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 Military Letters, WWII

As found in old newsletters.
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George Lien Is In Australia   Dec 1943

    George Lien, who left here a couple of years ago and joined the Navy, writes a nice letter from some place in Australia. George thinks it would be fun to roll around in the snow, but if he knew it was 17 below zero this morning he might change his mind and wait until next spring. His letter is dated December 4th and is as follows:
    Dear Hoog:
    Just a line to let you know that I am receiving the Advocate Leader. You don't know how much a hometown paper can mean to a fellow out here. I have been overseas over ten months and have seen a little action in which my previous ship was sunk.  But omit the war.
    I sure wish that I could get home for a few days. Boy I believe I would just get down and roll in the snow just to cool off a bit. It has been so hot here at times and then it pours down rain. Such weather we have here I just cannot figure it out.
    From what I read in the paper, you folks at home are doing a swell job back there and if you people can give us a few things we need, we'll do the rest. With your help we will get this thing over with as quick as time will allow us.
    Good luck to you all.




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