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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
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       WWII letters

King, Jackson I.   Camp Meigs, Washington DC   

Aug.    26,1918                                                    

Dear Mother,

I got into Washington, DC last night at 10:30. It sure is a nice camp. We are turned loose in the whole city from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m., or can go further as long as we are back by 12. This area is a beautiful  place. I saw a league ball game. Chicago and Washington played some fast game and Washington won. They are third best in the U.S. this year.

I sure had a pleasant trip from Jefferson Barracks to here. Left Thursday evening at 5 and went by way of Louisville, Ky. and through Cincinnati, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Does not look as good to me as good old South Dakota or Illinois  for that matter, for I went there, too.

I never have been lost in any of the cities yet although I have seen several who were lost, but I seem right at home. I don't know why that is unless it's because I was raised in Oacoma.

Tell Joe that he might think the Mitchell depot was a large one, but you can put half of Mitchell in some of the depots I've seen. Tell him I was in the depot building in St. Louis and at the very top of it. It is a block square and 25 stories high.

Talk about the grub the US gives us. We get pie, cake, ice cream and everything else. I'm getting along fine and have a fine time with everyone else. Have only had four letters since I left home. I have not received the papers you sent. I could get a furlough and it would cost one cent a mile, but Dad would have to write a letter saying that he needed help as he has more work than he can do and I would like to come home for awhile.

Tell Joe, Emma and Helen to write. I wrote to Henry but got no reply. If you see Ozitte, tell her to write, too.

I've had all three of my inoculations and one vaccination for smallpox, typhoid and the like and am feeling better than I have all of my life. These inoculations take all of the poison out of your system.

There is a passenger train leaving here every minute.

Well, hoping to hear from you all soon, I will close.

Love to all,
Jackson I. King
7th Co. C. 33
Camp Meigs, Washington, DC




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