Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Presho United Methodist Church

            In February 1900. the Methodist Episcopal Church was organized. Rev. J. R. Payne was the first pastor. The first worship services were held in a schoolhouse and the church was built in 1907.
             The Ladies Aid was organized in 1908 with approximately twenty members. The name was later changed to "Women's
Society of Christian Service," in 1940 and then changed to its present name, United Methodist Women, in 1974.
             The first parsonage was built by Mr. and Mrs. Dickerson in 1917. Then in 1981 a new parsonage was built.                      During time when J. Edwin Coates was pastor, a building fund was established for a new building. Construction started in the fall
of 1973 and completed in 1974. A new bell tower was added to the church in 1989 just in time for the South Dakota centennial celebration.     
The Sunday School has been active in mission work for the church. They have helped sponsor a missionary family and are
currently working to buy a Llama for the International Heifer Project. The UMYF helps with the Easter Sunrise Services which
are held at Brakke Dam each year.
      The church has an active congregation and holds several fund raisers throughout the year. Every February the men have their ground hog and pancake feed. The United Methodist Women have a Bazaar and serve a family style turkey supper. They do a
Spring Style Show and Tea in the Spring. The style show features hand made garments and clothing from a dress shop owned by
one of the members of the church. The money raised from these events is going toward new carpeting for the church.

The following is a list of pastors who have served the Presho Methodist Church:

J. R. Payne 1906, H. L. Shoemaker 1908, G. M. Stebbins 1909, A. C. Smith 1910,  J. C. Green 1910, M. L. Sundelin 1911George B. Gordon 1912A. W. Percy 1913, C. E. Hager 1913, George Matthews 1914, H. L. Williams  1915        Garner Osborne 1917, George Smith 1919, Anthony L. Wilson 1921,
Ralph  E. Rich 1922, Clinton D. Arms 1928Fred Rawlingson 1929, Orville Knowlton 1935, James Floyd 1936, Erwin Kiel 1937, D. O. Yeagar 1938Rev. Stevenston 1940, Harley Thompson 1941, Joel Harris 1943, R. N. Nankivel 1944, John Brown 1945, H. W. Minish 1946, John Wallay 1947,   Robert Plastow 1952, William Miller 1953, EarlCronin  1956, Kenneth Hairgrove 1960, J. Edwin Coates  1965, David Mack 1971, John Jacoway  1975, Eric Grinager  1982, Robert Brown 1986Karl and Jo Watkins 1990James Towler  1994, Wayne Tieszen   Present

     An Intern program was developed in 1977 to give eminaty students an opportunity to experience pastoral ministry. The following student interns have served the Lyman Parish: Eric Grinager-1977, Linda Ronauld/Dick Fincarson-1978, Zelma Land-1979, John Rice-198O, Carol Jean Nelson-1981 , Clark Christain-1982, Kip Roozen-1983, Terry Beyl-1984, Alton Milligan-1985, Gray Geiman-1986, Roberta Patterson-1987, Dan Freed-1988, Jim Harsh-1989.  

Reita Bechard Chas. and Junebelle Beckwith Lucile Blocker Dallas and Judy Brost Barry and Linda Brown Rex and Dorothy Brown
Ted and Arlyne Brown Lillie Butt Gene and Janet Clark Barbara  and Murray Coble Perry and Lavonne Comp Rob and Lois Comp family
Rolly and Kim Cropsey Ron and Karen Cropsey Jay and Beverly Dooley Julie and Hunter Ehlers Carol and LaVerne Ehlers Jake Fenenga
Gloe, Dorothy Halverson, Bertha Howder, Dorritt Hubbard, John Hulce, Forrest and Elnora Hupp, Forrest and Donna
Johnson, Bev and family Johnson, Cecil and Norma Grace Jones Ione King Brian and Michelle Lintvedt family Dorothy Koenig
Jean Maxwell McClannahan, Bret and Tami family McNaughton, Neil and Pat family Bill and Nancy McPeak family Archie and Cora Jean Millard David and Vicki Millard family
Douglas and Geri Moore family Ken and Betty Parks Harry and Gloria Perry Orlo and Evelyn Schervem Violet Snodgrass Gladys Stanley
Thelma Swenson Norma Taylor Stan and Barbara Terca family Wayne and Annie Tieszen John J. and Cleo Urban Mary Urban
Delbert and Eileen Uthe Harold and Dallas Uthe John and Jennifer Uthe & Jaylen Charles and Juanita Willis John and Karen Willis family  


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