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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
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       WWII letters

Jackson, Harold                Norfolk, Va.   Mar. 11, 1918

Dear Mother,

This is the fourth day of my furlough and as I have had no reply from the telegram, I can't get home this time. When they told me last Friday I could have a 10-day furlough I telegrammed immediately for the money as I wanted to come home, but the delay has used up too much time so I think I'll go to Washington DC for the remainder of my furlough.

Well I'm coming home for good as soon as the war ends. and I hope it will end soon. I'm staying at the YMCA here at Norfolk. The town is full of soldiers and sailors. A couple of British ships are here. The sailors and officers from the ship look rather seedy. The U.S. Navy is the best-appearing and neatest of any army or navy in the world.

The Captain inspects us before we go ashore and unless your blues are clean, your shoes shined, your hair is cut and you have a clean shave you can't go.

My allotment, which I have been sending home each month, runs out in May and I'll have it renewed.

The fleet is training us in target practice and maneuvering. The last trip out we ran into a hurricane off Cape Hatteraa and everybody was seasick. All we could see that day was was soldiers lying around the decks and their heads over the sides. It was so rough breakers would come over the gun deck.

I'm going to try to transfer to the armed guard then I can travel more. Some of my friends have been to France, Italy, Bermuda and many other places.

Well, I'll write you about my trip to Washington.

Harold G. Jackson
U.S. Sip Alabama



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