber ( - ) Marr. Date: Spouse: Marr. Date: Surnames: Malcolm :Wilson :Sanders :Cozad :Dinos or Nicholarous.

Dale W. Mason ( Wed Jul 21 13:24:03 2004
John BAKER (1836-1922) and wife Addie (HOUCHINS) BAKER (1840-1932) are listed in the 1920 census living in Deadwood. John and Addie were originally from Monroe Co Missouri. They relocated to Schuyler Co Missouri. Can anyone supply additional information on this family after they left Missouri and relocated to South Dakota.

Pokey Jacobson ( Sat Aug 28 22:09:55 2004
Looking for descendants of the MARCOUX family, father Narcisse, mother Marie SEGUIN. Children Celina married to Jean Baptiste LAFAYETTE, Antoinette married to Thomas MONAHAN, Rosealba married to Alphonse NORMANDIN, Joseph married to Marie Louise ST-HILAIRE. Twelve cousins in Lead in 1890's, Narcisse and Marie buried in old Lead cemetery in 1907 and 1904. Major MARCOUX genealogy project taking place and all lines except Joseph MARCOUX and Marie ST-HILAIRE are lost.

Jim Johnson ( Sun Sep 5 11:06:04 2004
Carolyn Mae Robinson JOHNSON, born 1812, married in Lead to Clifford Johnson in 1934. I would like to find any info regarding Carolyn and her daughter who was born around 1934.

Nicole Thomas ( Fri Sep 17 13:01:57 2004
I was wondering if Seth Bullock was the first sherrif of Deadwood.

William Goodson ( Wed Sep 22 13:14:37 2004
My mom died and left me some indian land in lawrence county south Dakota.I can not find any indian land in lawrence county on any maps.

Scott Dimes ( Mon Sep 27 12:26:30 2004
I am unsertain if my question meets the criteria this site is intended for, however, I have been trying to find out how long Wild Bill Hickock resided in Deadwood ND before his assasination. If anyone has this information it would be greatly appreciated if you would pass it in my direction.

Karen Finnoff ( Tue Oct 5 12:28:12 2004
My ancestor Enos MC LAUGHLIN (born: 6 Oct 1825 in PA; died 21 March 1905 in Spearfish, SD), brought his family to Lawrence County, SD in the late 1880's. They were in False Bottom for awhile; they also lived in Spearfish and Deadwood. His wife was Mary Jane BUSH (born: 22 June 1829 in NY; died 29 Jan 1910 in Denver, CO); their children were Eugene, Charles, George, Mary(SOUTAR), Frank and William. I am looking for the marriage date and place on William MC LAUGHLIN and his wife Mabel ELLIOT, probably between 1889 through 1905 in Lawrence county.

Katherine ( Thu Oct 14 16:16:15 2004
I'm seeking information on my Ancestors and Family Member. Henry CLARK and Martha Jolly or Jolley was my great great garnd parents. There live in Terryville Texas, in the early 1900. My great great grand mother Died sometime in 1938 or 39. Some of the chirlden where Thomas, George, Willie James, Annie, Cora, Robert. and I'm also looking for any information on Henry Green and his chirlden. There name was Water, Mattie, Elizabeth, Forne, Carrie, Predisent, and there are more. My grand Father Walter Green was born in Schulenburg Texas, Fayette County. I have a Grant Grand Father by the name of Johnnie King I don't know if he was marrage to my grand mother but her Name is Candy Steen King, thay had one son by the name of Hollie King, He used to go to Hallettsville Texas, In Lavaca County. and I'm also looking for my family by the name of Dailey. Will Daily was marrage to Core Daily thay live in Gonzales Texas, in Gonzales County in 1920 at that time thay had 6 children and one in law., in there house.

Michael Houston ( Thu Oct 21 19:45:18 2004
we have found a sign in a house on 430 w. kansas....spearfish, is the name of a doctor....dr.f.s.ledeboer.....either late 1800's or early 1900's.....would love to find out if he had his practice at this house or if he lived in husband is remodeling it for the owners now and found it in the rafters....thank you for any help you can give us.....marni

Ahna Weydeveld ( Sat Oct 23 15:18:18 2004
I am Ahna Weydeveld's father and would like to find a birth certificate for her. She was born at Rapid City Hospital on August 10, 1997. Can you help or refer me somewhere else?

