Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy


1907 - 1994

The first church building used for services at Reliance was built in 1907 by the Congregational Church and used by them until
about 1915 when the congregation was changed to Methodist Episcopal. They built a parsonage in 1916 - 17 which still stands
and is rented out. The church was enlarged in 1942 when the Lyman group joined them and their church building was moved in
alongside the Reliance church building to provide a meeting room and small kitchen.
     In 1968, a hall was added on the west end which allowed the church to be used for the annual smorgasbord and other community meetings. In 1983, the two buildings used for the church were torn down and a new church built on the east end of the hall. The
new church was plagued with water soaking underneath. In 1992, it was moved to the west end of the block. The hall (which had a cement floor) got a wooden one and the church is now on a basement which has an entry on the east end with a ramp.
     The site of the old location is now a graveled parking lot plus a parking space graveled south of the new location. Some of the changes made are a wooden deck for the hall entry with a ramp and also a deck in front of the church reaching both doors. New side walks were poured and much leveling done. The bell from the old church was placed on a brick base in front of the hall and will have church information on it. Other improvements in the past five years include new seat cushions, a new speaker system, repainting
the church and annex walls and ceiling, carpeting of three classrooms, hall and basement stairway. Other improvements include a tank for drinking water, new fixtures in the bath-rooms, Marlite wall covering in them and the kitchen with linoleum on the floors. It was also repainted. New chairs for the pre-schoolers were bought and new bookcases. A VCR and TV were added. New
blinds with ruffled valances for the hall part. The hall was just re-shingled due to damage by hail.

    Money has been raised by pancake and soup suppers, annual auction, smorgasbord, donations, memorials and pledges. Next on
the agenda is landscaping, painting the outside walls and basement improvements.
    The church has been helped by much volunteer work and membership support for which all are grateful. May the church continue to be a place of comfort and sharing for the members.

 Edna Christensen

 Mary Frame

Arnold and Arlyne Lafferty

Joel & Linda Olivier Cody, Clay, Charis

 Lyle and Leola Peterson

 Ethel Schaefer



Roy Fletcher

 Darrin Peterson

Reliance Methodist Church

Roland and Billy Mae Peterson

Ardis Porterfield-Cook family

Angela Schmitt and Lana Schuh


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