They began in England and migrated to America



Edward  Kinsey

b. abt 1825

m. Sarah UK

Children of Edward and Sarah

Richard Kinsey-Rev.

b 16 Apr 1841 Church Stretton/Shropshire/UK

d 10 Apr 1913 Bellingham/Wash/Usa

m. Anne Charlotte Hull  

B 1 Aug 1838 Church Stretton/Shropshire/Uk

d. 12 Mar 1883

Notes for Richard Kinsey:  Richard & his wife Anne, children Samuel, Alfred, Mary Jane, Thomas Richard & another Mary Jane came from England in 1870. Mary Jane #1 died en route at about age 6.

M. #2 Elizabeth Ann UK (This is conjecture)

b. 1863

Jane Kinsey

b. 1847 Shropshire/Eng/Uk

d. 1915 Emerson/Mills/Ia/Usa


To: Edward Theodore Boone

b. 24 Oct 1838

d. 26 Apr 1914 Walnut/Iowa/Usa

John Kinsey (conjecture at this point)

b. 11 May 1851 Coreley/Shropshire/Eng/Uk


Children of Richard Kinsey and ANNE HULL are:

Samuel Alfred Kinsey

b. 5 Oct 1861 England (6th?)

d. 24 Oct 1913.

Mary Jane Kinsey #1

b. 8 July 1864 England

d. 1870 Atlantic Ocean Crossing from England to US.

Thomas Richard Kinsey

b. 10 Mar 1867

d. 30 Aug 1928.

Mary Jane Kinsey #2

b. 10 Jan 1869

d. 14 Jul 1946.

Charlotte Ann Kinsey

b. 12 Dec 1870

d. 17 Sept 1946.

John Henry Kinsey

b. 27 June 1872 Annin/Wis

d. 28 Oct 1936 Custer/Wa.

m (1) Lula MAY RAY Abt. 1900.


May 02, 1905 in Lyman County, South Dakota, daughter of ELIGA PHELPS and Lula GILLETTE.

Notes for John HENRY Kinsey:

Came to Bellingham/Wa from SD in 1909. In Bellingham they rented on 41st street. John bought a house on 14th street and purchased a delivery wagon. He was in partnership with his brother Tom. Uncle Albert died about this time ??. Tom & John had a conflict and they split up & John moved to the Klickerville where he worked in a lumber mill for many years. While working there his eldest son Ebben lost his arm at the mill. John quit the mill and moved with his family to the property (20 acres) on Haney Road; Custer, Washington in 1914 to raise chickens and milking cows. This property was later sold to their oldest son Ebben Kinsey. The Haney road was renamed (circa 1980) to Pleasant Valley Road. John Henry and family moved to the old Stoop's place on the corner of Haney Road & Blaine Lynden Highway in 1919. John Henry started smoking a pipe at age 4-5 and died of cancer of the liver at age 66.

Notes for Lulu LURENDA LUTISHA PHELPS: Lulu's mother, Lula Phelps was first cousin to Jay Gould, New York railroad tycoon. Cause of Death: Brain Hemorrhage

Anne Charlotte Kinsey

b. 3 Oct 1874

d. 12 Mar 1883.

Edward Theodore Kinsey

b. 18 May 1876 Geneva/ NE

d. 3 Mar 1938 (6?)Wilmington/La/Ca Usa

buried: Roosevelt Cem La/Ca

m. 17 Nov 1901 Rea/Andrew/Mo/Usa

To: Nellie Ann Perry

b. 14 Sept 1885 Rea/Andrew/Mo

d. 26 Sept 1980 Los Angeles/Ca/Usa

Charles Walter Kinsey

b. 29 Apr 1879

d. 6 Mar 1949.

Minnie Lucinda Kinsey (aka Lucinda Charlotte)

b. 27 Aug 1882  (we think in Geneva/Nebr/Usa)

d. 3 Nov 1965 Red Oak/Montgomery/Ia

burial: Climax/Mills/Ia/Usa

m 13 Nov 1901 Grafton/Fillmore/Nebr/Usa

To:DeForest Howard Pickrel

b.19 Oct 1877 Gridley/Ill

d. June 1959 Red Oak/Montgomery /Ia/Usa

burial: Climax/Mills/Ia/Usa

Notes for MINNIE LUCINDA Kinsey:

Adopted by fathers sister Jane Kinsey Boone in Nebraska after Anne died. Name changed somewhere along the line to Lucinda Charlotte Kinsey Boone. We are not sure who, when or where the name was changed, unless the Minnie is an error. Or...perhaps Grandma remembered wrong, after all, she was only 1 yr old when adopted.


