Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

                        Letters from WWI veterans                    

                                         As published in the local newspapers and transcribed by barbara speck                       

            Updated    Wednesday, March 03, 2010          


                              WWII letters                                

                    Veteran's Name

Albert, Otto L.
Archer, Bill
Boe, C. J.
Bowar, Chas
Bowar, Fred
Brown, David
Cleland, Ray
Cullen, James
England, Wilbur
Felton, Murvin M.
Gammon, George E.
Haessler, Bill
Hall, E.C.
Holmes, C.H.
Hotham, Warren S.
Huntsman, Hobart
Iseminger, Gordon G.
Jackson, Harold
Johnson, Gunnar
King, Ed
King, Jackson I.
King, Zeke
Lorenz, Adolph
Mackay, Alexander C.
Martin, Joe
Martin, Thomas Gerald
Matejouskey, Frank
Millar, E.L.
Moore, Harry M.
Nelson, Loyal E.
Newman, Elmer
Pauley, Bryan
Pease, Frank
Robertson, Bill
Rohrer, Francis
Schoessler, August
Schoessler, Otto
Schooler, Frank
Welch, T.V.
Wilbur, Morton C.
Wilbur, Ted
Winchell, Roy



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