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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
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       WWII letters

Wilbur, Morton C.

                    Bordeaux, France     Oct. 21, 1918

Dear Mother and Father,

I received your letter of Sept. 10th Saturday night and was sure glad to hear from you. I visited the city of Bordeaux again yesterday and I took in a few more sights. Things have begun to grow old to me around here and I'm growing anxious to get toward the front.

I don't figure this is going to last much longer, but I hope we don't have to stop until old Bill Kaiser has paid in full for the damage he has done.

We don't know how you folks at home feel, but there is not an American soldier who is ready to come home until the old Devil is planted in

No Man's Land where the Irish fell, we'll start the Kaiser's private hell.
Well stab him, jab him, give him gas. In every wound, we'll pour ground glass.
We'll march him out where the brave boys died; out past the lads he crucified.
In the fearful gloom of his living tomb there is one more thing we're going to do ...
We'll make him sing in a stirring manner the much-loved words of the "Star Spangled Banner".

I'm glad Ted has been made a Corporal and I wish he would come to France as he will probably  never get another chance. It is time I landed in England and came clear across by rail. It is a very beautiful trip and shows years of cultivation and hard labor.

Well, I must close for now and hope to hear from you soon.

I am as well and happy as if I were in the United States.

Your son,
Corp. Morton C. Wilbur
A.E.F., France



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