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White River Church  

 June 1887  Minutes  submitted by "Carla M." <>  Apr 2007

Among the Lower Brule Indians at the mouth of White River; 6 miles below Lower Brule Agency. (The old Agency.)

The first formal effort for the evangelization of this tribe by Presbyterians was made in November 1885 where after frequent solicitations from a number of those Indians for a missionary, Rev. Henry Selwyn (Tawa) was sent by Rev. John P. Williamson to labor among them.

Previous to this the Episcopalians had had a Mission among them for about a dozen years, and had a church at the Agency. The Agency was up to this time on the west bank of the Missouri a half mile below where Oacoma now stands. Until the Agency was moved the Presbyterian workers labored on the White River, one station at the mouth and one near the mouth of Red Hills Creek.

Jan. 24, 1886, Rev. H. Selwyn baptized on profession of faith, John Ducks, Magaksica, Samuel Pawaste Heh'akanonpa, Louisa Mrs. Pejih'ota waste. Also Ruth child of Pawaste, and Amos and Daniel sons of John Ducks.

June 26, 1887. White River Church was organized by a Committee of Presbytery of whom Rev. John Eastmas, Rev. Henry T. Selwyn and Elder Peter Iyuduza were present. The following is a list of the members uniting in the organization.

1. John DucksMagaksica
2. Samuel Heh'akanonpa Pawaste
3. Mrs. Louisa Pejih'otawaste
4. Mrs. Hanna Wipuh'iHehakanonpa
5. Titos Okutesica
6. Moses Osunkaimani
7. Peter Ayukpan Kankecahowaste
8. Stephen Aokakin
9. Isaac Tatnkaciqa
10. Emma Ptedutewin
11. James Matowakan
12. Mrs. Leah Cankdeskawin
13. Cannonpawin
14. Amos Ptesanmani
15. David 'Sunkawastena
16. Mary Tiwakanwin
17. Sarah Winch'casakowin
18. Victoria Upankijiwin
19. Jesse Wamditanka
20. Ellen Wokicicinpiwin
21. Anna 'Skedutawin
22. Ellen Pejinapewin
23. Jennie Tah'casapewin
24. Willie Hinhanwaste
25. Geo. Napemaza
26. Hattie Pejutayuhamaniwin

Of the above,  John Ducks and Moses 'Sunkacyekah'mani were made Elders and Amos Ptesanmani Deacon (Deacon was XXX out).

Edgar Lee Opaweju and Mary Kangiwastewin were united in Christian marriage.



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