Children of John Kinsey and Lulu PHELPS are:

Ebben Emory Kinsey

b. Private.

He met (1) GRACE BICKFORD  Homemaker ...Residence: Snohomish, Wash


Ida Hazel Kinsey

b. Private.

Levia Gertrude Kinsey

b. Private.

Verna Louise Kinsey

b. Private.

HAROLD John Kinsey

b. Private.HAROLD John Kinsey

m. Florence Swanson


b. Private.

Gerald Gene Kinsey

b. Private.

Children of Edward and Nellie

Duane Kinsey

b. abt 1898 Rea/Andrew/Mo/Usa

Ardice Smith Kinsey

b. abt 1900 Rea/Andrew/Mo/Usa




Lois Kinsey

b. 18 Aug 1902 Rea/Andrew/Mo/Usa

d. abt 1937

Walter Edward Kinsey

b. 15 Sept 1920  Torrington/Goshen/Wyo/USa

d. about 1937

Children of Lucinda and DeForest

Esther Jane Pickrel

 b.19 Aug 1902 Imogene/Fremont/Ia/Usa

d. Sept 1981 Red Oak/Montgomery/Ia.Usa

m. 26 Dec 1926 West Twp/Montgomery/Ia/Usa

To Leslie Robert Kellenbarger

b. 26 June 1905 Genoa/Nance/Ne/Usa

d. 2 July 1944 Omaha/Douglas/Ne/Usa

buried Montgomery/Ia Walnut Cemetery

Ruth Charlotte Pickrel

b. 22 Aug 1907 Iowa/Usa

d. Feb 1983 Exira/Audubon/Ia/Usa

m. To:John Humphrey

Dorothy M. Pickrel

b. 30 Nov 1909 Iowa

d. 20 Mar 1992 Lincoln/Lancaster/Ne/Usa

never married/no kids

Ellery DeForest Pickrel  

B. 1918 Iowa


To: Ruth unknown

Raymond Edward Pickrel 

B. 12 Mar 1919 Climax/Ia/Usa  

d. 21 July 1977 Storm Lake/Buena/Ia/Usa

buried: Sioux Rapids/Buena/Ia/Usa

m. #1 abt 1940

To: Dorothy Babbitt (Divorced)

      m. #2 abt 1945 Omaha/Douglas/Ne/Usa

To: Catherine Jane Lutes (aka Douglas)

b. 20 May 1921 Omaha/Douglas/Ne/Usa

Generation No. 4

Children of Ebben Kinsey and Margarette Connell:

Gene Dale Kinsey

b. Private.

Patricia Kay- Kinsey

b. Private.

John Ebben Kinsey

b. Private.

Child of HAROLD Kinsey and FLORENCE SWANSON is:

Jeanne Kinsey

b. Private.

GENE Dale Kinsey


He met DUANNE (ANN) DUNN Private.

Children of GENE Kinsey and DUANNE DUNN are:


b. Private.


b. Private



ROGER Kinsey

b. Private.


b. Private.

BRIAN Kinsey, b. Private.

Patricia Kay- Kinsey


She met (1) Donald ELMER Webber  son of ELMER Webber and ALLIE BIECK

She met (2) Robert CARNEY Luckey Private.

Children of Patricia Kinsey and Donald Webber are:

Steven Dale Webber

b. Private

m. Helena Marie TEIG, Private

b Krakow, Poland where she lived for only a few months before her parents moved to Israel. She lived in Israel until age 11.In 1967 her family moved to the United States entering through New York. Cause of Death: Gasoline explosion  Residence: 1029 E Acacia Ave; El Segundo, California

Jeanne Marie Webber

b. Private

Mark Anthony Bakker, Private.

Child of Patricia Kinsey and Robert Luckey is:

Royden Kinsey Luckey

b. Private.

John Ebben Kinsey

b Private.

He met (1) Claudia Gayle Oswalt

He met (2) Jeanie Caruana

Children of John Kinsey and JEANIE CARUANA are:


 b. Private.


 b. Private.


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