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 Military Letters, WWII

As found in old newsletters.
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Don Floyd in Japan Now

    Don Floyd, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Floyd, is now in Japan, but hopes soon to be returned to the states. He writes under date of September 24th, 1945 as follows:
     Well it is raining tonight so the movie was canceled and I will drop you a few lines. I am feeling swell and hope you can say the same.
     I had liberty yesterday and went to Yokasuha. I got some souvenirs and am sending a picture. It is of some Japanese girls. The girls over here aren't too bad looking. It's either that or I haven't seen a white girl for so long I've forgotten what they look like. They say after you have been here for six months the blackest ones turn white.
    We went through a Jap civilian hospital with a Jap nurse who could speak a little English. She showed us everything and how it worked. There were a lot of pretty girls around there, but hardly any men. Very friendly, too. All the kids know is "hello", "goodbye" and "gum". They beg for chewing gum. We also went by a school where some little kids were studying.
    Things over here are really bombed out but somehow the people don't really notice the Americans, they just go along as usual with everyday life. Boy I saw something yesterday. A young healthy boy helped an old lady put a big heavy load on her back  and then they walked down the street. That's some different from the United States. She must have been 70 or 80 years old. The Japanese women are sort of a pack horse. You seldom see a man carry a load.
    You can trade cigarettes for anything you want. We pay five cents for a pack of them and can sell them for 10 yen in Japanese money (worth about 75 cents in ours) and sometimes even more. Conditions are pretty bad over here but I guess they had it coming.
    We haven't had any mail for a few days so I really don't know much to write about. We are hoping to get our orders to return to the states any day now and if we do maybe I can get home for Thanksgiving with you. I certainly hope so. I will write and tell you when I'm leaving and when I get to the states I will send you a telegram. Maybe we will have some other work to do before we return; no one knows, but we are hoping for the best.
     I heard a baseball game, a football game and sort of a fight on the radio today. It looks like the Cubs are doing ok.
    Well folks, I must close for tonight. Hope to see you before too much longer.





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