Howlands in Lyman county

1870's to present  

     I am in the process of fleshing out the line of Hiram Seneca Howland, son of Charles Casterline Howland. As noted in Franklyn Howland's book, published in 1885, the family went to the Dakotas. Charles returned to Garner, Hancock county, Iowa with some of his children, but not all of them. They are in the 1870 census in Hancock county, and some are in the 1885 state census, but Mary Francis, Hiram Seneca, and Charles Ono were missing. Charles Casterline Howland remarried after his wife died in Garner Iowa, and remarried as shown in the more recent census. It also shows a new daughter (I am certain by marriage).

     Ono has an obituary in Lyman county, South Dakota and is referred to as Charles Ono Howland. (I don't have dod.) The information that was emailed to me was the obit of "a Charles O. Howland who come to Lyman County in the spring of 1870 with his parents. He apparently never married. Leaves brother, H.S.; two sisters: Mary Burner and Alta Foley. His sister, Mrs. J. H. DeLosh preceded him in death 18 years ago was Ina. [Franklyn Howland called her Inez in his book.] Charles O. was also survived by two nieces: Mary Shirk and Mrs. Frank Kennedy. Earnest John Howland was in the county by 1907. Married Hazel Shoop in 1916. He died Mar. 25, 1919 at age 35. Buried in Vivian, S.D.

      A Casterline genealogy that I have indicated that Francis Howland the eldest, was actually Mary Francis, and is most likely the Mary Burner referred to above. Charles Casterline Howlands' wife's father was named Hiram Howe (also in the 1870 census in Hancock co.), and the H.S. listed in the obit turns out to be Hiram Seneca Howland, children are my 3rd cousin.

     Hiram Seneca Howland married (?) and they had four children: Clarence Howland; Elma Howland who married Frank Kennedy; Raymond Howland; and Earnest John Howland who married Hazel Shoop in 1916 and died 25 Mar 1919 at age 35 and is buried in Vivian, S.D. Elma and Frank had children, and Earnest and Hazel had a daughter.

     Does anyone have information on who their descendants might be, and who they married. Thanks again.    Roger Howland

Charles Casterline Howland m. Elvira Howe
Listed in Franklyn's Book --- and as they are called by family
Francis ----Mary Francis m. ---- Burner
Seneca -----Hiram Seneca m.
Inez ---- Ina m. James DeLosh, 1880, Garner Iowa Ono ---- Charles Ono never married
Alta ---- Alta Iva m. S. Foley, Garner, Iowa

Hiram Seneca Howland m. (?)
Clarence ---- m. twice
Elma ---- m. Frank Kennedy
Raymond ---- m. don't know but died young of TB
Earnest John ---- m. Hazel Shoop and died age 35 of TB

Frank  was grandson of Andrew KENNEDY, born in Ohio, and son of Isaac Murrey KENNEDY. Isaac had brothers Bill and Jobe, who also came to South Dakota. Frank had five brothers and four sisters, but only two sisters were living, aged 90 and 80. His wife had died twenty-four years earlier. They had three boys and a girl.

SSDI shows that Frank KENNEDY died in Feb. 1983, Vivian, SD. Clarence HOWLAND is on SSDI, d. 1976, CA.

BLM.GLO has Clarence HOWLAND in Jones Co., 1910, in Twp. 73 S, R 31 E, Section 30. Charles O. was also in Jones Co. Earnest was in Lyman Co., T 107 N, 79 W, Sec. 7 SE.


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