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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
Transcribed by barbara stallman-speck

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       WWII letters


Gammon, George E.  
France    Oct. 24, 1918

Dear folks at home,

Well I'm going to try to write you another letter. It has been some time since any mail has left the B'n's headquarters. I know you will be worrying because you don't get any letters. I haven't received any from you for some time, either.

I'm well and feeling fine. Hope both of you are the same. It has been awfully rainy the past two weeks. Plenty of mud and has been hard going on these drives. We are on another front now, a trifle more lively than the last one we were on.

About a week ago Cad Holmes, Gordon Iseminger and I were together one afternoon and had a good visit. Gordon had a letter from home that day. It said you folks had been to Eagle Butte. How did you like it up that way?

Those big headlines in the papers of late look like peace, but the way it sounds around here the war is not over yet. We are close to several batteries of eight-inch guns. They make some noise when they talk, but you soon get used to them. Don't bother us any, we sleep just as sound as ever. The Germans are still in retreat on the entire front.

Suppose you are getting ready for winter and have sold the cattle.

We ought to get mail in a few days now. Hoping to hear from you soon. I will close with love,

Your son,
George E. Gammon
342 M.G. B'n.  A.E.F.

France                Nov. 16, 1918

Dear folks at home,

Well, as it has been some time since I have written you, will drop you a few lines to let you know that I'm well and came through alright. Hope you are both well.

It sure sounds good not to hear any more guns firing and to be relieved from the front line.

I can't say just how long it will be before we get to come across, but whenever the 89th Division comes, you will hear about it. We are on the front.

I can tell you all about it when I get home. It may take several months to muster us all out, but I will get there sometime.

With love,
Your son,
George E. Gammon
89th Division, A.E.F.



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