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Doug Brewster ( Tue Jan 3 00:53:56 2006
My GGG Aunt was Eliza HALL ARMISTEAD who was born in 1846 and married William AUSTIN in New Orleans. He died before 1870 and she moved, at some point, to Central City and can be found in the 1880 census as Eliza AUSTIN; schoolteacher. Would there be any records of her? I can't find anything else on her.
Jason Cockfield ( Thu Jan 5 11:04:17 2006
Looking for any information on the Chicoine family native to Lead, SD. More specifically any information relevant to Daniel Joseph Chicoine, born in 1952 in Lead, a son of Raymond and Betsy Chicoine...any help or lead would really be appreciated...

Richard Wiener ( Fri Jan 27 19:24:34 2006
I am looking for information on Ina BLOOD. She was united in marriage to Abraham Franklin (Frank) Butterfield on October 6, 1890 at Deadwood, SD. I am looking for a marriage license or any other information anybody might have. Any information would be greatly appreciated. She was born on January 20, 1870 at Chase, MI.

    I forgot to mention that Ina (BLOOD) Butterfield is part Sioux indian. I'm just curious for Genealogy purposes. If somebody could please help me, I will greatly appreciate. If you need more information, you can contact me by email. My email address is:

Sandra A Cowan ( Mon Jan 30 09:21:49 2006
My husband, David Garr Cowan, is the great grandson of GARR, Horace Stringfellow GARR, Horace or GARR, H. S. or GARR, Capt lived in Deadwood aprox 1877 to 1887 GARR, Eugene or Gene son of Garr, H S Stayed in Deadwood after his father left and supposedly operated a printing business with his sister Regina's husband He moved to Montana in the early 1900's HARRIS, John Hiram, Gene Garr's brother-n-law HARRIS, Regina and John had three children in Lawrence Co., Lawrence Bertrand 1881, Harvey Eugene 1882 and Regenia Esther 1886. I would like info on the printing business and when Regina and John Harris left Deadwood. I would like to know if there was a reason he was called Capt. GARR, Ben W ( a cousin of HS GARR) was Deadwood's City Marshall in the 1880's but he might have left to go to New Mexico before 1900. When did Ben Garr leave Deadwood? I have search the Newspaper Index online through Deadwood library and plan to use my local library to borrow the microfilm from the South Dakota State Archives. I would appreciate any help you can give me.
Margaret Larive Wallace ( Sun Feb 5 16:30:51 2006
I am looking for any information I can get on Magloire LARIVE and Sophia Bernard Larive. Their children, Gideon, Alexis, Raphael, and Earnest, settled in Lawrence county, St. Onge, South Dakota and are buried there, Gideon was my Great Grandfather. No one in the family knows where Magloire is buried or what happened to him.
Billie ( Sat Feb 25 23:39:41 2006
Looking for any information on Charles Reome and his wife Eleanor. I believe they were in Deadwood around 1910.
Margie Brewer ( Sun Feb 26 16:37:01 2006
Looking for information on family WICKS. Fred WICKS b.1877 England m. Mertie WEAVER b.1883 on 25 Sept 1901. children; Harold Wicks b.6June 1902 adopted by family BENSON m. Mayme Shelhoob 28 Sept 1925 Deadwood S.D. Gertrude WICKS b. 25 August 1903 raised in children's home un-adoptable for temperament. Robert Lealand WICKS b. 24 April 1905 adopted by family named Elliott in Deuel S.D. Mary Catherine b. 26 April 1907 adopted by family Moore. He was a doctor. Moved to Oregon. If any one has information on what happened to father. Fred WICKS I sure would like to know. If anyone needs information on children I have the records.
Roger Helvey ( Fri Mar 31 22:15:26 2006
Any information on James B(?) and/or Frank RIDPATH/REDPATH who mined in the area west of Central City in the late 1800's. James Ridpath, my G-G-Grandfather was a Justice of the Peace, and involved in the establishment of Carbonate Camp. He also lived in the Hot Springs area. I am aware of numerous references to the Rid/Redpaths in the annotated Deadwood newspapers of the period. I would especially like to find any photographs of James, should they exist. He is reputed to have planted an apple orchard, of which there may still be some trace. I will be visiting the Black Hills this June to do some more research.
Alexandra Radojevic ( Wed Apr 12 12:06:36 2006
John MILJAN, possibly John [or Jovan] MILJANOVIC or MILJANOVICH, born in Lead, SD on November 9, 1892
Carol Gosselin ( Sat Apr 15 20:52:01 2006
