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Photographs of Lincoln County

My Grandfather Henry Adolph Hanson is in the back row, 3rd. from the left.
 He married Marie Larson. Both died in Richmond, CA in 1947

From left to right, I believe are his siblings, Laurina (b. 1879 -m. Mathias Mathison)
 Hans M. (b. 1866 -sitting), Albert (b. 1875), Henry A. (b. 1882), Carl M. (b. 1869 -sitting)
 and Mary Marie (b. 1872).  Would like to positively identify the other persons.

-courtesy Kenneth Simmons

This house is located between Canton and Sioux Falls
My Grandfather Henry A. Hanson of Canton
(in 1942 moved to Richmond, CA) helped build this house.

-courtesy Kenneth Simmons


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