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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
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       WWII letters

Lorenz, Adolph              "Over There" (France)     Apr. 20, 1918

Dear Sister, Brother and all,

You can't imagine how glad I was to hear from you, especially the children's letters. I hope they write every day. It just takes about a month on way, that makes two months before a man can get an answer.

We're having a fine time over here. We get plenty to eat and that is the best part.

I sure was proud of those letters you sent. I showed several of them and they thought they were the best they ever read. The children write so well. It is like a ray of sunshine to get letters from all of you.

I used to swimming with Clayton when we stacked grain. We all liked him so well. I sure will make you and the babies a visit when I get back just to tell of the experiences I've had in my travels.

I'm a volunteer and I feel just as safe as if I was in God Almighty's pocket. I would like to tell you what I think of the Kaiser, but a man can't say too much in war time, but we will civilize some of them before we get through and will do it fair. We don't have to kill women and children just for fun and think it's a brave stunt.

Well, answer soon, all of you, and read it to all, especially Stella, Katie, Joseph and Donald. I'm not much of a letter writer or I would write a letter to each of you. Clayton is like me - he never writes- but if he gets over here he would. We can't talk French.

Your loving brother and uncle,
Pvt. Adolph Lorenz,
164th Inf. Co. I.,  A.E.F.




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