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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
Transcribed by barbara stallman-speck

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       WWII letters

From T.V. Welch

Friend George:

    You will notice by the letterhead that I have changed my home again. I was transferred to Camp Pike and arrived last Monday. I never rode on such a slow train in my life as the one in which I came here from Camp Gordon. It surely was the slow train thruí Arkansas.

    I like the country around here better than I did around Atlanta, but the lack of stock, both here and there is very noticeable. Birmingham is one of the chief cities of the south and we came through there on our way here and we passed right past the Birmingham stockyards and they really were not much larger than the ones at Reliance. This is quite the cotton country tho, and it is in bloom now and it surely looks pretty.

    I have heard that Reliance a fight for county seat. Is that right? I havenít received The Record for about a month so have lost out on the news from there. I didnít know whether it had got lost or whether you had stopped sending it. This surely is hot country down here; 102 yesterday, so you see we are not suffering from the cold.

    Trusting that everything out there is booming, and with best regards to yourself and staff.

I am, Your Friend,
Lieut. T.V. Welch
4th Training Regiment
Camp Pike, Ark.


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