Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Moeller Cemetery

Located off South Dakota I-90 Exit, approximately two miles north of Oacoma and west of the gravel road, in a pasture.

Posted 21 Oct 2010

Photos by Ed Speck

I-90 can be seen on the left just above the tree top. New housing development (upper right) started about 2000

        Folk lore has it that there were six to eight people buried on this hill. Over the years, cattle were responsible for the loss of whatever stones were originally put up there. In the 1980s, Lyle and Leola Peterson along with a Mr. and Mrs. Wrage of Minnesota, got together to preserve the only remaining stone. Upon closer look, one can see the pocks on Lovisa's stone, put there by someone who amused himself or themselves by using the stone for target practice.

        The two names on the right should read Louise Draphal and Jacob Diercks. Leola tells me there is a Civil War Veteran's grave just northwest of Lovisa's stone. It is believed to be John Clevedence, but not verified.

NOTE: It should also be pointed out that two people were removed from this graveyard many years ago and interred in Graceland Cemetery in Oacoma ... near the bottom of the gravel road. In checking my records I discovered that Lovisa and her son Charles are buried in Graceland. I find it interesting that Lovisa's stone wasn't moved at the time she and her son were.  Barbara


If anyone has any information on this cemetery, please contact me and it will be added to this page.


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