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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
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       WWII letters

Hotham, Warren S.          Somewhere in France    June 23, 1918

Dear Folks,

Received your letters and the paper o.k.

We are having a spell of rainy weather. I went out riding the other morning and forgot my raincoat and believe me, I sure got wet. I will never pull that stunt again. Before this, we had really hot weather. With our little overseas caps as our only protection from old Sol, we certainly are getting tanned. We look like a bunch of Sioux Indians.

I've been out of school for about two weeks. Have been attending the Second Corps. Artillery School taking a course in communication and like it fine. It sure is an interesting course. We got quite a bit of practical dope along that line.

Our company did the firing for the school and the signal section from the school furnished the communication. Although the course was very interesting I was glad to be through with it. The school has moved from this town but I don't know when the battery will move. We go out for mounted drill every morning. Next week I think we fire for the aviation school.

We're going to have a new captain. They are taking the National Guard captains away from their organization and putting U.S. captains in their pplaces.

One of the fellas shot a wild boar last night. We are going to have boar meat for dinner. There is lots of boar  and deer in this country. The old hunters around home would have a picnic over here.

I am well and the other boys are all o.k., too.

Hoping this finds you all in good health, I remain,

Your brother,
Corp. Warren S. Hotham
Batt. F   147th Field Artillery  A.E.F.



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