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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
Transcribed by barbara stallman-speck

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       WWII letters

From Bryan Pauley

On active service with the
American Expeditionary Force                     
August       , 1918

Dear Mother,

     I will write a line today. I received two of your letters the other day. I sure was glad to hear from you, too.

     I am writing this in a Salvation Army hut. Gee, but I think these American women are brave to be up here, and it certainly is good to hear a woman talk U.S. again.

    We are all well and have minds made up to get every Hun in Germany. Oh, it is a great life over here and I donít want you to worry a bit about me as we are beating the Huns at their own game.

    Iím going to send you a letter to send to Mabel.

    Iíve seen some things lately that are sure great and I have seen things that would make every American join the army at once.

    The French and English are taking new courage now and giving the Hun all he wants and we are handing it to him right and left.

    I hope you will get the letters I write or half of them anyway.

    Well, I must close for now.

With love,   Your soldier boy,
Bryan Pauley
Hdq. Co. 342 M.G. Bn.

 From Bryan Pauley
                           Somewhere in France
                                          July 17, 1918

Dear Mother,

    Another beautiful day gone by and nothing to do now until morning. It sure did rain yesterday. I was about one fourth mile from my bed and had my weekís washing in my arms ďjust washedĒ, and when I got home I was soaked. I just hung my washing up and let it get washed again.

   The ground here looks like Oklahoma and it sticks just as bad, but today it is dry again.

     The grain is about ripe so I suppose the women will be out harvesting pretty soon. The people work mostly early in the morning then late after the sun goes down, but they do it like kids so they donít get much done.

    I havenít received any mail from you or Annie yet. I started a letter to Muriel yesterday but donít know when Iíll finish it.

    You will have to excuse the dirt on this page as we are about out and I swiped this from Bill, and this ink I got the same way.

    It is 9 oíclock now and the people are coming in with their hoes on their backs and it is still as light as day.

    Iím going to write to Aunt Emma tomorrow. I wrote to Olive several times and she will show my letters to Aunt Emma.

    Well, I donít know any news so I will close for today.

Your Son,  Bryan Pauley,
No. 2192785, Hdq. Co.
342 M. G. Bn.
A.E.F., A.P.O. 761


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