Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Deaths at Chamberlain, SD Sanitarium

The following is a list of individuals who died at the Chamberlain, SD Sanitarium during the years 1922, 1923 and 1924.
Names and information as they appeared in the book.

Name DOD Misc.Information     Cause
Abram, John L. 9 Jan 1924 Age- 73y 8m 29d; b. Indiana, bur. Chas Mix county, SD  (Lake Geo.) Apoplexy
Ashland, Sarah 28 Feb 1923 Age- 78y 6m 13d;  b. Wisc.; bur.   Pukwana Pneumonia
Ashley, G. Thompson 17 July 1922 Age- 90;  b. Norway; bur. Pukwana Arteriosclerosis
Baker, Anna Alice 3 May 1924 Age- 20y 10m 9d;  b. Oacoma SD, bur. Oacoma Black measles
Baumort, Frank D. 4 Mar 1923 18y 11m 25d; b. Iowa. bur. Onaka, Minn. ?
Benda, John L. 29 Sep 1923 67 y;  b. Bohemia; bur. Benda Cem/Kimball Liver cancer
Berry, Minnie 30 Sep 1923 59y; b. NY, bur. Kimball Liver cancer
Bingland/Bringland, Carol 2 Nov 1922 4y 29d; b. South Dakota, bur. Grandview Cem, Brule County Lung
Bollinger, Carrie A. 15 May 1922 60 y;   b. Wisconsin, bur - Milwaukee  
Bradfield, Frances (female) 17 June 1923 6y 9m 8d;   Draper, SD; bur - Sioux Falls Cerebral Meningitis
Bridgeman, Fanny 14 July 1923  78y 6m 22d;   b. St. Charles IL;  bur - Riverview Cem, Chamberlain  
Brasell, James Guy 22 Apr 1923 46y 1m  9da;  b. Iowa;  bur - Lake Andes, SD Double pneumonia
Chase, Belle G. 29 Aug 1923 61y 8m 14d;  b. Milwaukee, Wis.; bur Camp Point, IL Apoplexy
Colt, George Stewart 22 Dec 1923 67y 7m 7d;  b. Erie, Pa., bur. Pukwana Apoplexy
Crooker, Orson C. 12 Feb 1924 71y 8m 24d;  b. NY,  bur. Pukwana Pneumonia
Dent, Wilson Marcellus 2 Oct 1922 77y 5m 26d;   b. Oak Grove Wis.,  bur-Riverview Cemetery heart failure
Drury, Ebenesar  L. 23 Dec 1923 73y 2m 6d;  b. Birmingham, IN, bur-Riverview Cem, Chamberlain  
Drury, Mary 5 Dec 1923 64y 18d ; b. Wisconsin; bur - Riverview Cem, Chamberlain Apoplexy
Drussesu, Cora Ellen 24 Jan 1924 59y 2m 7d ; b. Michigan;  bur - Kimball, Brule County SD Obstruction
Dudlee, Frank 11 June 1922 66y; b. Wisconsin; bur Mitchell.  Sent out by railroad  
Forman, John 21 July 1922 56y; b. Austria/Hungary; bur. Eagle Twp, Brule County, SD  
Fryk, C. F. 25 Apr 1923 53y;  b. Foreston IL; bur- Scotland, SD.  Removed by railroad Stomach cancer
Gray, James Ellsia 19 Oct 1922 66y  11m 2d;  bur-Riverview Cem, Chamberlain SD Cerebral hemmorage
Green, William H. 7 Dec 1922 52y  11d ; b. Illinois; bur- Pierre, SD  Removed by railroad Apoplexy
Haley, Catherine 26 Dec 1923 63y 3m  4d; b. England; bur - Riverview Cem., Chamberlain SD Pneumonia
Hendrickson baby girl 5 Dec 1923 Stillborn;  bur - Murdo, Jones County SD Stillborn
Henegar, Rebecca Katheren 17 Aug 1922 59y 5m 28d;  bur - Pukwana, Brule County, SD Cancer
Henn, Patrick Hale 18 April 1924 71y 2m 5d;  b. Elkhart, Indiana; removed by rail, cremated at Mpls Sarcoma (left side)
Henneman, Paul Owen 17 Sep 1923 5y 4m 17d;  b. Presho, SD; bur- Presho Cem                                             Obstruction of intestine
Hodson, Chas 27 June 1922 63y 4m 1d;  b. Wisconsin; bur-Artesian, SD removed by railroad  
Horse Day Boy 28 Aug 1922 b. SD;  bur- Lower Brule, SD Acute chaloeystiter
Hramsen, Frederick 14 July 1923 47y 22d;  b. Canada; bur - Canton, SD  removed by railroad Appoplexy
Johnson, Averta Verle female 20 Aug 1922 17y 9m 11d; b. Chamberlain; removed to Murdo by railroad Tramatic Largagtis
