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Magistad/Fudske family

but am including only the Lyman/Brule County connection until I get permission to publish this in its entirety.

Descendants of Lars Johanneson Magistad/Fudske 

Generation No. 1

1. LARS JOHANNESON5 MAGISTAD/FUDSKE (JOHANNES LARSON4 KVETO/FUDSKE, LARS ANDERSON3 FYSTRO/FUDSKE, ANDERS LARSON2 FYSTRO, mefirst LARS ANDERSON1) was born February 22, 1822 in Vestre Slidre,Norway, and died January 1885 in Vestre Slidre,Norway. He married GJARTRUD KNUTSDTR HAMRE December 12, 1846 in Vestre Slidre,Norway, daughter of KNUD HAMRE and BARBRO VIK.

Local connection

OLE LARSEN6 MAGISTAD (LARS JOHANNESON5 MAGISTAD/FUDSKE, JOHANNES LARSON4 KVETO/FUDSKE, LARS ANDERSON3 FYSTRO/FUDSKE, ANDERS LARSON2 FYSTRO, LARS ANDERSON1) was born January 01, 1865 in Magistadbraaten u 89/1 Magistad Vestre Slidre Norway, and died January 08, 1929 in Ardmore.Alberta. He married (1) ANNA MARIE JOHNSON June 17, 1895 in Presho,Lymon Co., South Dakota, daughter of JOHNSON and //?. He married (2) MYRA ELMIRA BRYANS Abt. 1915 in Ardmore. Alberta, daughter of JOSEPH BRYANS and REBECCA

ftwnamelast WOOD.

Children of OLE MAGISTAD and ANNA JOHNSON are:

i. LAWRENCE7 MAGISTAD, b. December 1896, Vivian, South Dakota; d. Unknown; m. HILDA, Unknown.

ii. MARTIN B. MAGISTAD, b. November 1898, Vivian, South Dakota; d. Abt. 1963, Ardmore,Alberta; m. GLADYS JOHNSON, Abt. 1929, Ardmore,Alberta.

iii. EDWIN MAGISTAD, b. March 30, 1901, Vivian, South Dakota; d. Unknown, Ponoka, Alberta; m. GRACE.

iv. ARTHUR MAGISTAD, b. Abt. 1903, Vivian,South Dakota; d. Abt. 1912, Camrose,Alberta.

v. ANNA MARIE MAGISTAD, b. August 15, 1909, Vivian,South Dakota; d. April 12, 1995, Chamberlain ,South Dakota; m. (1) ROY LAVOY, May 03, 1954, Chamberlain , South Dakota; m. (2) MARTIN SEXTON, Unknown, ?.

Correspondence on Magistad/Fudske families September 2009.  Though I would put them in here for other Magistads to find.   barbara speck, county coordinator

From:> To:      Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009  Subject: Hamre genealogy  
Hello Barbara,   I came across your genealogical information on the Magistad/Fudske family at       I am the great-grandson of Gjartrud Knudsdatter Hamre's
half-sister Guri Knutsdatter Hamre (married Halvor H. Hande). Lars Johannesson Fudske/Fauske also has Hande ancestry. And Magistad is a name that has married into the Hande clan from Vestre Slidre, Valdres, Norway, too.   It would be fun to swap information with you. I live in Saskatoon, SK.       D'Arcy Hande

From Barbara to D'Arcy      D'Arcy,  I did find this. I have no way of knowing if the link is still in effect, but I hope it is for your sake.  I have you in the queries, too.    Good luck,    barbara

From:   To: ;    Cc:  Saturday, September 12, 2009   Subject: Hamre, Magistad, Fudske, Fauske genealogy
Hello!  As you see from the messages below, exchanged with Barbara Speck, I am trying follow up on genealogical data that I found on line:   MAGISTAD /JOHNSON / BRYANS ----     MAGISTAD, FUDSKE, JOHNSON

From: Joyce <joycej@nucleus.comTo:  Cc:  Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 10:50:41 AM  Subject: Re: Hamre, Magistad, Fudske, Fauske genealogy.
Well,  It is days like this that excite me. To hear from someone so closely connected. I must say that there is a lot of in common connections. My grt grt grandfather was Lars Johannesson Fudske/Magistad. He married Gjartrud Knudsd Hamre. They both died Feb 1885. You probably know their son (Knud Lars Magistad/Johnson) was my grt grdfather.  I look forward to communications.  Joyce Johnson in Calgary

From: barbara speck  To: Joyce   Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009   Subject: Re: Hamre, Magistad, Fudske, Fauske genealogy 
Joyce,  I am so glad D'Arcy got in touch with you! I never dreamed your link was still working, but the dot com gave me hope.   I do not know any of these people ... I just put information I get (from people like you) on the Lyman County SD web site in hopes someone connects and now you have. Life is good.   Thanks for letting me know.   barbara speck,  Lyman County, SD genealogy coordinator

From : Joyce <>   To:   Sep 13, 2009    Subject: Re: Hamre, Magistad, Fudske, Fauske genealogy   
Hi Barb,  Thank you.  Life is good when this happens. It is good anyway.  This got me thinking. Do you have any contacts in Deer Creek, Sterling Twsp?  I am trying for Erik Se(y)verson and Marit Johnson/Magistad. She died 1892. It is thought she is buried on Boehlke farm in SD.. This does not make sense as their son (Martin George) was born 15 Jan 1892, but baptized  Dec 24 1892 in Deer Creek. Shortly after this bap. her sister Ingri Magistad came from Norway and married Erik. No date. But Ingri came from Norway in 1893. Then they came to Canada 1901. Martin apparenlty died at a ball game pre 1900 in SD..    Marriages, births, etc..   Erik & Marit also had a son Oskar Edward Dec 25 1887 baptised 13 May 1888. Oskar baptised St Johns, Bruce Cty.  Thanks again and bye for now,   JOyce




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