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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
Transcribed by barbara stallman-speck

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       WWII letters


From Fred J. Bowar           Army Navy YMCA     With the Colors    Somewhere in England   June 18 1918

Dear Father,
    We have finally got across. I  suppose you have got the card that I got safely across. In spite of all the talk of seasickness, I failed to get sick. I like the ocean. I wish that I were in the navy; that would be fine.
    It is sure a fine country over here. The whole country is green with trees and shrubbery. This is as fine a country as I ever saw. There are few automobiles to be seen The trains are very small and cute. The cars are only about half as large as those in the U.S.
    Tell Charley that Hans Larsen, who used to be in Chamberlain, is in this company.
    I have seen the ruins of several old castles.   
   It is hard to understand the talk of some of these Englishmen; otherwise, they are very much like Americans. The climate here seems to be a little bit cold. It is quite cold at night.
    I wish you would have Charley write, and tell the kids hello. I do not get a great deal of time to write. My letters will al be censored so I cannot mention dates, names or places. Tell Mr. and Mrs. Martin hello.
    I have been in good health since I have been in the army. The YMCA is sure a fine thing here. Well, I must close,

    Your Son,
Pvt. Fred J. Bowar
Co. L 355 Inf.  A. E. F
Via New York



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