Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy


Rev. Hubbard’s marriage records,1881-1902

from a record book found at the United Church of Christ, Chamberlain, SD. Data compiled by Marlys Swanson and Lucille Pickner. Transcribed by barbara speck.

Dakota Territory was divided in 1889 to create North Dakota and South Dakota. While Rev. Hubbard  did not list where the parties got married we can only assume it was within the boundaries of Brule County and eastern Lyman County.   barbara

Allred, Russ W. Chamberlain Lucas, Nell V. Chamberlain 8-21-1890
Anderson, John F. Chamberlain Sears, Minnie Chamberlain 1-24-1885
Andrews, Robert J. Chamberlain Sherry, Miss Lulu Ward Chamberlain 6-5-1886
Andrews, John Pukwana Boumley, Miss Minnie Pukwana 6-26-1889
Austier, Herman J. Kimball Jenkins, Jennie Chamberlain 5-3-1882
Baird, William R. Pierre Summerfield, Miss Alice Pierre 4-28-1886
Bairey, George F. Ola Twp Hyde, Miss Lucy E. Chamberlain 10-19-1885
Baker, Frank W. Brule City Booker, Miss Carrie Brule City 2-1-1884
Barber, Andrew I. Webster Shepherd, Vide Webster 11-18-1891
Barney, William 31 Co G 25th US Inf Davis, Mrs. Emma Chamberlain 5-1-1883
Blank, James Lee Lenn Betts, Miss Clara Webster 8-28-1900
Boulton, John P. Rouie (?) Stevens, Hattie S. Chamberlain 11-30-1881
Brown, George W. Bowdle, SD Telford, Mrs. Roda Chazy Clinton Co, NY 5-3-1899
Burkholder, Daniel F. Chamberlain Pilger, Mary Susan Chamberlain 12-7-1884
Burkholder, Alfred I. Chamberlain Mourore, Miss DeLana Chamberlain 1-15-1890
Cease, Carlton Webster Page, Nora Kidder 4-13-1898
Chandler, Marion A. Armour Morrison, Carrie M. Armour 3-20-1894
Clapham, Byron H. Red Lake Houston, Grace Fon du lac, Wisc 3-2-1887
Clayton, David H. Lyon Twp Ruff, Miss Lena Lyon Twp 8-20-1890
Coacher, James A. Yankton McIntyre, Miss Lena J.   2-19-1893
Cook, J.W., MD Pukwana Wilson, Mrs. Nettie Pukwana 9-19-1893
Cook, Wesley E. York Twp, Day Co McCartney, Isabella Webster 4-7-1898
Cooper, Ellsworth W. Indianapolis, IN Wilson, Miss Ella J. Chamberlain 5-17-1886
David, John Llewel Red Lake Hughes, Mary Jane Red Lake 4-19-1883
Dean, William H. Grandview, SD Thomas, Helen M. Grandview 6-27-1894
Ditrich, Alfred Harrison, SD Youngstrom, Jennie Harrison 4-5-1897
Dotson, William Chamberlain Blackburn, Mrs. Sarah Philadelphia, PA 10-19-1882
Drew, Clayton A. Pukwana Keyser, Miss Rose Jeanette Pukwana 7-27-1890
Elliott, Thomas W. St. Paul, MN Warner, Miss Evelyn Webster  
Fleuon, Robert E. Scotland Chilson, Miss Nellie Chamberlain 5-17-1886
Freeman, George S. Chamberlain Fish, Miss Mary Nickerson Chamberlain 10-26-1886
French, Sampson B. Yankton Alury, Miss Anna Yankton 2-15-1893
Fry, Charles W. Red Lake Twp. Button, Miss Nellie Red Lake Twp. 11-21-1888
Gray, Charles T. Chamberlain Arnold, Olivet Chamberlain 9-22-1883
Gray, James Elihes Chamberlain Sims, Ada Belle Chamberlain 5-6-1885
Gray, Sherman G. Chamberlain Sawdy, Harriet Ellen Chamberlain 2-2-1892
Guilford, Andrew J. Chamberlain Sisson, Miss Florence May Chamberlain 11-22-1886
Hagerman, Richard Harrison Boye, Miss Hilda Harrison 2-10-1894
Hall, Earnest A. Red Lake Montis, Amanda J. Red Lake 3-5-1884
Harris, Curtis Alexandria Matteson, Mrs. Rebecca Webster 12-30-1891
Houska, James W. Red Lake Twp Andera, Lydia R. Webster 4-20-1897
Hull, Thomas H. Wessington Springs Burton, Miss Inois Chamberlain 5-25-1887
