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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
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       WWII letters


  Boe, C. J.  Hq. Co.  69th Inf.  Camp Funston, Ks.  Aug. 1918

I told you when I left there a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to get the news from Lyman County. During my first three weeks in camp I was not registered - assigned to any company - and therefore, have deferred writing. I'm now assigned to Headquarters Company of the 69th Regiment; a unit of the 10th Division now at Camp Funston.

We used to complain of heat and wind in South Dakota, but they can't come up with Kansas. This state is experiencing a drought. The corn is all burned and the small grain crop was really fair.

Everyone here hopes to get out soon and there are some indications that we will go to California in a month or six weeks. Of course, I can't bank too much on current camp rumors for very few people know what the plans are and I think that is best.

The National Army is a very representative army of American mankind as there are every grade of men in the ranks, the kitchen and policing about the barracks, from common laborer to college and university grades. They all look alike in uniform and go through the same routines. Almost to a man they work hard and do their best. Once in awhile a lazy and shiftless fellow is found, but after they have been placed in extra fatigue a few times they are willing to their best in the ranks.

I will be glad to l et you know of my change of address and how army life is agreeing with me.

Trusting that Lyman County will reap a bountiful crop in everything this fall and with kind regards, I am very truly yours,

C.J. Boe, Hq. Co. 69th Inf. Camp Funston



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