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Johnny Castle
                                Shanghai   Sept. 25, 1946

My Darling Mother,

Well, here I am in Shanghai for a few days. Arrived here on Sept. 17th and am leaving for Hong Kong on the 28th, my birthday. Helen will come by plane later as getting transportation at the same time for two people is quite difficult and I had to leave and only one ticket left on the boat sailing next.

She is really a wonderful wife. We have been married three weeks the 30th of this month. We were married on the 9th in the American Consulate General and lived in the ..... until the 17th. We went on board for Shanghai. I was busy for most of time during the day and I didn't get much time at home as yet, only in the evenings.

After I'm through in Hong Kong Helen and I will start across the interior for Linchow, about 80 miles from Canton. We will be at Hong Kong for a short time and then to Linchow for an indefinite stay.

I am almost certain I will be here for another year and from here I'll be coming home, that is of course (maybe).I'm not sure, however, that I will be able to cash money orders there or not so maybe you had better wait about sending my money. But you can write to me now by sending my mail to Mr. John W. Castle, U.N.R.R.A., Tuichow, Canada. Although I'm not termed as U.N.R.R.A. I can still have my mail sent by them.

I never planned on spending another birthday at sea, but here I am. I was with my wife last night and we celebrated it together. I came aboard ship at 4:00 this morning and the ship set sail at 6:00. We will stop a few hours at Amoy, and the continue to Hong Kong.

Well my darling mother, I close for now.

Be good and write.

Your loving son,  Johnny


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