Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Andis, Clark G.                                                      June, 1945

Presho soldier awarded medal in combat service

With the Sixth Infantry Division on Luzon: Capt. Clark G. Andis, son of RG Andis of Presho, has been awarded the Bronze Star by the commanding general of the 6th Inf. Div. for heroism in action against the Japanese at Salissay, Luzon, P.I. on January 11th.
    As regimental communications officer, Andis led a wire team into unpatrolled enemy territory to establish wire communications between his regimental headquarters and a battalion command post. Throughout the operation he provided security for his wiremen and advised them of the best routes for their lines.
    Before landing with the American amphibious  forces on Luzon last January 9, Andis was stationed in New Guinea where he participated in the Sansapor and Maffin Bay campaigns. He came overseas in September of 1943 and was stationed on Oaha, Hawaaiian Islands for several months before being transferred to New Guinea.
    Andis, whose wife, Pvt. Shirley Andis of the WAC, is stationed at Orlando, Fla., is communications officer of the 20th Inf. Reg. of the 6th Inf. Div, holder of the record for continuous combat in the Pacific Theater.


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