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Receives interesting Letter From Her Brother   Oct 1943

    Mrs. John Wagaman of Reliance has received several letters from her brother, Emil Hoffer, since he was inducted in the armed forces of the united States in March, 1942. He has been located somewhere in Australia for a little over a year, and wrote his sister a letter recently as follows:
    Dear Sister:  Well I got your letter and I will answer it tonight. I am just fine and I hope all of you are the same. How is everything back there now? Did you get all of your grain cut? How are all the rest of the kids? It will be time for them to go to school again.
    Did you hear from Walter yet and is he still in California? Gee, Walter made Corporal in a hurry. He seems to get a lot of furloughs.  I got 11 days since I left there, but sure didn't enjoy it.
    Say, you asked me a question, but I can't tell you, but the answer is "no". Amy sent me a picture of Sharon the other day. It didn't take long for your letter to get here.
    Well I don't know what more to write, so here is hoping to hear from you soon. Tell the kids hello for me and answer as soon as you can.
    Love, your brother Emil
So many of the boys in the service like to get the news from home so Mrs. Wagaman has ordered the Advocate-Leader sent to Emil as a Christmas present. We hope he gets the paper in due time and that he will get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Lyman Soldier is Now in Hospital Overseas.   March 1945

Emil Hoffer, Lyman county soldier, who has been in combat service overseas, writes that he is in a hospital recovering from injuries. His family had not heard from him in many months. The recent letter brought much relief to his family. Emil does not give much information, but writes as follows:
    Just a few lines to  let you know that I received the package and I really enjoyed it and surely want to thank you for it. You also asked me if I wanted anything else. I do not know what I need at this time. I hate to have packages come over here because it takes too long for them to get here.
    At present, I am in the hospital. I have been here for five days, but when I'll get, I don't  know. I can write and tell you what I am in for. If I did, my letter would never pass the censor. But so far, I am doing fine. I hope all of you back there are fine.
    I also got your letter and Pearl's picture. She sure looks good. Well, I'll have to close and go to bed. I sure have some nice nurses in the ward where I am.
    Well, goodbye and write, even if you don't hear from me often.  Emil Hoffer





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