Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Brandt brothers                                       June 1943

    Lester and Lloyd Brandt,  twin sons of Agnes Brandt, left Reliance last week for San Diego where they will enter training in the US Marine base.  They were enlisted in Sioux Falls on their 17th birthdays.
    The twins are the youngest in a family of 10 children, seven boys and three girls.  Four brothers are already serving in the marines: Lawrence (21), Kenneth (19) over a year; Harry (26) six years and Herbert (24) who was in civilian employment at Pearl Harbor and was recently accepted for enlistment in the marines and is in training at San Diego.
    The Brandt twins were born at Winner May 10, 1926, where their parents were engaged in farming. They later moved to Parker and attended school there. At the time of their induction they were employed as section hands on the Milwaukee Road at Reliance. Their mother now lives in Tacoma, Wash. Their sister, Mrs. Carl Snow, resides on a farm near Reliance.  



Lloyd Brandt                                                   Dec, 1943

    Pvt. Lloyd W. Brandt, son of Mrs. Agnes C. Brandt of Reliance has been graduated from the Motor Gunnery School at the training center at Camp Elliot, San Diego, Calif. with a rating of high expert.
    This qualification, better than 96 percent perfect score, entitles him to a gunner's post and an opportunity to shoot at the splendid record other Marine motor gunners have already established in the South Pacific.
    The mortar has been found to be a valuable weapon in jungle terrain and has, in many instances, replaced the more cumbersome field artillery pieces which may hamper fast-moving jungle fighters.
   Pvt. Brandt is also a rifle sharpshooter and bayonet expert. He enlisted in the Marine Corps May 30, 1943 at Sioux Falls and received his training at San Diego.



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