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 Military Letters, WWII

As found in old newsletters.
Transcribed by barbara stallman-speck

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  Lippens, Bernard                Feb. 1945

Reliance soldier praised for performance of duty

    T/Sgt. Bernard Lippens, Service Co. 381st Inf. APO 96, somewhere in the Philippines, recently recieved a complimentary letter from the Battalion and Regimental Commander as follows:

    During the campaign on ____ island, Philippine Islands, this battalion was well-supplied at all times and under all types of difficult conditions. This was due in large measure to your technical skill and your untiring efforts and application of it to the difficult problem of supplying a battalion in combat. The efficient functioning of the battalion supply system was due largely to your devotion to duty and your unhesitating assumption to the task of overcoming the difficulties entailed by jungle, swamp and lack of roads.
    I extend my personal compliments on the fine manner in which you handled your work and I know that each member of the Unit joins me in them.
   Of those behind the lines, your performance of duty is representative of the highest military standards. By your consistent efforts, all problems of supply were so minimized that your unit never suffered from lack of necessary material.
    With a full realization of the severity of supply problems during the present operations, I feel particularly proud in commending you upon the excellence of your performance and duty.
    Bernard says: "A letter like that makes a person feel as though his work was not all in vain, and was appreciated, but felt like it was only work that had to be done and would do everything to see this all over with so we can all be together again. It is all our part to participate in this all we can and if everyone will do his share, this will not last so long".



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