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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
Transcribed by barbara stallman-speck

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       WWII letters

From Bill Robertson
                           Somewhere in France
                                          July 25, 1918

Mr. Geo. Smith
Reliance, SD

Dear Friend George

   Will now try to drop you a few lines to let you know that old Bill is still alive and ready to go; of course, you all know where.

    I will try to tell you a little bit about our trip across. Of course, you know how it is. We can not say very much but the folks at home can read a great deal between the lines, I think.

    This is very pretty country. I dare say, I really donít blame the French people for fighting so hard for their country. There is lots of fruit in this country and also wild strawberries. We boys often go into the hills and gather them into our hats then really have a big feed. There is lots of wine over here and thatís what makes a fella fight, ha, ha!

    We boys all got seasick coming across but that isnít as bad as people think. We were on a real large ship and had a good band and some real good singers, so you see we Yanks will always feel good if we have the music.

   I could tell you a great deal more, but I better close for this time. I am always, all of the time, thinking of my good old friends back home.

I remain,

William C. Robertson
2, 129,789,  Co. D. 342 M. G. Bn.
American Expeditionary Forces

P.S. Please answer soon and tell my wife hello and that I send her my love.


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