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 Military Letters, WWI

As found in old newsletters.
Transcribed by barbara stallman-speck

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       WWII letters

Winchell, Roy                   France           Sept. 24, 1918

My dear Mother,

Will get busy and write you a few lines tonight. Am sitting on the floor writing this by candlelight.

We are drilling hard every day now. Have had two days off because of mud. It is hard to keep clean, but we are doing pretty well.

They brought a sack of letters tonight that was addressed wrong so it will be a little bit longer before you get my letter now.

Have you had any frost yet? It sure is cold here this morning, but no frost. We had a singing contest here tonight and the platoon I was in won first place.

Well, I haven't learned to talk much French yet. Haven't been sick only a little bit on the boat since I left home. Haven't had any practice shooting yet, hat had some in sighting and bayonet.

It rains here about every half hour. The French   soldiers are dressed just like us only the color is blue.

There are some nice looking French girls here. Maybe I'll take one back with me. Ha ha!

There is a little over 20,000 in this division. Some crowd, don't you think? Heard we would be up toward the front in about a month.

Will close with regards,
Your son,

Oct. 3, 1918

Dear Mother,

Well I'm feeling better now as I got five letters from home yesterday. Keep them coming.

Was in a rifle range today. Done pretty good - made 41 out of 50. We are sure getting some good war news now. Looks good to us boys.

There are lots of grapes and nuts in this country.

We got our gas masks today. We sure look funny in them.

I sure miss the YMCA since I left the states. I also miss the potatoes to eat as we don't get any here.

The French people are sure nice to us. I am on guard duty tonight. I go on at 10:00 and get off at 12:00. Then go on again from 4:00 to 6:00, so you see we get eight hours out of 24.

We were on a hike today. Started at 8:00 and got back at 1:30. We took dinner with us consisting of beans and bread.

Must close for now. Write soon.
Your son,
Roy Winchell



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