Frieda Ashba ( Thu Oct 28 11:33:39 2004
Anyone from the Patrick BARRETT and Nellie BARRETT family, please write me. These are the parents of my father Fred BARRETT. My mother was named Etta M. and they were married 49 years plus, before her death. All of my Dads siblings are deceased but he still has nieces, nephews, etc. My father was born in Lawrence County as his siblings were. Some of them were Stella, his sister, now deceased also. My grandmother Nellie was blind most of her life. I am interested in my parents past and any stories you may have, or anything you may know. I still have a newspaper dated in the 1800's of the New York City Times with my grandmothers name on it. One of the front page stories is the death of the owner Horace Grealy. Thanks for anything you may know or can give me. My father was born in 1913 on November 30th.

Kenneth Hobbs ( Fri Nov 5 05:10:32 2004
My father was Raymond Keith Hobbs, but on the plaque in Lead on main street it has his middle name initial G. This is wrong. How do I correct this mistake. I just want the record to stand corrected. I lived a whole lifetime without my father. I want to honor my father by making the records about him stand corrected.

Justin Dornbusch ( Fri Nov 5 17:29:46 2004
Hello. I am wondering if anyone has ever heard of or possibly even known my great- grandmother Hazel I. FLETCHER, she lived in Deadwood, Lawrence County, SD on Main Street, her nickname was “Dixie.” I am interested in talking to or corresponding with anyone that can remember her, she left the area around 1980. Thank you.

Kay C. WHITE WELLING ( Thu Nov 11 16:13:13 2004
I am looking for any information on my great grandfather William H(oward) WHITE b.12/8/1856 in Boone,ILL.Married Martha PICKERING 5/6/1875 Wis.Son Clarence G(ordon) WHITE b.12/5/1878 Newell.Ia. They were listed on the 1880 Census as living in Deadwood,Lawrence Co.Dakota Territory.It also show they were living on a farm owned by Frank ELBIN. I have no information on him after that date of 1880.Any bit of information would be appreciated.

Rita Jones ( Sat Nov 13 11:15:09 2004
1900 Lawrence Co. S.D.,Lead, Ward 3 Teresa DILLON, May 1847, Tx.Widow Michael J. DILLON, Dec. 1874, Tx., Son Nellie, Oct, 1874, Dau-in-Law Mary, 1 Yr, Dau Johannah, 1879, Neb. Dau. Dennis, 1882, Neb. Teresa, 1883, Neb. In 1880 Census, This Family is in Holt Co. Neb. Michael DILLON, 42, Ire Teresa, 32, Tx. Matthew, 8, Tx. Jane, 7, Tx.Michael, 5, Tx. Ellen, 3, Neb Johannah, 1 , Neb. Perkins BROOKS, 22, Tx.Bro-in-Law. Would like Infro. on this Family, Thanks

Gwen B. ( Thu Nov 25 04:03:11 2004
Seeking information on the following family line. If someone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Gwen 1-Thomas O'REILLY +Sena Louise (Louisa Sorene) SUCKOW b. 27 Apr 1872, Buena Vista, Iowa, d. 10 Mar 1952, Reno, Nevada Children: 2-Helen Loretta O'REILLY b. 17 May 1889, Lawrence Co., SD 2-Paul Andrew O'REILLY b. 5 Oct 1901, Lawrence Co., SD, d. , Alameda Co., California

Lois Hickey ( Mon Dec 6 03:15:42 2004
We visited Deadwood's cemetery this summer and on the way up to Wild Bill Hickock's grave, there was a tombstone as we started up the steps, which had the name TEHON on it, and I photographed both sides. Last week I took a better look and realized it was a relative of my husbands whose family had immigrated from Ireland in 1885 and homesteaded in Custer County, NE. PATRICK died in a train accident. The other name on the stone was of MABLE who died at 9 years of age. There is a smaller stone at the foot of the plot but I cannot read what is on it. If anyone is out there, could you check for me? I am wondering if it is his wife and her name. Does anyone know of this family? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.