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  Aboard the USS Jeffers, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean

Dear Sherm (Editor of Chamberlain Register)

This letter I am about to write you, grieves me greatly because I have to ask a favor. That alone takes all of the intestinal fortitude that I can muster. But owing to the shortage of paper on the east coast I have to make a request to you for the local paper. Now don't get me wrong ... and after all, paper is paper, but I have to admits yours is a little more durable than others, comparing more favorably with Monkey Wards, both in quality and volume, and sorry to say that I am unable to obtain the latest edition of that ever-interesting manuscript. If I could, I wouldn't stoop so low as to order your paper.

Now Sherm, I will be greatly pleased if you would place me at the head of your mailing list, either at my ship's address, or Dorothy's address, which you can get from Nel. In return, I will send you a check the first time I am back in the states. After all, paper is paper, at any price.

Now Sherm, I have said all that is necessary, and not wishing to have anymore conversation with you that is absolutely necessary, I will close for now...hoping to be able to read the hometown news the next time I'm in New York. And wishing you and Mrs. Bates a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am, as ever, Kenneth Christensen.


                                        Lyman County Man Has Been in Many War Areas   Sept. 1943
    Odin Peterson has received a very interesting letter from a former neighbor, Ken Christensen, who is now in the navy. He is making his headquarters in Jersey Cit, N.J. and has made several trips across. In a letter received from him a few days ago he says:
    Yesterday, much to my sorrow, we sent Pete and Rosetta back to Cleveland, Ohio. They came over for two days and two nights. They are the first civilians I have seen since I joined the navy; at least from South Dakota, with the exception of Marion Glass, whom I met over in Algeria. I guess I'll have to tell you about him.
    I made a liberty in Algeria and went up to a Red Cross unit. There, i registered in a book for South Dakota men in the service. In this book were many men from Pierre, Mitchell, Kimball and surrounding towns. Well, next day, who should come out to the ship but Marion Glass. He found my name, knew the number of my ship and came out in the harbor for a visit. We talked for a solid six hours, all about our home life before we were inducted. He is looking swell and is feels fine. He told me "with a little tear" to let his mother know he is ok in every respect.
    I wrote to you once before to let you know about how I was in the invasion of Italy, so I won't touch on that subject this time. All that I can say is that I have been in Sicily, Malta, Tunis, Oran, Algiers and the Rock of Gibraltar. But right now I am in the best country in the world, the U.S.A.
    I am sick and very tired of war and am hoping and praying that it will be over next year or the year after.
    When Pete was here we visited Coney Island where we had a good time, but the best part was talking over the old times and the good snapshots they brought along. I guess I could have bawled when they left, if I tried. That is the way I felt.
    Tomorrow or the next day we are moving. I will give you my new address. I was very sorry to hear of the crop situation that exists in Lyman County, but I guess that is only natural for that part of the country.
    The 12th is our wedding anniversary so I bought Dorothy a $50 bond and collected a kiss on Broadway in return. Some fun.
    I wish I was at liberty to describe in detail the battle of Sicily, but I can't do it so I guess when I get back I will have just that much more to tell. One thing I will say though is that I personally saw about 20 German planes come out of the sky in flames and watched our ship blow up tanks and pillboxes on the beach.
    Well Odin, I'll bring this to a close for now, but will try to write more before I put out to sea again. Dorothy says to say hello for her and remember us both to all our friends and neighbors, especially Grandma Manger. I won't say "goodbye", just "so long until next time."




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