Looking for info on Titus CORKHILL and his family. wife Ann Skillicorn CORKHILL, 2nd wife Charlotte CORKHILL, son William CORKHILL. Titus was a gold miner and State mining inspector. Son William was a patient in the Yankton mental Hospital from the 1920's to possibly 1967. ? William 's death in 1967.
Michael Hackler ( Sun Apr 16 19:46:16 2006
I was born in Deadwood, SD on November 11, 1946 to Cornelius T. Hackler and Olga Margretta Arneson Hackler. My mother's parents Carl Arneson and Anna Berg Arneson are buried in a cemetery in Lead, SD. I have visited there graves. Cornelius and Olga Hackler are buried in the Black Hills National Cemetery in FT Mead, SD. I lived in Deadwood at 39 Centennial Ave from 1955-1960. Carl Arneson worked for the Homestake Mining Company until he died in 1945. Surnames: Arneson: Carl born Norway 1888 died 1945, wife Anna Berg born Sweden 1896 died August 18, 1935 Moved to Terryville area around 1910. Children: Art, Enir, Charles born June, 1918, in Terryville, SD; Olga Margretta born Nov 9, 1922 in Rosscommon, Michigan. Hackler, Cornelius T born Sept 1, 1910 died Ft. Mead May 1960. married Olga Margretta Arneson Riggs March 20, 1946 in Murdo, SD. He was president of the Eagles in 1959 and a member of the Vets, Moose Lodge in Lead, and maybe the Shriners. I would like to know anything about a business that Cornelius Tierney Hackler might have been involved in Sturgis. He had a car accident on the hill to Spearfish in May 1960 before he died. He was buried on the 16 of May 1960. I would like to know if there was a police report on this accident. On the Arneson surname I would like to know if Art or Einer were born in Lawrence county and when. Karl or Carl had an older brother Ole which I know nothing about who was supposed to have lived with them in Terryville. Anna Emila's mother Inga Anderson Berg was also supposed to have lived with them in Lead or Terryville. She was supposed to have lived until she was 91. I would like to know anything about her you can find such as where she is buried. Any other details about there lives would be appreciated. Were there any details about Anna's death in the paper. Thank you,
Chris Cournoyer ( Sat Apr 22 05:53:52 2006
Searching for any info pertaining to Foster WHEELER, born appx 1834 in NH. He resided in Dakota Territory and is listed in the 1880 US Census as a farmer in Charles Mix County. Also listed as widowed. I am a direct descendant but would like to know who he was married to and who was the mother of his children. Feel free to email any info. All info pertaining to Foster WHEELER is very much welcomed. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.
Lori Potts ( Fri Apr 28 09:05:20 2006
McDONOUGH, FLANDERS, YETTER Looking for descendants of Joseph N. McDONOUGH and his wife, Clara A. FLANDERS. They married in Deadwood 1911. Niece Dorothy Jane YETTER, daughter of Alma FLANDERS YETTER and William YETTER, born 1917. Parents of Alma and Clara FLANDERS are: Randall and Anna FLANDERS, proprietor of the Deadwood Steam Laundry in 1910.
Richard Gardner ( Tue May 2 13:14:10 2006
John M. GARDNER. The middle initial is not a known. He was originally from Iowa, fought in the Civil War in Sherman's March to the sea. Was married in Iowa and later moved to the Black Hills area of South Dakota. According to family oral history he was a United States Marshall in the three or four counties making up the Dakota Territories before these counties became a part of the state of South Dakota. He had several children, one of the older of which was my grandfather, William Hiram GARDNER. My grandfather married Florence BURGESS, who I believe was a graduate of the Teacher's training school in Spearfish and was a school teacher when she married my grandfather. All these events were before 1900. My father was born in the Black Hills in 1901, but not sure in which city. I have a lot of oral family history and some history from old correspondence primarily from my grandmother's family. My one problem though is an inability to find the maiden name of my great grandmother, John GARDNER'S wife. I have a picture of both of them, but no information as to her background. I had long thought her maiden name might be PENCE, but think that is unlikely now, since that is a name that is back several generations in my mother's family history. I would appreciate any assistance in identifying my great grandmother. Thank you, Richard Gardner

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