Johnson, James G. 13 Mar 1923 26y 11m 24d;  bur- Groton SD; Removed by railroad                               Heart failure/drowning
Knight, William 7 Sep 1923 77y 5m 19d;  b. Illinois; bur - Riverview Cem., Chamberlain SD Heart failure
Lally, Henrietta Augusta 18 Apr 1924 83y 10m 8d;  b. New Jersey; bur - Riverview Cem Thrombosis
Larson, Esther 8 Dec 1922 20y 5m 17d;  bur-Pukwana, Permit #1 Diabetes
Larson, William 29 June 1923 81y 5m 5d;  b. Ontario, Canada; bur Riverview Cem Heart failure
Lyon, Charles 27 Apr 1923 32y 2m 15d;  b. Chillicothe, Mo.; bur- Riverview Cem; Heart failure
McKem or McKen,Catherine L. 9 Apr 1924 56y 10m 14d;  b. Manhem, Iowa;  bur - Presho. Removed by rail Illegible
Manroe, Mary 11 Apr 1924 51y; b. Michigan; removed to Monroe Mich by rail for burial Diabetes
Maler or Moler, Eva 9 Nov 1922 50y 7d;  b. Russia; bur- Tolstoy SD. Removed by railroad Heart failure
Martin, Carolym Margaret no date 5y 1m 14 d;  b. Draper SD; removed to Draper by auto for burial Anemia
Meyers, Jane/Mame Isabel no date 6m 1d;  b. Chamberlain;  bur- Riverview Cem                                      Inflammation of bowels
Miller, Emma or Wilemmena 10 Oct 1923 53y 10m 2d; b. Delymoth IN; bur- Bijou Hills SD. Removed by auto General pentonlis
Ommen, Alfred Armie 17 Oct. 1922 1m 29d;  b. sd, bur Riverview Cem Suffocation
O'Riley, Robert 13 April 1924 1y 11m;  b. Draper, Jones County SD; bur - Oacoma Pneumonia
Penrose, Mary 13 Nov 1923 51y 2m 13d; b. Iowa; bur- Riverview Cem Illegible
Peterson, Anna Alois? 24 Oct 1922 23y;  b. Grandview; bur-Grandview Cem, Brule County, SD not given
Reno, Rilla no date 75y; bur - Riverview Cem no cause given
Rosenberg, Jacob Eli 18 May 1922 66y 4m; bur - Riverview Cem  
Russell, Ezra Flint 20 Jan 1923 84y 2m; b. Stone, Vermont; bur - Bijou Hills SD  Permit#2 Senility
Sargen, Mrs. A. P. 29 Jan 1923 54y 3m;  b. Germany;  bur - Presho. Removed by railroad  
Scales, Elisabeth 28 Apr 1923 78y 1m 24d;  b. Reading Wis;  bur- Riverview Cem; Heart failure
Shoemaker, Andrew J. 26 June 1923 81y 6m 18d;  b. Pennsecrand?;  bur - Pukwana Heart failure
Shootes, Nellie 23 Oct 1922 53y; b. SD; bur-Kennebec, Lyman County, SD.Removed by rail General prolosis
Slolman, George 20 Oct 1922;  51y 11m 12d;  b. Kent Ohio; bur - Riverview Cem. Heart disease
Smith, George Austin 20 Nov 1922 51y 7m 14d;  b. Iowa; bur Reliance, Lyman County SD Heart failure
Smith, George H. Jan 1924 Removed Jan 4 1924; 56y;  b. St. Josephs Mo.; bur-Riverview Pneumonia
Springer, Adolph 1 Apr 1923 82y 1m 14d; b. Germany; bur- Riverview Cem                                      Old age/fracture of hip
Stewart, Clovis C. M. 28 Apr 1922 71y 4m 28d;  b. Norway; bur- Riverview Cem  
Sypal or Lypal,  Frank 30 June 1923; 69y, 9m; bur - Eagle Cem, Brule County Liver cancer
Terry, Charity Idora 12 Mar 1923 61y 6m 24d;  b. Iowa; bur - Pukwana Heart failure
Un-named baby 2 Dec 1923 bur- Grandview Cemetery, Brule County  
Wattone, Anna 18 Dec 1923 54y 11m 18d; b. Muscoda WI, removed by auto to Bendon SD Rhumatice
Wisner, Fanny 29 Feb 1924  72y 6m 28d;  b. Germany; bur - Tracey Iowa; transferred by railroad pneumonia
Wovrlgee (Wooledge?) Emily 22 Oct 1922 31y 3m 12d; b. SD;  no burial or removal sited    Permit #4 Appendix




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