Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
Transcribed by barbara stallman-speck

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       WWII letters

From Frank Pease        Somewhere in France
                                        Nov. 11, 1918

Dear Mother and all:

   I will try to write a few lines to let you know Iím here and okay.

    The war is over and believe me, everybody is happy. I just got near enough to the front to hear the last two hours of firing the day they quit, but never mind, my ambitions were satisfied. Ha ha.

    Of course I donít know when Iíll get home, but am in no great hurry until spring as I would be of little good there during the winter, and am seeing a great many things that I will never get another chance to see.

   We have been doing salvage work since the war closed. I was down to a little town north of here and saw August Schoessler. I was sure glad to meet him. He saw lots of service and didnít get a scratch.  You can tell his folks when you see them. He also said that Otto was alright.

    You know their mother was so worried about them, but I suppose they have written before this. He also said that Jim Cullen and Bill Robertson were still with the outfit. I suppose Frank Griner is in that outfit if I could locate him, as they came from Funston and the most of the first draft came with them.

    Well, I got your letters of Sept. 28th about 10 days ago while in Ö.. but knew I was going to move so didnít answer. That and a card from Berneta Schiltz is all the mail I have received. Donít know what became of it, but take it for granted that there was a lot of my mail that went down on the boat that was sunk a few days after I got here.

   Well, they said when we landed that we would all be home for Christmas dinner. I said I wouldnít bet on it, but I bet that Iíd have a Christmas dinner when I did get home, so you know what to expect.    It looks now as if some of the boys would eat Christmas dinner in the U.S., and I do hope so for some of them certainly deserve it.

   Howard, Iím going to send home a German helmet and I want you to watch for it and take care of it for me.

    Well, thereís not much to write about myself, only that the papers have come very near to the truth regarding the war.  I suppose you have had lots of cold weather there before this, but Iíve seen very little of it myself. It snowed a little to day but was not cold like South Dakota.

   Well, I guess this will do for this time. Write to me just as if you didnít expect me home until spring as I am anxious to hear how everything is out there as I think I stand a better show to get my mail now that I am located and the war is over.

    Hoping to be with you all before many months and with best wishes to all, I am 

    Your Son,  Frank W. Pease   
317 F. Sig. Bn., A.E.F.

P.S.  A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.




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