Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

 Military Letters, WWII

As found in old newsletters.
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Ray Furlong Writes His Father From England   August 1943

    Our fellow townsman, Nick Furlong, has just received an interesting letter from his son Ray, located somewhere in England. Under the date of July 15th, he writes:
     Dear Dad:
     Nothing much to report except that I am ok. Feeling fine and in the pink. Working every day, not too hard but enough to keep occupied. We have a Red Cross hut over here and we can get a coke or sandwich if we get there first. Also have a library which has a few good books, so we can really entertain ourselves. I have been reading a little Shakespeare in my spare time. Sometimes it gets under my skin, but for the want of something better I make it do.
    What is the news from that part of the country? I suppose you folks are sweltering in the heat and looking for a shade tree to get under. Alas, but how we would like to have some of that which you are trying to avoid.
    Received a letter from Irene the other day and it was a very welcome missile to say the least. Her family must keep her occupied most of the time. She sent Martha a picture of Lee and he really is a cute youngster. Martha also sent a letter from Lorraine. From what I could gather, she certainly had a splendid time on her trip to South Dakota. I guess she saw everyone in the state and had a wonderful time in Denver. I have written to Lorraine and hope that she answers soon as it is just like getting a newspaper with all of the services combined, to receive one of her letters.
    This country is ok, but after you have seen it that's plenty. We get out on passes for six hours three times a week. They allow you a 48-hour pass every two weeks. Every three months we are supposed to get a four-day furlough so we get plenty of time off to get around.  I plan to get a leave  when it is due and take a trip to London to see the mighty city. They say that it is quite an experience. I think, if I can, I will take a trip to Scotland so that I will know first hand if all the things I have read are true.
    We have a very safe place over here. Quiet and restful. So don't worry about me as I am in good hands. Give my regards to all the folks around.  Love, Ray





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