Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

In flag-raising at Darwin                         April 1945

    Quentin Dyce, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dyce, has the distinction of being among the brave 147th Field Artillery group who raised the first American flag at Darwin, Australia. Leaving Pearl Harbor just a week before it was bombed, he and his group were en route to the Philippines, but after the bombing at Pearl Harbor they were ordered to change their course and go to Australia and it was on reaching Darwin that Quentin and his group raised the First American flag.

    Quentin spent 35 months in the steaming heat of the insect, snake and  malaria infested jungles  of the Southwest Pacific and took part in several campaigns. Returning to the United States in September of last year, the post as instructor at Fort Sill, Okla.





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