Hyde, Newton Hersche Chamberlain Johnson, Miss Mary Sena Red Lake Twp 7-1-1888
Jones, David W. Racine Twp, Day Co Frost, Vera Webster 11-21-1899
Kellogg, Fred I. Armour Robinson, Miss Cora Grandview 1-1-1895
Klapphahn, Frank Webster Hepsch, Ella Webster 6-28-1902
Knight, John H. Pukwana Pope, Hattie Pukwana 1-7-1891
Larson, Ole H. Chamberlain Peterson, Anna E. Chamberlain 9-25-1892
Lewis, Leroy Chamberlain Sowers, Amelia J. Brule City 7-3-1882
Lobdell, Charles Sis Parkersburg, Iowa Perry, Miss Ellinor B. Parkersburg, Iowa 10-31-1888
Logan, George E. Chicago, Ill Egleston, Miss Jessie L. Chamberlain 12-30-1886
Love, Frank E. Lily Robinson, Mabel Lily 4-30-1902
Lyon, Henry W. Lyonville, Dak Terr Lee, Miss Libbie Waterloo, Iowa 12-12-1888
McKittrick, Clement Kimball Hamilton, Miss Laura Kimball 9-3-1890
McMullen, Avory Chamberlain Hughes, Martha Red Lake 5-24-1884
Mollett, Joseph G. Yankton Evans, Lulu R. Armour 1-18-1898
Nelson, Ole C. Red Lake Kennedy, Miss Addie White Lake 9-27-1894
Osetschon, Samuel E. Pukwana Stocks, Mrs. Emma M. Pukwana 11-27-1890
Powers, William J. Chamberlain Strong, Electra S. Bijou Hills 11-20-1883
Pratt, William M. Pukwana Richardson, Miss Emma C. Massachussettes 9-14-1886
Pretzer, George J. Ola Twp Powell, Mary I. Ola Twp 6-18-1890
Rappole, Ellsworth Chamberlain Lewis, Myrtle B. Chamberlain 8-7-1888
Richards, Samuel Chamberlain McCrommow, Maggie St. Paul, MN 3-21-1882
Richardson, Frank Waterburg, DT Senn, Miss Lillian Kimball Twp 5-3-1888
Ropes, John Billings SD Shuck, Lottie J. Billings 10-28-1897
Rouse, David Elwin Columbus, Ohio Peabody, Elena J. Webster 8-20-1910
Russell, William G. Brule Twp. Drake, Miss Susan Mary Brule Twp. 6-11-1890
Samear, William Brule City Kennedy, Ida Chamberlain 4-7-1883
Satterlee, Frank P. Chamberlain Hewerson, Miss Rebecca Chamberlain 9-26-1884
Scales, Harry S. Red Lake Haskins, Miss Nettie Ola 12-13-1883
Sedgwick, Earnest Chamberlain Minen, Miss hattie E. Chamberlain 7-24-1889
Shrake, Peter M. Brule Twp. Church, Miss Annie B. Brule Twp. 4-17-1889
Smith, Edgar G. Ringwood, Ill Donahue, Mattie C. Mason City, Iowa 8-16-1885
Somers, Clifford M. Brule City Van Patter, Miss Valeda Chamberlain 10-31-1891
Stacy, Buidell Fitch Chamberlain Taylor, Miss Amelia Chamberlain 12-9-1882
Stevens, Joseph Halle Chamberlain Powell, Miss Henrietta Ola Twp 4-15-1885
Stuhmiller, John Kimball Stuhmiller, Ann Kimball 8-12-1883
Taylor, Alvin Ora Red Lake Twp McNichols, Annie Brule Twp. 4-22-1885
Taylor, Chas. W. Pukwana Twp Ainsworth, Mortie A. Delton, Wisc. 8-30-1888
Taylor, Roy D. Parkston Raben, Christine Armour 12-29-1897
Thomas, William J. Rush Granger, Miss Grace M. Rush 11-30-1899
Ware, Preston R. Brule Twp. Shrake, Miss May M. Brule Twp. 11-26-1885
Wattson, Herbert G. Chamberlain Hart, Miss Mildred M. Chamberlain 4-8-1890
Weiss, Frank Edward Pukwana Conaway, Miss Nancie Pukwana 5-30-1890
Weiwers, Lucius Waubay Schultz, Myrtle Webster 3-20-1899
Williams, John Tobias Chamberlain Butterfield, Eugenia Corneli Chamberlain 10-28-1884
Willoughby, Edward Chamberlain Sisson, Miss Estella M. Chamberlain 5-19-1890
Wright, Frank E. Chamberlain Fry, Miss Fannie Chamberlain 9-16-1888
Wright, Frank S. Vermillion Palmer, Miss Nellie Armour 11-20-1894
Young, Albert A. Waubay Ouslowski, Mary Waubay 7-4-1899




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