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 Military Letters, WWII

As found in old newsletters.
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Wendell Gilman Writes From Overseas Action   1943

    Wendell Gilman, who has been in military service over two years and overseas for a long time, is now believed to be in the New Britain campaign, writes several interesting letters to home folks. Here are excerpts from some of his recent letters:
    November 25: Well Bud, we had a good turkey dinner today and have had good eats ever since we came up here. We are now back in the beautiful romantic tropics. As yet, things are ok but I don't know for how long. A fellow just a few yards from my tent got killed yesterday. He was writing a letter when a big limb from a tree crashed down on him and broke his neck. I'm a firm believer that when your ticket is up, that is as far as you go.
    November 27:  You are right about my coming home as soon as the army is through with me. I rather think we have left Australia for good as it is too far from the theater of operations now. I'd like to go back there for a while before coming home, but I'm in the army now so I take things as they come. I hope that I get home soon. I'd like to see China and Japan and may before this thing is over. I'd rather see them a few years after the war is over though. I've had quite enough of this kind of life, but it's just like any other job ... you can't quit until it's over.
    December 1: I'm going to send some of my thing home as I don't need them up here; rings, bracelets, billfolds, etc. So don't think there is anything wrong when the package comes. I made the stuff myself and could have sold them many times. They aren't quite finished as I would like to have them, but I can finish them later. Have sent some pictures and will send some money in a few days. Use it if you need, but I may need it when the campaign is over. Don't like to stick all my money into Soldiers' Savings as one cannot get it back out until after he is discharged.
    I've had a long day today, four o'clock this morning until dark tonight so I'm very tired. But I wish you could see my boys on these machine guns. They are very good shots. I have the best section in the regiment and I'm not the only one that thinks so. Some of the boys were with me at Buna.
    Take care of yourself mother and don't worry. I'm quite confident I'll be back. Love to all, Gil




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